The Basics of Bowling: It All Boils Down to Ball Fitting

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Learning the basics of bowling is never a difficult task. If one is eager to learn the basics of bowling, he can start by focusing on the selection of a ball the fits properly.

The first step in choosing the right bowling ball is determining if the ball feels right to the one who will use it. Many players opt to use the same ball whenever they bowl after they find they like. When they feel comfortable using a particular ball it affects their bowling performance. The weight of the ball must be considered as it has a great impact on the bowlers balance. The ball should not be too heavy for the bowler's size. If the bowler does not have balance, the performance may be less than desired. This is why it is important to choose a ball that is right for the weight of the bowler.

The fit of the ball should be the primary concern in the selection of a ball. The ball should follow the configuration of the bowler's hands. The holes' sizes and the distances between them should be in accordance with the normal grip of the bowler and may vary depending on which grip he/she may use.

Inserting a good portion of the finger in the holes will allow a better grip of the ball and is why it is important that the finger fit comfortably in the holes. However, the holes should not be too big for the fingers. An improper fit causes a tendency for the grip to be loose or the fingers to slide when swinging the ball.

The bowling ball is an important consideration when learning the bowling basics. The ball should perfectly fit the fingers to have a better grip of the ball. Having a better grip allows a better release and enhances the performance.

When a person knows how to choose a ball that is right for him/her, then it is easier for him/her to perform the moves and strategies needed. Bowling will never be difficult as long as he/she knows the basics of bowling, and chooses the right ball.

How To Find Hidden Treasure

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Where can you find hidden treasure? Almost anywhere. How can you find it? Here are some new ideas on that.

I was once involved in tearing down an old house. In the attic, hidden underneath the insulation, I found a glass piggy bank of old pennies. I also found a rare old magazine and a few other minor treasures.

Treasure is not always things of obvious value, though. Hidden in the walls of that house was a treasure that at the time never occurred to me: copper tubing. I later discovered that the water lines we paid to have hauled away were sold as valuable scrap by the junk man. It made me wonder what else could be "treasure," and where else I might find it.

New Ideas On Hidden Treasure

Hidden in a warehouse in the small town where I used to live, was a mountain of old boxes. It was the leftover inventory of a wooden clock factory that had gone out of business. The owner of the clocks had let them sit there for at least ten years. Finally someone explained to him how he could sell them on Ebay, and he realized the treasure he was sitting on.

An old Mayan Indian we met at a hot spring in Arizona showed us how to find arrowheads and metates (used for grinding corn or mesquite beans) in the desert. They're hundreds of years old. He sold one of his metates for $200 during a yard sale, but this may be illegal now. Check with authorities on this one.

I have hidden money several times in my life. Many people do. What happens when people die unexpectedly? The money and valuables they hid remain where they are until discovered. There is an estimated several billion dollars in hidden currency alone in this country, and who knows how much in silver, gold, jewelry and other things. Here are some of the places people have discovered these hidden treasures.

- Under sinks (money).

- Hidden inside the pages of books (bills).

- Buried in crawl-spaces (all sorts of treasure).

- Above ceiling tiles.

- Buried under the edges of cement patios.

- In walls behind outlet plates.

- In pump houses.

- Under floors in sheds.

- In old heating oil tanks (coins).

- Under rocks in highway rest areas.

That last one is a favorite hiding place for drug dealers and other criminals who need to hide cash fast. If they never get out of prison, or die, the money waits for a treasure hunter to find it. Sometimes you just have to look to find hidden treasure.

England’s World Cup Dream Over

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Once again England’s remarkable inability from spot kicks has cost them a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

The 3-1 shoot out defeat to Portugal was a repeat of the European Championship exit two years earlier when the Portuguese where on home soil.

Owen Hargreaves was the only Englishman to convert his penalty as the England curse continued.

England have now lost six of the seven penalty shootouts they have been involved in.

Contrast this to Germany, who since defeat to Czechoslovakia in the 1976 European Championships have won every shootout they have been involved in.

That record becomes even more incredible when you consider they have also scored every individual penalty within the shootout.

But England’s demise could have been avoided had Sven-Goran Eriksson employed better use of the players at his disposal.

His decision to stick with David Beckham when the England captain is clearly past his best has caused frustration for many fans.

This was compounded by the performance of Aaron Lennon when he finally got his chance in place of Beckham during the second half of the quarterfinal.

His pace and dribbling caused panic in the Portuguese defence, something Beckham rarely achieved, and fans can only wonder how England would have faired had he been used earlier.

England’s chances were further inhibited when their one genuine world class star Wayne Rooney was played out of his best position and employed as a lone front man.

Rooney is at his devastating best playing behind a main striker and running at defences from thirty yards out.

England’s tactics of hitting him with long balls was a complete waste of his talents and a let off for the Portuguese defence.

But with Eriksson now departed, the reigns of the England manager’s job are passed on to Steve McClaren, Eriksson’s assistant for the past five years.

Fans can only hope McClaren introduces a new attacking brand of football to excite the supporters and break with more defensive instincts of Eriksson.

We await with baited breath.

Casino et Football font ils Bon Menage

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En effet, Casino sponsorisait le FC Toulouse et PartyGaming le FNCA de Nantes! Oui mais voila, c'était sans compter sur la Ligue Professionnelle de Football.

Dimanche dernier, sur les maillots du FC Toulouse, on retrouvait bien les couleurs du casino mais les signes ???.com. Qu'est ce donc ???.com me direz-vous. Il s'agit tout simplement de son sponsor Casino

Alors que les joueurs ont pour obligation de porter les couleurs et le nom du casino, la Ligue professionnelle a, quant à elle, décidée d'exclure les casinos de la publicité et du sponsoring. D'où l'omission. Or, tout le monde l'aura compris le sigle - faisait bien référence au casino sponsor de l'équipe.

La Ligue explique son refus. Du fait de l'arrestation de certains géants de casinos en ligne depuis le mois de septembre, dont le derneir en date de Bwin arreté en France, la ligue se voit le droit d'interdire la publicité, le sponsoring pour les paris en ligne.

Samedi, une autre équipe, la FC Monaco a rencontré le même problème que le FC Toulouse lors de son match face au Mans. Un représentant de l'équipe explique que, sans cette alternative, le coup d'envoi du match n'aurait pu être donné.

On se souvient encore des paroles de Jean-Luc Gripond, vice-président du club nantais, "le FCNA a décidé de s'associer à un nouveau sponsor disposant: "premièrement une dimension internationale, et notre football a besoin de partenaires de cette dimension, deuxièmement un lien avec les nouvelles technologies, ce qui représente pour nous le futur".

Qu'en est il aujourd'hui?
Un enquête a été menée ( voir notre article Bonnes Nouvelles pour les Casinos en Ligne).

Les paris sont monopole d'état en France et on pourrait penser que l'arrestation des cadres de BWin s'est opérée au bénéfice de la Française des jeux. Aussi, peu de temps après, la Commission européenne a décidé de s'intéresser de plus près à la question du monopole d'État pour les paris et les jeux. La volonté de la commission est clairement affichée, soit les États membres les considèrent néfastes pour leurs ressortissants et interdisent totalement les jeux en ligne, soit ils les autorisent et permettent aux sociétés comme d'offrir leurs services sur le marché.

What's Your Passion?

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Okay, you've decided you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. So, you join some affiliate programs and start submitting free ads to newsletters and free advertising classifieds sites. You're going to make BIG money now -- right?

Nope! Sorry! Just sending out a few ads is not going to do it. Not if you want to be a real success.

You must first determine your passion. I mean other than making the money! What is your hobby? What do you know how to do REALLY well? What is your job? Everyone has something that is their own special talent. Find yours.

You probably have more than one thing that you are very interested in and do well. See if you can find five (ten if you're really ambitious). Write them down in a list. Remember, you are going to be spending a lot of time working with this subject. Make sure you enjoy it!

Go down each item on your list. Start writing a rough outline of everything you know about the topic. It doesn't have to be elaborate. This is just to give you an idea of how much information is available for a given subject.

Try mind mapping. Write down the main subject of your idea. Draw a circle around it. Now, start thinking of sub-categories that are related to your main category. Draw a line from your main category and end it with a circle. Put the sub-category title inside this circle. Find as many sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories) as you can.

Go through each of your interests with this procedure. Choose the one that you know the most about and that you can write about comfortably.
What if you "think" you don't know enough about your topic? Then, do some research. Read books and magazines. Do some searches on the Internet. Who knows? You might find an area, a niche, that is just waiting for you to fill it with useful information.

There's a lot more to affiliate marketing, of course. But the first step is to find your passion. Your "passion" doesn't have to be making money on the Internet. It can be cooking, sewing, billiards, or whatever. In fact, it's better if you find a niche that isn't in the online marketing arena because that's what nearly everyone else is doing.

Make your topic unique. Make it yours. And make it your passion. It will pay you well.

Ultralight Backpacks - The Lightest Out There

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Why ultralight backpacks? Devotees of ultralight backpacking know you reduce your packweight most by concentrating on the "big three;" backpack, shelter, and sleeping bag. Forget those 6-pound backpacks, 9-pound tents and 5-pound sleeping bags. Reduce that 20 pounds to less than 5, keep the other gear to 5 or 6 pounds, and you can chuck the hot and heavy hiking boots, put on the running shoes, and start enjoying those trails.

Four Ounce Ultralight Backpacks

No, that's not a typo. One of the ultralight backpacking suppliers recently came out with a light pack with a capacity of 1800 cubic inches, plus more in an expandable rear pocket. Designed to carry just fifteen pounds, It may be more fragile than the average pack, but it weighs just 3.7 ounces! With a pack that light you're well on your way to keeping your total packweight to fifteen pounds.

I bought a six ounce pack at Walmart. Maybe you didn't know they sold ultralight backpacks, and niether did they. I'm sure it was intended as a daypack. However, it has 1200 cubic inches and weighs only 6 ounces, so I'll use it for summer overnighters. At $4, it was light on the budget too.

It easy to imagine that a decent-sized backpack can be made at home that weighs less than 8 ounces. If it's a simple one, without extra pockets, made from light nylon material, how much could it weigh? Making your own may be the way to get the lightest backpack.

Alternatives To Ultralight Backpacks

I've used my 8-ounce duffle bag for backpacking. With no pockets, it's tough to organize things, but it has lots of room, and it is very tough. In practice, the full-length zipper makes it so easy to see everything that organization isn't very important.

I also have tied the duffle bag to an an old aluminum pack-frame, to create a full-suspension backpack. It has a hip belt, comfortable padded straps, and weighs exactly two pounds. It worked fine on a trip above timberline in the mountains of Montana. If there are any lighter exterior-frame ultralight backpacks out there, I haven't seen them.

You can also go on overnight trips with just a bivy sack, a bottle of water and a few granola bars in the pockets of your jacket. I've done this in the summer. Of course, I suppose without ultralight backpacks, this can't even be called backpacking.

Dragon Boats!

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The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated in China, and the one with the longest history. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of Dragons. Competing teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat racing to reach the finish end first.

The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.

When the race begins, all one can see is the rowers of each team driving their boats forward in unison to the beat of drums. The winning team is the one that first grabs the flag at the end of the river course and the difference between victory and defeat may be only a few fractions of a second. The energy and excitement of the race attracts thousands of spectators, who watch from the river bank cheering on their favorite team.

Dragon Boat Festival is highlighted by the dragon boat races, in which competing teams drive their boats forward rowing to the rhythm of pounding drums. This lively and colorful tradition has continued unbroken for centuries to the present day.

The celebration's is a time for protection from evil and disease for the rest of the year. It is done so by different practices such as hanging healthy herbs on the front door, drinking nutritious concoctions, and displaying portraits of evil's nemesis, Chung Kuei. If one manages to stand an egg on it's end at exactly 12:00 noon, the following year will be a lucky one.

The most popular dish during Dragon Boat Festival is tzung tzu, originally eaten in memory of the patriot Chu Yuan, but gradually evolving into a snack eaten during normal occasions as well.

How To Search For Dance Instruction In 2 Easy Steps

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Everybody thinks the same thing. Everyone thinks that they've seen it all and they know it all already. Well there is a substantial chance that these people are right and that they have seen it all. However, dance instruction should be something that you shop for and something that you should take seriously if you really want to make a career (or serious hobby) out of dance. Let's take a look at 2 easy ways to shop for dance instruction lessons and dance instruction professionals using the power of the internet.

1)Go local. A lot of the search engines are now putting special attention on local results. Many people are looking to buy something close to Just because it's the world wide web, it doesn't mean that you can't boil the web down into some very manageable parts. If you live in San Francisco, you can make sure that you only receive the results that are local for you by searching for 'dance instruction San Francisco.' Furthermore, Yahoo has an incredibly useful yellow pages section where you can find all sorts of local information relevant to your information quest. Google even has gone so far as to offer a text messaging service where you can enter 'dance instruction 77002” (keyword or service and zip code) and Google will send a text message to your mobile device with the information you are looking for.

2)Look for independent reviews. A lot of different websites have independent reviews of different services which you can find. Dance instruction is no different. Citysearch can be a great place to find such reviews. If you search for dance instruction in Los Angeles there will undoubtedly be plenty of dance studios and dance instructors listed on Citysearch. Some will have reviews of current an past customers who were either satisfied or dissatisfied with their experience of the different dance studios. Reading up on these somewhat independent reviews can be a great way to find out what people think of dance studios.

Player Profile: Paul Darden

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After an inauspicious adolescence, Paul “The Truth” Darden, Jr. has come a long way. Born October 27, 1968 in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in a ghetto, in his teen years he hung out with thieves and drug dealers. In fact, at the tender age of 15, Darden was accused of murder but was lucky enough to be acquitted due to mistaken identity.

As a high school dropout, there were not many career options open to him and he says that the game of Poker helped him turn his life around. Darden states that one of his goals is to bring poker to the African American community and commented in one of his interviews “There is going to be salt and pepper all over the casinos when they see me win a big event.”

Paul Darden began playing and winning at the local Foxwoods Casino as well as in the Stud Games at Atlantic City where they were very popular. He tells us that his father had a small poker club many years ago and taught Paul to play.

A positive event in his life was meeting up with Phil Ivey who became his friend and mentor. Although Paul’s favorite games were Five Card and Seven Card Stud, Phil encouraged him to branch out into other games, especially Texas Hold’em No Limit – due to his aggressive style of playing.

Paul has learned to be patient when playing and has become a master at reading “tells”– the movement and body language of other players. Different players react in different ways when playing a winning or losing hand and learning to recognize these actions is very helpful to his game.

Paul also has one World Series of Poker bracelet. As of this writing, his total live tournament winnings are in excess of $1,700,000.

Paul is married to Vicky and they have one child. He also has three children from different relationships. One of his important goals is to provide for his family so that his children will have a better life than he did while growing up.

He appears to be on a winning streak in Poker as well as in his life and we wish him well.

Camping Journals - Preserve Your Camping Experiences

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Camping is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. Alas, your camping experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a camping journal for your adventures.

Camping Journals

Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent camping experience. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about the first time you ever went camping. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about the geography, people you went with, particular camping routes and spectacular views. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you keep a camping journal, this won’t be the case.

There are famous instances of people keeping journals throughout time. Of course, Anne Frank’s Diary is the best example. In her diary, Anne kept a running commentary of the two years her family spent hiding from the Nazis. While your camping experiences better be more lighthearted, keeping a journal will let you remember them as the years pass.

A good camping journal combines a number of characteristics. First, it should be compact so you don’t have to take up unnecessary space for other things. Second, it should have a case to protect it from rain, spills and so on. Third, the journal should contain blank areas to write your notes. Fourth, the journal should contain cue spaces to remind you to keep notes on specific things. Cues should include:

1. Who you went camping with,

2. Where you camped and if you enjoyed it,

3. Who you met and contact information for them,

4. The geographic and weather conditions, and

5. Any unique things that occurred while camping.

At the end of the camping trip, you should be able to get the following from your journal:

1. Contact information for other campers and people you met,

2. Enough detail to provide you or a friend with a guide if you camp in the location a second time.

3. Memories to reflect upon years later, and

4. Something to pass on to your friends, children and grandchildren.

To get the most out of your camping journal, you should write in it during while you’re camping. Every trip is special, even if you just go out for a weekend.

Camping is a great way to commune with nature. Make sure to preserve the experience.

Player Profile: Maureen Feduniak

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Originally from England, Maureen “Mo” Feduniak has been a competitive Poker player for over a decade. Her mentor, none other than T. J. Cloutier, no doubt was a major factor in developing Maureen into the fine competitor she is today.

T. J. himself has won more than fifty Tournaments world-wide, including a collection of no less than six World Series of Poker Bracelets.

Maureen became enthralled with Poker after watching a telecast of a WSOP tournament, plus the fact that her husband Bob is quite a Poker pro himself.

“Accomplished Poker enthusiast, Maureen Feduniak can be considered the Grand Dame of Tournament poker. Grandmother to 5, she received coaching from poker super star T. J. Cloutier. Mrs. Feduniak considers herself an instinctual rather than an analytical player, and is an avid online player.”

Maureen Feduniak lives in beautiful Las Vegas and plays online poker on the following sites, and Her skillful Poker playing has resulted in the following accomplishments:

-2005 Fourth Annual Five Diamond World Poker Classic – No Limit Hold’em Championship Day 2 – Chip Count – 99th place - $54,600

-World Poker Tour Ladies Night Main Event – 4th Place - $0

-Fiesta al Lago Seven Card Stud – 5th place - $5,450

-2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge – No Limit Hold’em – 8th place - $1,600

-35th Annual World Series of Poker Event #29 – Limit Hold’em – 15th place- $10,020

-35th Annual WSOP Event #13 – No Limit Hold’em – 31st Place - $7,160

-35th Annual WSOP Event #3 – Limit Seven Card Stud – 13th place - $4,280

-2003 Five Diamond World Poker Tournament Season 2 – Limit Seven Card Stud – 8th place - $6,620

-2003 Bellagio Special Poker Events – No Limit Hold’em – 1st Place - $43,650

Maureen is best known for her appearance in the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour Ladies Only Event. Her greatest achievement thus far has been 4th place in the WPT Poker Million Event in 2003 with a prize of almost $80,000.

Tea, Cakes and Games – A Lady’s Choice

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You probably wouldn’t even imagine the thought but though there is a gross generalization of online gambling being a male dominated activity, the reality is that women are fast becoming significant online gambling clienteles and a major investment opportunity. This trend also illustrates that while men may gamble for the thrill and the action, preferring “war and sports” themes, women will tend to play games like online poker, trivia and card games as a means of escape. In general, men play to win and women, while still competitive, play for more social reasons, ultimately preferring such games as this allows them to play the game from a safe home environment and allowing the freedom of playing at a time that fits into a woman’s already busy schedule.

You only need to look at the newer online gaming sites to know that they are already off-shooting sites devoted to online gaming for women. These sites feature pictures of attractive “hunks” that pop up with every screen change (this is in response to the scantily clad over-endowed women found on most gambling websites), news and informative articles about online gambling and upcoming legislation, daily game specials, winning strategies and tips, as well as recipes, beauty tips, horoscopes and links to other sites that provide information on women’s health and issues. It’s all about the overall experience that will make women want to come back to an online gaming site again and again. The lead has been taken by already popular with women such as iVillage and the newer and equally interesting

Additionally, women prefer online gaming since the benefits of learning the rules and strategies of the various games far outweigh the time initially invested by them. The intricacies of online gambling are mind-boggling and learning to play the games is time consuming. But once the games, the variations and bonuses studied, women who are involved in online gaming feel the rewards, entertainment and enjoyment are worth the effort. In turn, those sites that decide to cater to women will be rewarded for their efforts with long term loyalty that's worth its weight in gold!

First French Club to Lift Europe's Top Club Trophy Now Under Investigation for Faul Play

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Former Marseille midfielder Jean-Jacques Eydelie told French sports daily L'Equipe that the whole Marseille team, except striker Rudi Voeller, received an "injection" before the 1-0 win over AC Milan. According to him the Marseille players were asked to stand in a line to receive an injection before the match.

He also said doping and match-fixing was commonplace during his time at Marseille. He was also involved in the match-fixing scandal in which Marseille was stripped of its 1993 league title for bribing opponents before a match. Eydelie said he was ordered to give money to the wife of former Valenciennes player Christophe Robert to convince him to lose the match in 1993 against visitors Marseille.

According to Bernard Tapie, former president for Marseille soccer club, Eydelie tried 18 months ago to bribe teammates for money threatening to take reprisals if they said no, so he says this could all be seen as a set up. He also denied the allegations and said he plans to take legal actions against Eydelie but the European soccer's governing body would have to investigate the allegations first. If these allegations were proven to be correct the UEFA would.

Marseille beat Milan 1-0 to become the first French club to lift Europe's top club trophy. . The team included goalkeeper Fabien Barthez and captain Didier Deschamps - both of whom won the World Cup with France in 1998.
On the other hand Arsenal's French manager Arsene Wenger described former Olympique Marseille chairman Bernard Tapie as a bad influence for French soccer.

Wenger said it did not surprise him, he also said it was the worst period that French football has been through. He assured it was “gangrenous from the inside because of the influence and the methods” of Tapie at Marseille
Marseille won 1-0 and clinched their fifth consecutive title. They were stripped of the championship the following year and demoted to the second division after the scandal erupted. They were also banned from defending their European title.

Sleeping Bag Pads

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Sleeping bag pads are not one of the things you should cut from your list. Backpackers want to reduce their weight, but not even ultralight backpackers want to reduce their comfort. Still, who wants to carry those monstrous old inflatables down the trail? Try some of these lightweight options instead.

Make four-ounce sleeping bag pads, and sometimes carry two of them. Use the plain blue closed-cell foam pads available from any backpacking supplier. They are made larger than necessary, usually 24 by 72 inches. Just cut them down to a four-ounce size that fits your torso.

It should reach from your shoulders to your hips. You may want to cut the width a little at a time, testing for comfort as you go. The pad should be as small as you can make it, while still big enough to insulate your torso from the ground. A pillow of spare clothes can be used for your head, and your legs can be on your empty pack to insulate them.

Sleeping Bag Pads For Lightweight Fanatics

To make it really light, cut pieces out of the pad. Small holes in the pad don't seem to make it less comfortable. If you cut out a hundred little pieces of foam, you save an ounce and join the ranks of the fanatical ultralight backpackers.

Want to go even lighter? Leave the pad behind and try sleeping where the ground is soft. You can also pile up leaves or dry grass to sleep on. Do this where it won't harm the enviroment, and scatter the leaves in the morning so they don't kill the vegetation they're on. For fifteen minutes of work each night collecting materials, you can leave the sleeping pad home and actually be more comfortable. A thick pile of dried grass - now that's a nice camping mattress.

More Luxurious Sleeping Bag Pads

Want more cushioning? Inflatable sleeping pads are no longer out of the question for lightweight backpacking. The Big Agnes Air Core Pad from REI is a 3/4 length pad that weighs just 16 ounces and is an incredible 2 1/2" thick! If you've slept with Big Agnes, let me know how she is.

You can also find a few self-inflating pads that are reasonably light. The old Thermarest I sometimes use is actually only 21 ounces, but both Thermarest and others now have self-inflating sleeping pads that are under a pound. That's a lot of comfort for such lightweight sleeping bag pads.

How To Better Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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5 Tips For Outdoors Life

You love nature and the outdoors life. How can you get the very most from it, though? In a world where there seems to be more concrete than dirt, it can be rather challenging to even get out into the outdoors life. That means that you need to make the most out of what you have to play with. No matter what you enjoy doing; you can do it the best way possible when you take these tips to heart. Your outdoors life can be one of excitement, relaxation and complete bonding with nothing other that the pure air around you.

Tips To Roll With

• Start with having the best products to take with you. Sure, you could go camping with that old tent. But, if you go camping with a new one, which is fully insulated, waterproof and even features an easy set up, there is more time to enjoy the outdoors life instead of dealing with the problems. Do this with all of your leisure products. If you plan to take it with you, make sure it is high quality. You’ll appreciate and enjoy your leisure pursuits much more if you’ve purchased the right quality.
• Be prepared. Sure, it’s the Boy Scout motto but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The fact is that your outdoors life can be so much better when you are sure that you have all the risks taken care of, as much as is humanely possible. Provide for all the things that you need, in good quality, and enjoy what the outdoors life has to offer you. It’s that simple.
• Take time to play. If you can’t get out to spend some quality outdoors time with your friends, make sure that you bring the fun to your home. While you can’t go hunting in your backyard, you definitely can play a sport. Make life a little more fun and a lot less stressful by enjoying the outdoors life.
• Outdoors life should be something that you look forward to. Make sure it is something that you think about by planning trips and outings into your favorite outdoors life adventures. Plan them!
• Outdoors life can only be better when you do it with friends, so make sure that you spend plenty of it with them.

Your outdoors life is one of many dreams and aspirations. If you plan to enjoy that life, get the best products, a few friends and head out to play. Life is so much better when you can say that you have spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors life.

New England 300 New Hampshire International Speedway

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Tony Stewart climbed the fence in front of the grandstand in what has become his trademark victory celebration. And a crowd of 100,000 at New Hampshire International Speedway roared its approval on last year’s race as he grabbed the checkered flag and pumped his fist in the air just as he did two weeks earlier after a victory at Daytona.
Trust me, I'll be glad to be panting like a dog when I get up there," he said. "It's something they like and I'll keep doing it for them." Stewart said he needs a personal trainer. "Yes, I'm still too old and too fat to be doing that stuff," the 34-year-old driver said. "I'm probably going to fall and bust my butt before its over. I'm glad they let me go through the gate instead of climbing back down."
Stewart started 13th and wound up winning for the third time in four races, passing inside and outside in a dominant performance in the New England 300.
New Hampshire International Speedway is one of the most unusual tracks on the Nextel Cup Series. How unusual? The track has been described as "Martinsville on steroids."

The Bahre family are the owners of this track. Its roots in New England racing started in 1964 when Bob Bahre acquired a track in Oxford, Maine, which he and his son, Gary, operated until 1986.

The Bahres’ efforts to bring a major racing facility took off in 1989 when ground was broken for New Hampshire International Speedway on a site about 10 miles north of New Hampshire’s capital city, Concord.

The track opened its gates for the first time in June 1990 and played host to its first NASCAR touring series event, the Budweiser 300 for Busch Series. The Cup Series followed in July 1993, with Rusty Wallace getting the victory.

In July 2000, New Hampshire International Speedway became the first facility to draw more than 100,000 sports fans for a single-day event.

Jeff Burton is the career leader with four Cup victories at NHIS. Burton’s list of victories at New Hampshire International Speedway includes the Dura Lube 300 in 2000 in which Burton led every lap.

In 2004, New Hampshire International Speedway played host to the first race in the inaugural Chase for the Nextel Cup. As it turned out, that race played a big role in how that battle for the championship played out.
Get the latest NASCAR odds at

Finding Paintball Gun Accessories

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Paintball gun accessories can be found all over the internet these days. Even if your local paintball shop doesn’t have the accessories for your gun, you can find what you need with a click of a mouse. One of the difficulties of having a hobby that is not mainstream is finding the accessories and support to maintain your interest. Thanks to the internet, all your paintball fun accessories can be found instantly.

Whether you are in need of accessories for you paintball gun, or just in need of general paintball accessories, you’ll be able to find them no problem. Not to eliminate your local pro shop, as they can give you great service and advice. However, due to overhead and limited space, your local paintball accessories shop may not carry what you need. Also, since there is a middle man involved, you may pay a mark up margin for the same exact good and it may even take longer. Why take all that extra time and spend extra money when you can use the amount you save and spend it on additional paintball accessories. Your gun will appreciate the extra ammo and you will appreciate the newer accessories.

Paintball gun accessories are not the only good things found on the internet. Support bulletin boards can also give you much needed insight and advice on things such as where to go, what tournaments are coming up and of course advice on the best accessories for you paintball gun and supporting gear. These bulletin boards are invaluable resources for learning all the tips, trick and secrets of the pros. They allow you to keep the edge and stay up to date on the latest inside information about the guns, the gear and of course websites to visit for the accessories to satisfy your paintball craving. Needless to say, with the ever growing popularity of paintballing, more and more companies are offering different accessories. Don’t get left behind. Search now for more paintball gun accessories and see what you might be missing out on.

How To Make A Rubber Band Gun

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Back in the days when kids made a lot of their toys, some devious little mind came up with a way to fire rubber bands off more than their own thumbs. Thus was born the rubber band gun. Today, they're enjoying such a resurgence of popularity, that you can even buy guns carved from wood, that replicate actual weapons such as repeating rifles, pistols and more.

But for a simply weapon to give your friends a snapping good time, try this. Gather up a piece of wood, such as a short section of 1x2" lumber, a wooden clothespin, some Crazy Glue, a nail and a hammer.

You're going to want to glue the clothespin at the rear of the 1" side, which should be on top. But first, take a nail no more than 2" long, and 1/8" thick, and cut the flat head off, and file it down. Mark on the piece of wood, where the end of the clothespin will be, and drive the nail into the wood, sharp end down, about 1/3" from where the mark is. Leave about 3/4" of the nail sticking up.

Now drill a hole through the end of the clothespin, with a bit that is slightly larger than the width of the nail. Make sure you drill through both sides of the pin. Apply glue to one narrow side of the clothespin, from the open end, down to the drilled hole. Don't get glue in the hole. Now place the clothespin on the piece of 1x2", making sure it's got the nail fitted through the hole. You might want to try the fit, before applying the glue.

Cut a notch in the end of your wood, just below the top, so you can hook one end of the rubber band there. Now pull it back, and hook the other end over the protruding nail. To fire, just open the clothespin. There should be enough motion to allow the upper part of the pin, to push the rubber band off.

For more zing to your gun, cut a second shorter piece of wood and glue it underneath at a 90-degree angle, to approximate the shape of a pistol. Insert your nail and glue your clothespin to the back of the "grip". This will make for a longer stretch to the band, and more snap when you fire.

Types of Wakeboard Boats

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Choosing the ride wakeboard boat will help you to create the right type of wakes. Unlike ordinary boats, wakeboard boats come with a device that creates a larger wake. These wakes allow you to do aerial tricks while jumping from side to side. Although choosing a wakeboard boat seems like an easy process there are actually multiple types that you need to choose between.

The most popular form of wakeboard boats is those with a vDrive, which are the ones that have the engine at the back of the boat. Typically these are referred to as inboard boats. However, other wakeboard boats can be direct drive boats that have the engine in the middle of the boat.

Then when it comes to the technology that allows a wakeboard to create a wake there are three types of technology to choose from. The first of these is ballast technology. This is the newest standard of wakeboarding technology. This in where ballast tanks are placed inside the boat hull and can then be filled or emptied through a switch in the driving area. The heavier the ballast the lower the boat goes which results in a larger wake as the boat moves.

The second option is wedge technology, which uses a metal structure at the rear of the boat near the propeller. This helps to shape wakes and allows the driver to fine tune the wake to the riders needs. Many Malibu boats use wedge technology.

Finally there is hull technology, which has been used in combination with ballast technology for years by many manufacturers. This combination allows boaters to get very big wakes that allow the riders to achieve some of the best aerial maneuvers.

When it comes to choosing the right technology for your wakeboard boat you want to first consider the main purpose of your boat. Are you going to be using it in tournament competitions or are you only going to be using it for recreational purposes. The purpose of a boat can help you to determine the engine type such as an inboard or outboard.

Next you should consider where you will be doing your wakeboarding. If you are going to use it on the open water in large lakes or the ocean then you want a larger boat to help you handle the rough water. On the other hand, if you are going to be using the boat on smaller lakes then a direct drive boat is the best choice.

Tips For A Good Hiking Experience.

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Let's break out of our winter hibernation and venture into the crisp, clean outdoor air and hit some dirt trails! I'll give some tips so you can have an enjoyable hike.

1. Find information about the area you will be going to. Whether it's from a website with information and trail details, or a map at the park office, trailhead, or visitor center, always check before you head out on your hike so you know what to expect.

2. You must know weather conditions, wherever you go. Nothing is worse than traveling to a hiking destination only to miss the hike, because it was raining or freezing and you weren't prepared. It is also good to know if there are any plants or animals to watch out for at your hiking location. Wiping with poison ivy in the morning won't feel good.

3. Wear clothing that works and fits the terrain and hike conditions. Look for synthetic and natural fibers that pull moisture away from your body, or at least stay warm when wet. The two most important pieces of clothing for any hiker are good socks and good shoes. Uncomfortable shoes and socks can cause you real pain. Finally, a hat in cold weather is a great addition, since your body loses over half its heat through your head.

4. You will also need to be prepared with a first aid kit that matches the hiking you will be doing. In most cases a simple kit from local department or sporting goods store will do. If you want to build your own first aid kit you must include these basics: - Different sizes and shapes of bandages and gauzes. - Various types of tape for wounds or fixing tools. - Suntan lotion. - A light emergency blanket (preferably with some kind of water resistance). - Aspirin, allergy, laxative, and anti-diuretic medications. - Small multi-use tool with a knife, scissors, and a needle and thread. - A cell phone can come in very handy in emergencies. It is recommended that you pack all of this in a waterproof bag or container.

These tips should ensure a comfortable hiking adventure.

Horseback Equitation

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Equitation refers to classes where the rider's style is judged. In an equitation class, your horse doesn't have to be the smoothest jumper in the world, or the most elegant mover, the rider is the one being judged, and the horses' movement is irrelevant to some degree.

Equitation divisions range from beginner walk-trot through open equitation. In the flat equitation competition, riders are judged on how well they handle riding skills, such as walking, trotting, and cantering. Riders should be able to show precise handling of their horse at the walk, trot, and canter while maintaining proper equitation and control.

A knowledgeable equitation rider establishes a straight line from his/her elbow, through forearms and reins to the horses mouth. Shoulders are another common area for equitation faults. Some equitation judges will ask riders to answer questions on anatomy, tack, and equitation.

There are three types of equitation saddle seat, hunter seat, and stock seat. In hunt seat equitation, riders compete over fences and in separate classes, and at the walk, trot and canter on the flat.

Unlike the more common hunter classes, hunt seat equitation judges the rider rather than the horse. Riders will receive penalties if their horse refuses a jump. Certain fundamentals of equitation are rigidly observed in judging. In general in a hunter equitation class as long as the horse clears the fences in a jumper competition it does not matter what it looked like. Saddle seat equitation may include a pattern to be ridden, often at different gaits with several changes in direction. Stock seat equitation is a western discipline.

Jackets are required in all equitation classes, with the exception of hunter equitation classes where jackets are preferred but not required. The rider must remain on the same mount throughout all phases of an equitation class until the judge requests a change.

In equitation classes, only the rider is being judged therefore no penalty should be assessed because of the horse's conformation, color or movement. Many riders compete in specific divisions where they earn points in Equitation classes, the points count for class year end awards.

Offroad Tires - Getting Dirty With Style

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Article Body:
What to do with the inherent urge you feel every time you quick spot an opening in the brush, in a trail that may or may not lead to an off road utopia? What do you think you should do, you Nancy, slam the brakes, twist the wheel, apologize to whomever is sitting next to you for the fact that they will not be making it to their intended, particular destination at that moment and tear off road and into the liberation of street sign-free good times.

Well, wait, hold on for a moment. While it’s true that I do think that, for the most part you should do that, there may be a thing or two slightly over-impulsive to that off roading call to arms. First off, really you should drop your passenger off and let them walk to their destination (we are members of decent society after all). But, more importantly, consider if you truck is ready for the offroad.
One of the biggest considerations here will be what your tires are looking like. If you already have off road tires, then that’s great. If not, consider for a moment that purchasing higher tires while offer you greater ground clearance, while the shorter offroad tire will give you more traction. If your not already set up with an aggressively treaded tire (and at times even if you are), you may follow the time honored activity of offroaders everywhere and air down (or let air out of your tires). Its fairly easily understandable how and why this is come to be common practice by those heading offroad. By lowering the air in your tire and effectively lowering and widening the tire you can quickly and easily multiply the traction you are going to have. The is quite helpful, but certainly try to not go overboard with the air down. An obvious problem to this is that the sidewalls of your tires are going to really open themselves up to vulnerabilities and punctures.

There are certainly plenty of other options that one can make while setting up for heading offroad, so go check them out and figure which one is for you. Some may fall under a category of pretty strictly offroad, while others will really offer some advantages to both bring onroad and off.

Social Benefits of Salsa Dancing

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Have you ever wanted to broaden your social circle but wasn’t sure how? The bar scene is tired. Shopping malls, grocery stores and churches are way too cliché. But have you ever thought of dancing? Yes, that’s right dancing! Dancing is one of the best social activities. Actually salsa dancing is one of the best ways to meet people and mingle in a fun, laid back, easy-going environment.

If you visit any salsa dance club there are all types of people of all different age groups and cultures all coming together to have a great time. The atmosphere of pumping beats, rhythmic dancing cascading across the dance floor while people circle around mingling while having a drink is addictive!

But even if you’ve never stepped foot in a salsa club or a salsa dance floor, that’s ok because can help you master the basic steps. Even if you lack the experience of a trained salsa dancer, salsa clubs are always filled with people who will take you by the hand and show you the simplest steps so that you can have a great time. I know it sounds a bit hard to believe but it’s true. I’ve been to salsa clubs many times and been asked to dance. While I insisted that I was not very good, it was always a friendly smile saying, “that’s okay, I’ll show you”. Where else can you get such gracious, friendly treatment? Definitely not in any bar I’ve ever heard been to.

To enjoy salsa dancing you only need to know a few simple steps:

First you step forward with your right foot and back and then scissor kick step and then back with the right foot. The left and right feet interchange but the same pattern of movement is followed. It’s much easier to explain in video format, that’s why you should visit to see detailed video footage of exactly how it’s done.

But just remember to relax, move those hips and have fun!

Just dance like no one is watching!

Want to master the art of salsa dancing? Learn everything you need to know by going to

Camping Journals – Preserve Your Camping Experiences

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Camping is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. Alas, your camping experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a camping journal for your adventures.

Camping Journals

Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent camping experience. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about the first time you ever went camping. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about the geography, people you went with, particular camping routes and spectacular views. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you keep a camping journal, this won’t be the case.

There are famous instances of people keeping journals throughout time. Of course, Anne Frank’s Diary is the best example. In her diary, Anne kept a running commentary of the two years her family spent hiding from the Nazis. While your camping experiences better be more lighthearted, keeping a journal will let you remember them as the years pass.

A good camping journal combines a number of characteristics. First, it should be compact so you don’t have to take up unnecessary space for other things. Second, it should have a case to protect it from rain, spills and so on. Third, the journal should contain blank areas to write your notes. Fourth, the journal should contain cue spaces to remind you to keep notes on specific things. Cues should include:

1. Who you went camping with,

2. Where you camped and if you enjoyed it,

3. Who you met and contact information for them,

4. The geographic and weather conditions, and

5. Any unique things that occurred while camping.

At the end of the camping trip, you should be able to get the following from your journal:

1. Contact information for other campers and people you met,

2. Enough detail to provide you or a friend with a guide if you camp in the location a second time.

3. Memories to reflect upon years later, and

4. Something to pass on to your friends, children and grandchildren.

To get the most out of your camping journal, you should write in it during while you’re camping. Every trip is special, even if you just go out for a weekend.

Camping is a great way to commune with nature. Make sure to preserve the experience.

New Football Organization Helps You Stay in the Game

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Maybe you started playing football when you were 8 years old and never quite lost your love of the game. Perhaps you even went on to play college ball. Whatever level you played, it's a good bet that your passion for the game didn't stop when the last whistle blew and the last play ended.

So how would you like to rub elbows with NFL Hall of Fame inductee Sam Huff, who played for the New York Giants when they won the championship in 1956? Or, if you're drawn more to the art of coaching, how would you like to talk shop with Barry Switzer, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys when they won the Super Bowl in 1995, or Willie Wood, the first black head coach in professional football?

You can be a part of it all -whether you're still in the game or watching from the sidelines -by becoming a member of American Football Alumni, an organization of current and former football players, coaches and others who actively support the sport. Its advisory board of directors includes some of football's most storied players and coaches.

AFA was created as a social and networking organization to give its members the opportunity to get back in the game and recapture the energy and excitement of their playing years.

While some alumni organizations currently exist, AFA's organizers say there is still a great need for an alumni community that will allow interaction among football players and coaches on both a personal and professional level.

Recent surveys conducted by AFA reveal that 70 percent of former football players would be interested in joining an alumni association with high school and college players. Seventy-nine percent are interested in reunions with former teammates and 55 percent said they'd be interested in purchasing their old school football jerseys, especially if their names were included.

AFA has numerous member benefits, including special pricing for Football Fest 2006 and other AFA conferences and conventions, discounts on AFA merchandise and voting in local and national alumni polls.

The group plans on sponsoring annual conventions beginning in Las Vegas in 2006.

How To Stay Hydrated While Skiing

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You want to save you money so you can ski more often and keep yourself hydrated at the same time? I'll give you some tips.

Carry Your Own Water

When you downhill ski for an extended period of time, you have a tendency to sweat a lot - up to a quart of water per hour - because you are working hard. The key is to hydrate before you get thirsty, and drink regularly throughout the day.

The best way is to carry at least two quarts of water with you. Water is the best fluid to drink since our bodies are made up of 70% water. Fruit juice and soda pop are diuretics that can make you even thirstier after you consume them, so you want to avoid these fluids.

How do you carry two quarts of water with you?

Bring a Backpack

In the backpack you can put the water you need in two X 1-quart plastic containers, along with accessories and clothes. When you stop for a break on the slopes remove your backpack and pull out one of the water bottles. If you find that the extra weight on your back effects your skiing or that is quite difficult to removing a back pack two or three timer per hour, than it might be better to get a camel pack.

Get a Camel Pack

A camel pack is actually a vest that fits around your chest and is zipped or clipped in the front. The pack contains a reservoir that holds between one and three quarts of water or energy drink, as well as a tube that transports the fluid from the reservoir to your mouth on demand.

If you tuck the end of the tube inside your ski jacket you should be able to keep it from freezing up on most winter days, but some hydration packs come equipped with a system that prevents the delivery tube from freezing up.

You must make an initial investment for the pack, but you will recover this cost in one ski season by not buying bottled water, pop, and juice. And also you can use the camel pack for other sports like inline skating, hiking, and cycling to keep yourself hydrated during these summer activities.

Why Is It Fun To Go To The Bowling Alley?

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According to new studies, people continue to remain bored out of their minds. No matter what exciting thing happens to be on the news, most people's lives just aren't that dynamic. Well, these particular people just need a shot in the arm. There is an entire world that most people forget about soon after they leave high school. The bowling alley is this world. While you might think of the bowling alley as something that is frequented by middle age plumbers and electricians, you might not be entirely incorrect. However, there has been a quiet, almost 'underground' return to bowling as a new semi-retro activity.

Here's a few reasons why bowling has continued to remain a steadfastly popular sport over the years and why you should think about returning to the bowling alley.

1)The modern bowling alley. This isn't your dad's bowling alley anymore! While there are certain timeless elements to a bowling alley (for instance the pins, the shiny shirts, and semi-stylish shoes), a lot of bowling alleys have had their lanes refurbished, added all sorts of entertainment options, and you can even have a birthday party at some of them. Visit your local alley to see what they've got in store for you.

2)The exercise. Bowling isn't all sitting down. Any serious bowler will tell you that bowling takes some effort to get that ball going down toward the pins. Your bowling skill might not take that many inches off your waistline, but it certainly doesn't hurt. If you are watching a movie, there really isn't that much interactivity with the screen. However, bowling takes some physical effort. Better to have more exercise than less.

3)The beer. Depending on the state in which you reside, your local bowling alley might have a bar that serves beer. This is clearly a benefit to anyone who likes to have some beer while bowling. We don't condone this activity as beer can definitely lower your score by the end of the night.

Getting The Right Sleeping Bag For You

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Going camping? Need to buy a sleeping bag? Here are a few tips to help you select the best one to fit your needs.

Shape / Design

One of the first factors to consider is the shape and design of the sleeping bag. A standard sleeping bag is a simple rectangle, usually with a zipper running up one side. The second primary design is the mummy bag, which is designed to fit the shape of the body. This allows it to more efficiently retain body heat. There are also variations of the two major design shapes, designed for various purposes.

Fill / Insulation

Sleeping bags are usually filled with down, or some synthetic material. Down filled sleeping bags are generally warmer, and more expensive. Synthetic sleeping bags are generally less expensive than down filled bags, and perform much better in wet conditions. The do not readily absorb water, and still ofer some insulation even when they do.

Wool and cotton are also sometimes used for insulation. Wool performs well, but is heavy. Cotton is heavy and performs very poorly in wet conditions. Both wool and cotton are best suited for stationary, protected camping, such as in a rustic cabin, where their drawbacks to not matter.

Temperature ratings

Most sleeping bags are given a uniform rating to help you determine what temperature weather they are suitable for. For European sleeping bags, they are rated using the EN 13537 standard. This standard uses four separate ratings:

Upper limit – the highest temperature an average man can sleep at without excessive sweating
Comfort – the most comfortable temperature for the average woman.

Lower limit – the lowest temperature at which the average man can sleep 8 hours (curled up) without waking.

Extreme – the minimum temperature that the average woman can remain in the bag for six hours without risk of death (frostbite may still occur).

If a sleeping bag only gives a minimum temperature, it is probably the Lower limit rating.

How to Get a Cheap Sports Car

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An enthusiastic buyer may want to check out the local auctions that are held in his area. Some good sports cars can be bought cheaply in these auctions. However, the auction arena is not made for the faint-hearted buyer. Just like any other kind of auction, it is a stressful and fast environment. One must attend a couple or more auctions before actually trying to purchase a car from this kind of activity.

Another downside of auctions is that there is no opportunity to test the car. In auctions, people buy cars "as they are."

Car Exchange
Auto Exchange Centers may offer you the best cars at very reasonable prices. Buyers might want to do a little Internet research since car exchange centers do advertise their merchandise on the Internet. Remember that the market for cheap sports cars is a buyers' market, which means that you hold the aces when negotiating prices.

Private Seller
Buyers may also look for private sellers of sports cars. Some people need quick cash in cases of emergency so they are forced to sell their precious cars at very attractive prices. Be aware and watch out for such quality deals.

The problem with dealing with private sellers is that once the purchase is made, the buyer is left on his own. He cannot run back to the seller to complain.

Good Models that no one wants
There are good sports car models out there that are being taken for granted by the market. Because of trends in sports car demand, some of the good ones are being left out. This is a good thing for buyers who are looking for value for their money. Some Jaguar, Austin-Healey and Morgan car models are out there, up for grabs at great prices.

Sports cars are luxury cars, but that does not necessarily mean that they should be expensive. Maybe the best things in life are not for free, but you can get good deals to get them. But at the end of the day, quality should be the main aspect that a buyer must look at in purchasing a cheap sports car.

The traits of a good coach

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Being a coach is easy. But being a good coach is another matter entirely. This job requires showing a lot of certain psychological characteristics. If a coach is to succeed, he simply has to show the following traits:

1.Knows the discipline he's coaching
It's trivial, but the coach has to know ins and outs of the discipline - the rules, the history, the tactics etc. Without it they won't be able to do their job properly and will probably quickly lose face when they start making mistakes.

2. Motivates the players
This is probably the single most important trait of a good coach. Without proper motivation, everything comes apart. Remember that a coach will need to lead a team of individuals, everyone with different personal goals. The coach's job is give the players enough motivation to make them start doing things as good as they are able to, and turn their attention from their private matters to the pitch.

3. Talks only when it gets results
A good coach will never speak without a good cause. If they talk too much, they will never actually be listened, so a coach is a person who should talk only when necessary - this will give their words an extra weigh.

4. Is able to listen
Being calmer than usual means also that a coach should be a good listener. If they are to become a good coach, they need to become a surrogate father or mother for their team and listening is the single most important trait that can make it possible.

5. Knows their team
Another important matter is knowing one's team. And it is not only about matching their numbers with the names. A good coach knows everything - both about professional and private life of their players.

6. Treats everyone individually
While (or because) a good coach should know everybody and do their best to hold the place together, it is necessary to treat every player individually. Yelling works only on some of them, the same story is with talking seriously. Using the same method to get everyone do what you say will surely end in breaking some of your players to pieces.

7. Leads by example
The last, but not least: a good coach do themselves everything he will ask others to do. They always set an example - they are first on the trainings and perform every single exercise they order other to do.

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