Can England Win The Fifa World Cup?

Posted on Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011 |

The football world cup is creeping ever closer and the question that many of my friends are asking is whether our team England can win the tournament. In this article I give my opinion on this matter, I hope you enjoy the read.

I think that this year England have one of the best teams they have had since probably the early nineteen-nineties. In saying that however there are a number of other very strong teams which have the potential of ruining our and the teams dreams. I will write about these teams later in the article.

I think Steven Gerrard has been one of the most consistent players in the premiership over the last couple of seasons and he will be entering into this tournament in prime form. After lifting the champions league with Liverpool last season he will be hungry for more success. He truly is a world class player.

David Beckham has had mixed fortunes at Real Madrid. He has shown some good form at a time when the club have failed to win any silverware. Despite what some people may think, David will be one of the proudest members of the team if they prove successful. His performance against Greece a few years ago was one of the best I have ever seen.

Sven Goran Erickson has many critics but will be desperate for his own personal c.v to win the tournament. He may seem to have a lack of passion but would love to sign off his English career with what would be a huge success.

The biggest problem for England could be the fitness of Wayne Rooney. Will he or won't he play a role? If he does play a role, will it be at full fitness? If England had a fit Wayne Rooney I believe that they would have a great chance of lifting the trophy. The injury he picked up recently however, may in my opinion put pay to the teams hope of being able to win the tournament. I think they will do well but will just not have quite enough invention without Rooney to win it. I hope I am wrong of course.

Other teams to look out for include Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and France. I think as I am sure many other people do that Brazil will win the tournament. They have the most world class players out of any team and have plenty of experience of winning football matches.

If England do not win the world cup this year, I think it will be a big opportunity missed. I do not like their manager and feel that the team has not really progressed whilst he has been in charge.

Its time for all English supporters to get behind the team and to back them all the way. Forget causing trouble and lets have what could be one of the best summers for years. Come on England!

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