I Love A Good Game Of Darts

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Isn't it strange how there are some things from childhood that you don't miss and that you'll probably never do again and then how there are things that you loved so much you would still do them everyday as an adult if you could? Well, I've been missing the strangest things from childhood lately, I'll admit it. For example, I've been missing some of the games that my siblings and I used to entertain ourselves with as young children. We used to play darts for hours on end, and lately I've been playing darts nearly every day.

I'm not sure when I remembered my love for darts, but I can tell you with honesty that from the moment I heard mention of darts a few months ago I have been like a mad man. I immediately went out and bought the nicest set of darts and a dart board that I could find and I have played at least a game or two of darts most every day since then. It is a sort of strange obsession, I know, and many people in my family and friends are making fun of me for it, but I just cannot help it. I love throwing the darts and trying to perfect my throws just so.

I guess I love darts so much because of the memories I have from childhood. I loved being with my siblings and enjoying afternoons filled with game after game. Darts was a game that wasn't introduced to us until later in our childhood, so we learned it late but picked it up fast and were hooked. We would rush home from school, drop our bags and rush into the gameroom where the darts was. We would play for as many hours as we could before being called to dinner or to homework. Now that my siblings are far apart we cannot play darts anymore, but I have taught my children and my close friends how to play.

If you are looking for an easy and fun hobby to pick up, then try getting a dart board and some darts. I love it because it is cheaper than many games and because it lasts for a longtime. No game of darts is quite the same so it can provide endless hours of entertainment and laughter. It really becomes a challenge to do things better and better the more darts you play. So get to a local store and buy yourself a set of darts today. You'll have guarenteed fun for months and years on end.

College Baseball - Who is the Best Ever?

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The University of Southern California has a baseball team, the Trojans. The USC Trojans are undoubtedly one of the very best college baseball teams to every play the game. Over 95 of the baseball players from the college level who've made it into the Major Leagues played for the USC Trojans. USC has also appeared in 21 College World Series events and has won the most games in the this event as well, 70 in total.

The USC Trojans are also one of the oldest college baseball teams. The Trojans played their very first university baseball game in 1889 on the college campus. Unfortunately, the college team lost this game which may account for the fact that there aren't any recorded games until 1892. This time, the University of Southern California Trojans won against the Woodbury Business College by a score of 14-3. The USC Trojans had a total of 20 players on their college baseball squad that year and finished it as an undefeated squad.

The very next year the Trojans played 10 games during the college baseball season. However, the USC baseball team appeared to have not played very much over the next four years with only 3 college games being recorded.

Between 1898 and 1902, the USC Trojans baseball team suffered one bad season after another. In 1902 this changed with the arrival of pitcher Rube Waddell, one of the stars of college baseball at the time who eventually went on to become a Hall of Fame inductee after playing on 4 different Major League teams. He was, without a doubt, responsible for the upturn in fortune of the Trojans college baseball team.

The fortune of the Trojans college baseball team was extremely mixed in the pre-World War 1 years and the team was even abolished for a season during 1913. This was to enable the college to focus on track and field sports. Of course the war years led to a decline in all sports, including baseball, but the Trojans college baseball team was fully re-instated in 1920. The University of Southern Californaia baseball team went from strength to strength and was finally rewarded by becoming a member of a college baseball conference in 1927 and they haven’t looked back since.

Skate Bored?

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Though skateboards were around in the early 50's and 60's and actually very widely used back then they weren't well made and so eventually died out. The early ones were basically just milk crates with roller skate wheels and maybe a handle. More like a scooter. The wheels were the big problem, being mostly of clay, and resulted in lots of accidents from slipping or breaking and causing a fall. Even with better boards the wheels still created difficulty, and the sport pretty well died out in the mid-60's.

It wasn't until the 1970's that Frank Nasworthy, a surfer, developed a wheel made from urethane and then added precision bearings, and bolted them to a good quality board. The sport took off again.

The first skateboard parks from that time were mainly empty pools but lots of great moves and jumps were developed during that time, including the famous "ollie", a no hands aerial. Accidents and then the ever-increasing liability insurance killed the sport a second time and by the 1980's most of the parks had closed down.

In the 1990's the sport regained popularity and though it has had some fluctuations since it has mainly grown and developed over the past few decades.

Over the years I've often heard it said that this sport wouldn't last. It was just a fad. But it has developed from an activity into a relevant sport and now is widely followed around the world. The focus on tricks and jumps, great artwork on boards, clothing lines, shoes, skateboard posters, and even music has enhanced the image.

Throughout these years there have been increases in the quality of boards and wheels but mainly the concept didn't change much, until now. Coming up are some radical new designs. The S-Board is a board that twists in the middle and has only a single front and single rear wheel. The ride is apparently very much like snowboarding.

Then there's the Australian Bushpig, motorized skateboard (sort of), that does 20mph. Gotta get me one of those.

And the ultimate so far? That has to be Danny Way and his jump over the Great Wall of China. I wonder if his jump could be seen from space? hmmmm.

the long road to vegas

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Millions of people go to Las Vegas every year, and by many means of travel. The most common way of traveling to Nevada is by car, but there are also many other fun ways to travel. One may take a party bus and enjoy a few drinks on the way and enjoy the sights, or you could also take a flight there which, if traveling from California takes around an hour or less.

If you are traveling by car, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as once you get out of Bakersfield, there are few to no stops between towns. I personally find the drive very enjoyable though on occasion it may seem never ending at times. There are a number of fun stops on the way including a town called baker, home of the worlds tallest thermometer and State Line, a gambling town just on the state line between California and Nevada. I find that State Line is almost as fun as going to the big city!

If traveling by plane, be prepared for a very short flight. Though a fun flight, you may not have time to enjoy it fully. You most likely have time to sit, have a drink, read a couple magazine articles, or take a short nap, and the next thing you know you are staring at the strip in anticipation of landing. I do enjoy the flight, but it is very short. If you just want to participate in a day trip to the city of sin, I would suggest flying there.

Another way of travel is a party bus. I find this the most enjoyable mean of travel to Nevada. You meet some very interesting people on your way and it is usually a very warm atmosphere. The bus usually stops at a couple of tourist locations, and drinks are normally served on the bus which makes for an even more enjoyable ride. Another plus to taking the bus is that you don’t have to drive there, so you can just sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch the sights.

Once you get there, I suggest immediately booking a stay at a hotel or getting a room at your favorite casino because it is always nice to have a place to relax and rest before having a long night. Normally, it is very quiet during the day, as most of the entertainment starts at 7 or 8 so you can go sightseeing during the day, visit a few of the famous places, and maybe even gamble a little. and as soon as the evening rolls around, go enjoy a nice dinner and show at one of the many amazing casinos located on and off the strip. After a show is usually when the casinos start to light up and one gets to see the exciting part of Nevada. I would say that a trip to Vegas is a very good vacation to take and at any point and time there is usually an event or some sort of show going on.

Schools and Students facing Penalties due to Reform Package Approved Two Years Ago

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Students failing to meet NCAA standards for eligibility and progress toward graduation could lose scholarships for one year under the academic reform package approved by the NCAA two years ago.

About 55 percent of the member colleges and universities have completed the reporting. The remaining 45 percent is still requesting adjustments or waivers.

The NCAA last month released its findings on graduation rates, and it reported 76 percent of Division I athletes who entered college in 1995-96 had graduated. The separate academic progress report, expected by late February, will be based on the number of athletes on each team who achieve eligibility and return to campus full time each term.

Colleges will be given yearly assessments. They will have the opportunity to explain unusual circumstances for a low progress rate and to appeal any penalties. He said individual schools that face penalties already have been notified, but they would not be identified until the complete progress rate list is finished.

The penalties will begin this year and will result in the loss of a scholarship for teams that fail to meet the standard. Harsher penalties, beginning in 2007-08, will be assessed for repeated academic failure. Those may include scholarship reductions, recruiting limitations and ineligibility for preseason or postseason competition. The most extreme cases could result in restricted NCAA membership.

The proposal, one of about 140 heard during the NCAA convention, will be sent to member schools and conferences for comment before it is considered again in April, when the council will make its recommendation to the board of directors, said David Berst, NCAA Division I vice president.

Under the plan, the two-in-four rule would be eliminated and schools would be allowed to participate in an event each year, but in the same event only once in four years. It also would designate the second Friday in November as the common start date for events and the regular season. The total number of regular-season games would remain at 28, but participation in an exempt tournament -- such as the Preseason NIT -- would count as only one game.

Ten Items You Should Keep On Your Boat

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Ten helpful and handy reminders with some of the mandatory and suggested items that you should keep on your boat. Get your boat ready for the inland boating season this summer.

1. Push Button Signal Horn & Aerial Signal Kit– Have an air horn on board incase of emergency, fog or warning signal. Stores just about anywhere on your boat. It’s also a good idea to keep an aerial signal kit such as a flare gun kit incase your stranded on a large lake.

2. PDF’s (Personal Flotation Device) – Make sure you have enough PDF’s on board so that every passenger has one readily available. Also make sure you provide the children with one that fits them correctly. Another must is to have them USCG Approved.

3. First Aid Kit – It’s a great idea to have a first aid kit handy incase of emergency. Keep on that has some of the basics such as: bandages, gauze, instant cold compress, alcohol cleaning pads, aspirin, antibiotic cream etc.

4. Boat Anchor – If you plan on docking, going to the beach, or in an emergency situation, it’s a must to have the correct size anchor. We suggest that you have an anchor onboard for the rear of the boat and for the front.

5. Tow Ropes – Keep an extra towrope with you incase you or someone else is stranded on the water. Someone will be able to tow you to shore in the event that you or someone else breaks down and needs a lift.

6. Fire Extinguisher – You must keep a fire extinguisher with you while you’re on the water. Get a quality A-B-C extinguisher to keep on your boat. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but if you do you’ll know it’s there.

7. Universal Boat Cushions – Keep a few brightly colored boat / life cushions on the boat. Use them to toss to anyone that happens to fall over, or needs a hand swimming back to the boat.

8. Boat Registration – Always make sure your registration is current and on board with you. You never know when the DNR will pull you over to check to see if your boat is legal.

9. Dock Lines – Keep a few dock lines for docking your boat to your pier or to someone else’s pier. We suggest you have a few loops already tied into the rope to make it handy when you need different sizes.

10. Cell Phone or Radio – Keep an onboard radio, cell phone or walkie-talkie with you. These come in handy when you need to get a tow back or if someone wants to come out and join you for a ride.

Have a great and safe summer on you boat this year!

Finding Your Favorite Teams Gear On The Net

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If you are like an ever growing number of men and women in this day and age, you likely are the fan of one or another of the different sports teams that are playing in the world today. If that is the case, you may likewise be interested in finding different items -- clothing and gear -- that contain the logo of your favorite sports team. However, with that said, you may be wondering where you can go to conveniently shop for reasonable priced gear that carries the logo of your favorite team.

In the 21st century, the Internet is becoming the shopping venue of choice for men and women around the world. This holds true for those people that are in the market for gear and clothing featuring the logos of different sports teams.

First of all, in this day and age, all major sporting teams now maintain Internet based websites. At these sites, they offer for sale gears and products that bear team logos. Thus, in your search on the Net for your favorite team gear, you definitely will want to seek out, locate and spend time at the various websites operated and maintained by major sporting teams in the world today.

In addition, many of the auction sites that are in business on the World Wide Web feature a decent selection of team gear with logos. Therefore, in addition to visiting the various team sponsored websites, you also will want to surf over to one or another of the auction sites in operation on the Net.

Further, many of the other sporting retail venues operating on the Net are licensed to carry a selection of major team sporting gear with logos. In some instances, these sites actually offer these products at very reasonably prices. Therefore, if you are interested in finding and buying these products, and want to save some money in the process, you will want to take the time to shop at one or another of these retail sites.

By spending only a short amount of time shopping around on the Internet and World Wide Web, you will be able to locate sporting gear and products that meet your needs and desires. You will join a legion of other sports fans who have been able to find exactly what they are seeking in cyberspace.

NFL Football Betting

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If you bet on sports, there’s a good chance that you bet on football. Football betting accounts for about 40% (estimated) of all sports betting annually. A good portion of that goes into the NFL. Every season people rush to their favorite sports book off or online to make a wager. One of the most common wagers in NFL football is the parlay bet. People love winning big and the parlays give you the opportunity to win many times your original wager. However, many NFL football bettors walk away with losing tickets.

Can you make money betting on the NFL? Any professional sports bettor will sound off with a resounding yes answer. It’s been widely estimated and quoted that only 1% of sports bettors win on a consistent basis. If this is accurate, why is it so? One reason could be a lack of understanding of the game of NFL football. Another reason could be the lack of understanding of what a line really is.

If you are finding yourself constantly picking the losing team or just coming up short for a nice parlay win, give point totals a try. Many feel that betting on totals is a much easier game than picking sides. When you bet a totals line, you are betting on the total number of points scored between both teams during the game (regular time and over time). For instance, if the line was 38.5, you could wager on the under or over. Bet on the over and you want both teams to score 39 points or more—so you win. Bet on the under and you want both teams to score 38 points or less.

There are sports bettors out there who make a living off of totals lines. Some feel that there is less handicapping time involved as well. This means you can handicap more game, look for sweet lines and spend your time doing other things. It’s also possible to bet totals lines for just the quarters or the halves. For example, if a totals line is 40, the under/over for the first half might be 20. Furthermore, the line for the first quarter might be 8 or so. Typically the second and fourth quarter lines are larger than the first and third quarter lines.

The next time you sit down to make a wager on NFL football, give some thought to the totals line. It just might swing you into the winning column. If you are already a winning NFL sports bettor who’s not playing totals much, check them out. You should be able to add to your profits. There’s a reason why football betting is so big. It’s fun and profitable.

I've Always Loved To Be Barefoot

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved to be barefoot. There is no pair of shoes or sandles that make me and my feet as happy as going barefoot. I think it is the most natural way to be, and so I look for every possible opportunity I can to go barefoot.

I think my love for being barefoot started because I grew up on a lake. From the first sign of summer until practically the first snow my siblings and I were down on our beach with no sign of shoes or sandles. We would run and play for hours barefoot in our sand and in the water. I remember hating it when school started up each year because I knew that I needed to wear shoes to school each day. I also knew, however, that if I was careful, I could slide my shoes off once I was seated at my desk during the day.

If you come to my house today, you will rarely if ever see my feet covered. I just love to be barefoot. Even in the middle of the cold of winter you will not see me walking with socks or slippers in the house. I will be barefoot even if I am freezing cold. I love the freedom of being barefoot, and quite honestly, I love the way that having bare feet regulates my body temperature and keeps me from being too hot.

I'm so thankful that I choose writing for a profession, because whether I am writing at home or at the office I can always write barefoot. My co-workers laugh at me when they come to my office and see that whatever shoes I wore into work are sitting right by my office door. I guess to many people being barefoot sounds unnatural and uncomfortable, but to me, there is no better way to be.

For all of you skeptics out there, I'll encourage you to take every opportunity you have in the next days and weeks to go barefoot. With summer coming upon us, you should have no lack of opportunity. In fact, this is the best time of year to do this experiment. Wearing sandles rather than shoes is a great first step toward loving being barefoot. When you wear sandles you can just slip them off your feet without the hassles of untying shoes.

I'm telling you, once you start being barefoot you will never go back. Unless, I guess, you are crazy.

Spoilyourself At Disneyland

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To you, Disneyland is all about fun, excitement, and activities – but you would be wrong because not only that, Disneyland is also about relaxation and pampering. The pampering you gain from Disneyland may not be as best as you would probably have from a world class spa, but it would give you enough relaxation and make you feel special like the other world spa do.

The easiest way to get pampered on your Disneyland vacation is to stay at one of the Disneyland resorts, and then upgrading your room to the other room that offers Concierge services which would cost you a bit higher and the room price would be up to $300 per night, but the service you get would bring you out of this world.

This is because, first of all, your room would be greatly nicer with Concierge servic. With this, you would be offered with free bottles of water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea at all times. You can also check in and out faster at the Concierge check in counter, and a nightly turndown service is also provided.

Moreover, you will gain accesses to the Concierge lounge which will really pamper you! You will enjoy a continental breakfast in the lounge every morning. And you can also request a room serviced breakfast. In the afternoon, while your kids are watching Disney Videos, you will be also enjoying tasty wines in the lounge .

There are numbers of perks available with the Concierge service, which would be different in each resort. To determine whether the Concierge service will benefit you and your family, just call the resort that you are interested in and ask considering, and simply ask what perks are providedwith this service, asking them to ask their concierge desk to ensure accurate information.

Although the cost to upgrade is a bit high, but it would definitely worth you money when considering your dream of all of the pampering and special treatments that you and your family will enjoy, and especially when you are offered free breakfast and drinks, this cost is pretty worth paying. In fact, when you have a big family, you may find that the value of the free breakfast and the free drinks even makes the entire Disneyland trip even less expensive for you!

Once you’ve experienced the Concierge Service on a trip to Disneyland, your future Disneyland trips may be less satisfied for you as the Concierge Service is out of this world, and enhancing your trip and making it such a relaxing and enjoyable trip!

Choosing Boat Props

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As the weather starts to heat up on of the most popular ways to enjoy a vacation is out on the water either boating or fishing. After a long winter you may find it is time to replace your boat props, so the question is what type of boat props is right for your needs. When it comes to choosing boat props you want to consider the pitch, material and number of blades.
While these three areas will help influence your decision you also need to choose boat props based on the size of your boat and the recommended operating range for your boat engine.

First you want to consider the pitch. It can be difficult to understand this obscure propeller parameter. Essentially if boat props have a flat blade angle then they will be easier to turn with a faster spin when compared to boat props with steeper angles. So how can you determine which level of pitch is right for your needs? First you need to look at the engine owner’s manual to find the wide-open-throttle range for your specific engine. Once you have this WOT RPM range you can make your selection based on the following three criteria.

The first criteria is that for each inch of propeller pitch you will be reducing the WOT RPM by anywhere between 150 to 200. Second, if you take away an inch of propeller pitch then you will be increasing your WOT RPM by 150 to 200. Finally, if you have a four-blade propeller it will turn 50 to 100 RPM less than a three-blade prop, even when the pitch is the same.

Next you should consider the material that the boat props are made out of. Typically, boat props will be made out of composite, aluminum and stainless steel. The benefit of composite boat props is that they have good performance, are very durable and can be cheap. Most boat props are aluminum since they work for a variety of uses due to the many models and styles they are available in. For highest performance and best
durability you should choose stainless steel, however they are also the most expensive.

Finally you need to consider the number of blades on boat props. Typically recreational boats will have three bladed props. If greater horsepower, speed and load requirements are needed then a four or five
bladed prop can be considered. Four blade propellers have the added benefit of keeping the boat on plane at lower speeds, giving increased speed in the mid-range, giving you quicker acceleration, smoother running speeds and holding power better under rough boating conditions.

Camping Party Planning

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Camping parties are normally multiday events. Organizing a party away in a camp environment has its challenges. A camping party is the combination of a destination party and a beach party. It requires a great deal of planning and preparation.

Among other challenges, you have to be ready to train people how to set a tent, make a safe campfire, and more. With all its challenges camping is always going to be a hit with kids and most adults. A camping party is a unique event that can include all the good things of any kind of party and more.

Partying while camping offers an opportunity for not only campfires, but sing-alongs, ghost tales, and lots and lots of fun stuff you would never think of at a party hosted at a private home.

Camping is a lot of fun but it is not without its challenges. If you hate bugs, are afraid of bears, or you can’t live without all of the comforts of your home, camping is not for you. If you don’t enjoy sleeping in a tent, or in an RV, you may reconsider having a party while camping. Public restrooms and showers mean you have less privacy than in your own home or in a hotel room. While many enjoy the break from the comforts of everyday routine, for some it is nothing short of a nightmare.

Camping requires a lot of planning and preparation. The less prepared you are the less fun you will have. If you don’t prepare the necessary food, equipment, spices, and whatever you may need, chances are will have to do without them. Make sure you check with camp management about the rules and regulations, so you avoid unpleasant surprises. Some campground may have rules against dogs, open fires, noise, etc. Make sure you call ahead and understand the rules before committing to a campground. Before you make a reservation, check with the campground for any dangers you should know about such as bears, snakes, or moving waters.

Popular campsites fill up quickly, especially during popular holidays. Be sure you make your reservations extra early, if you plan your party around some of the biggest holiday dates such as Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day.

Tent Styles

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In prior articles we've discussed how to choose a tent based on considerations of weather and number of people that will be sleeping in it. In this article we'll look at different styles of tents.

There are many different tent styles available to choose from. Frame tents, ridge tents, dome tents, geodesic tents, vis-a-vis tents, hoop tents and touring tents.

When you see a ridge tent you'll probably immediately think of the cub scouts or of old military tents. Ridge tents are the most basic of tents. Due to their structure the most headroom is directly down the center of the tent. This tent is held down by guy ropes and pegs. They are very simple to set up.

Frame tents are the type that most camping families use. They offer much usable space inside. They are sturdy and have a sturdy frame of lightweight poles. These tents are held down by guy ropes and pegs. Some of these tents offer separate rooms making them nice for family camping trips.

Hoop tents are as implied by the name formed by a series of two or three hoops that give the tent it's structure. It forms a tunnel of sorts. These tents tend to be lightweight and very easy to set up. They are popular with backpackers and not suggested for very windy conditions. They may also require staking.

Vis-a-vis tents are very popular with family and group campers. What they do is offer separate sleeping areas on either end of the tent with a shared living space in the center, making for excellent privacy. There are two bedroom and four bedroom models.

Remember our suggestions from our prior articles. First, don't buy a tent you can't actually enter. Go to a show room, see the tent first hand. Lie down in it, stand up in it, roll a sleeping bag out in it, then think about how many will be sleeping in it. You will need more room than you think. Also, experienced campers will tell you that you can cut the number of people the manufacturer suggests will be comfortable in the tent by half. If they say it's a 4 person tent most likely it'll be most comfortable for 2 people. You also have to consider the amount of gear that you'll be taking on the trip that you'll need to stow in the tent.

Summertime Must Include A Waterpark

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Summertime is officially approaching, and there are many things that everyone must do in the summer. I absolutely love summer, so my friends and family know to be ready for endless days and nights of fun as soon as summer rolls around. I just love summer. I love the fact that it is warm enough to be outside for as long as you want without having to bundle up, and I love that I can never run out of fun things to do with the people I love the most. I've started making a list of things that must be done at least once each summer, and going to a waterpark is on the top of the list.

There are few ways to spend a day that is as fun and relaxing as a day at a waterpark. Whether you live on water, near water, or if there is no water anywhere near your home, you still need to go to a waterpark. Even the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the world cannot be a substitute for enjoying some time at a waterpark, so don't be fooled. A waterpark provides fun for people no matter what they like to do or how active or relaxed they hope to be.

Another thing I love about visiting a waterpark is that they usually offer such a variety of things to do that people young and old will all find things they enjoy at a waterpark. You can take your grandmother and your young daughter and they will both find great ways to spend their days. I love it that all waterparks offer such a huge variety of activities. They are inclusive in nature so that fun is had by all.

Especially if you do not live near water, visiting a waterpark is essential when the summer turns from warm to unbearably hot (which it eventually will). There is nothing like getting refreshed in water to make the hot summer days tolerable. And there is no better place to be refreshed than at a waterpark.

Look for a waterpark near you before you plan your summer family vacation. See what kinds of deals you can get by planning ahead or by taking a crowd of people. Compare different waterparks and see what they have to offer. Be sure you choose a park that you and everyone you bring will equally enjoy. And have fun. A great summer day at the waterpark awaits you!

New York Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals

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Busch Stadium

Tom Glavine from the Mets had a great game against the Phillies that ended a nine game winning streak; Glavine pitched seven strong innings and drove in a pair of runs to help the New York Mets beat Philadelphia 13-4 Wednesday night.

The Mets pounded Phillies starter Cory Lidle (3-4) early, with eight players getting hits and all nine scoring while building a 10-0 lead through three innings. The NL East-leading Mets pushed their lead back to four games over the second-place Phillies, who were on their longest winning streak since a 13-game run in 1991.

"It was a nice game for me to have an early lead and have the guys keep tacking them in the way they did," Glavine said.

It was a great game that showed everybody why they have the best record in the NL East; they have a powerful offense and great pitchers that can get this team very far this season.
"That's the way we have to play, come out and be aggressive and make things happen," Mets manager Willie Randolph said.


1. Jose Reyes, SS. 2.Paul Lo Duca, C. 3. Carlos Beltran, CF. 4.Carlos Delgado, 1st B. 5. David Wright, 3rd B. 6.Cliff Floyd, LF. 7.Xavier Nady, RF. 8.Kazuo Matsui, 2nd B. 9. Tom Glavine, P.

Pujols hit his major league-leading 18th homer and Jeff Suppan won his fourth straight start, leading the St. Louis Cardinals to a 7-4 victory against the Rockies last week. Juan Encarnacion also homered for the Cardinals, who took two of three from the NL West leaders and have won five of six overall.

"I'm being patient at the plate and just taking what they give me," Pujols said. "There's nothing secret."

It’s impressive the way the Cardinals offense is playing, they have the one of the highest run scoring record in the league; and they will have it as long as the offense keeps playing like they are playing now. Lead by Pujols they also have great players like Encarnacion and Rodriguez that can have RBI’s in any game and any situation which has been a great formula so far for them.

So expect this game against the Mets to be a heart pounding one, filled with emotion and excitement. Most sports book will have lines and props for the game and the whole series; you can start your study and take your pick in this great match up.


1. David Eckstein, SS. 2. John Rodriguez, LF. 3. Albert Pujols, 1st B. 4. Jim Edmonds, CF. 5. Scott Rolen, 3rd B. 6. Juan Encarnacion, RF. 7. Gary Bennett, C. 8. Aaron Miles, 2nd B. 9. Jeff Suppan, P.

Get Your Gear Licensed

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If you are a sports fanatic and want to have the best gear around, you will want to find a distributor that offers officially licensed items. If something has been officially licensed it means that the team is proud to put their name on it, which shows that it is a top notch product.

Almost every piece of sports gear that is available for sale has been licensed through the team that is represented on it. This is done because the team owns the rights to the logo, and nobody else is allowed to use it for profit unless they have permission from the organization.

Getting permission does a couple of different things. First off, it allows the user to put the logo on anything that they want; of course it has to be approved by the licensing department for each team. Most organizations have no problem letting the public use their logo as long as it is for a tasteful reason. A professional team or university will never allow anybody to put their name on anything that may put their organization in a bad light. This would only give them bad publicity, which is something that they are definitely not looking for.

One thing that many people are not aware of is that when you get your gear licensed through a team or organization that you will have to pay them royalties on each sale. This is something that everybody has to do, and you might as well budget for it before you even get started. Nobody is going to let you use their name for free, and professional sports teams and universities are no different. The good thing is that the royalties are not so high that they will make a huge dent in your profits. Typically, they will run anywhere from 5-10%. This means that if you sell a shirt for 10$, you will have to pay 1$ to the organization for each one that you sell; the rest is yours in the form of pure profit.

Overall, if you are going to sell sports gear make that you go through the necessary steps to get it licensed. This way you will never have to worry about problems arising down the road. It is not a very difficult process to complete, and after you do a couple of teams you will know the steps and breeze through the rest.

Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers

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Casey Blake from the Indians drove in two runs and extended his career-high hitting streak to 15 games to help lift the Cleveland Indians to a 6-5 win over the Kansas City Royals on Thursday.

"I don't really know why I did it," Blake said of his surprise bunt single in the second inning. "I guess when you feel confident you just do things without second guessing."

Aaron Boone also had two hits as the Indians won their third in a row and delivered the sixth straight loss for the Royals. Cliff Lee (3-4) overcame a first-inning dizzy spell to pitch six-plus innings for the win. Avoiding a career-high fourth straight loss and improving to 7-2 in his career against the Royals.

This Cleveland team is playing better every day and they’re improving their game as the season goes by. If they continue with this regularity throughout the season they can get back to being one of baseball best like they were a few years ago.


1. Grady Sizemore, CF. 2.Jason Michaels, LF. 3.Jhonny Peralta, SS. 4.Travis Hafner, DH. 5. Casey Blake, RF. 6.Ben Broussard, 1st B. 7.Ronnie Belliard, 2nd B. 8. Aaron Boone, 3rd B. 9. Kelly Shoppach, C.

Detroit Tigers with one of the best season starts in years are at the peak of their game so far. Detroit Tigers haven't had a winning streak like this in more than a dozen years. Brandon Inge and Placido Polanco homered and the Tigers won their seventh straight game beating the Minnesota Twins 5-3 last week for their longest winning streak since 1993.

"It's pretty good, but nobody will care about that tomorrow," said Detroit manager Jim Leyland, who has made all the right moves in his first season back in the dugout in seven years.

Detroit it’s 27-13 now and competing for the first place overall with the defending World Champions White Sox, nobody thought the Tigers would have such a good start in the season, but this young and talented team has proved to everybody that they are up for big things this year.

This series against a rising Cleveland Indians promises nothing but great baseball giving the opportunity to the entire sports betting community out there to enjoy a great series between these two.

1. Curtis Granderson, CF. 2. Placido Polanco, 2nd B. 3. Ivan Rodriguez, C. 4. Magglio Ordonez, RF. 5. Carlos Guillen, SS. 6. Chris Shelton, 1st B. 7. Marcus Thames, DH. 8. Craig Monroe, LF. 9. Brandon Inge, 3rd B.

England’s Chances in the World Cup

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It has been 40 years since England last lifted the World Cup in our one and only triumph. The team of that day contriving the Charlton brothers, Jeff Hurst, Alan Ball, Bobby Moore and the rest of the lads has been immortalized in history, with the achievement held close to the hearts of football fans across the country.

That victory against West Germany though has stood as a high point in a mostly underachieving half-century. Italia ’90 saw us progress right through to the semis only to be knocked out on penalties, penalties again saw us defeated on home soil in Euro ’96. The World Cups of 1998 and 2002 have seen us progress well but meeting unfortunate fates in the final stages.

This World Cup however has entailed fresh hope and optimism not seen for half a century. With many of our players matching and in some cases outperforming many of the foreign stars in our league, and their achievements being recognized by the likes of EUFA in their award ceremonies, the optimism this time round has a sense of basis in our having a genuine chance or success.

This optimism has been carrying right through this season unhinded until the tragic Wayne Rooney injury on the last day of the season. Waybe who would see his inclusion in any other national team in the world and seen to be the player who can make our World Cup dreams possible with his attacking power was tragically diagnosed with a broken Metatarsal. With 6 weeks put on his recovery time and just 6 weeks to the beginning of the World Cup, the optimism seen previously was replaced with disappointment.

In the few weeks since though the reports coming from Rooney and his medical staff seem to be good, and he well now might play a role in the latter stages of the competition. If though this isn’t to materialize then the magnificent attacking displays of Gerard this season could see him being given an advanced role in Rooney’s position, where-by in doing so the thinking is we will not lose any of the cutting edge we need to progress all the way.

Whether Rooney makes it to Germany or not we still have one of the best squads in the world and our chances are just as much as a number of other teams. Whether without him we will have the X factor needed to reign supreme over such teams as Brazil, Argentina, Germany or France, is yet to be seen.

Whatever happens on the injury front though I will certainly still be hanging my England flag out the window with a sense of optimism that this could be the year.


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Darts is a fun social sport, the history of which can be traced back to the days of the longbow in medieval England. The enduring popularity of the sport can be attributed to its being a game that combines skill, talent, and a bit of luck. The upper classes of the times soon put their own stamp on the game. Henry VIII was well known for his immense love of the game, and was presented with a beautifully ornate set by Anne Boleyn.

The sport began as part of training in the martial art of archery. Historians infer, because it is not known for certain, that teachers of archery shortened some arrows and asked their students to throw them at the bottom of an empty wine barrel. The fact that the bottom of an empty wine barrel was used is a clue to how the game evolved into a pastime. It is believed that the soldiers took their shortened arrows on their visit to the local drinking establishment to exhibit their skill, while having fun there. Gradually, some inventive dart thrower introduced a cross section of a moderate-sized tree. The “board” had rings, and upon drying, further segmentation was provided by the cracks. Thus, from the cracked and dried cross section of a tree evolved the modern-day dart board.

The history of darts in the United States can be traced to the Pilgrims. These tough colonizers are believed to have played the game on board the Mayflower as it made its ocean crossing. Later, the game was played fervently in the United States as a favorite pastime.

It was around 1900 that the rules for darts became what they are today. The size of the board, distance for throwing, and even the size of the darts were standardized. Today, around the world, organized teams play for trophies and professional leagues. The prominent associations worldwide for dart games are World Darts Federation (WDF), British Darts Organization and Darts Federation of Australia.

A set of 18-gram brass darts costs around $10, whereas a set of tungsten darts is $140. Prices vary depending on the material the dart is made of, as well as any extras like moveable points or special paint jobs. Prices differ from catalog to catalog as well.

Unique Backpacking Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

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Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by. If you’re buying for a backpacker, here are a few unique backpacking gift ideas.

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit publicly that buying gifts for the holidays can be a pain in derriere. When it comes right down to it, who knows if a gift will be a hit or a dud. If you’re shopping for a backpacking enthusiast, your task is going to be much easier.

Unique Backpacking Gifts

Despite the relative simplicity of backpacking, there are lots of items you can give as gifts to backpackers. Here are a few that will be a big hit.

1. Trekking Poles – Backpackers tend to go in two directions – forward and up. Regardless of the direction, they are going to be hoofing a heavy backpack from here to there. Trekking poles are very popular with backpackers because they let them use their arms to support part of the weight. Think of Gandolf in Lord of the Rings, but with a backpack on and a smaller beard! Black Diamond and Leki are good brands, but you can expect to pay a little over $100 for them.

2. Digital Handheld GPS – Yep, even backpacking has gone digital. Who would’ve thunk it? Digital handheld GPS units are a recent phenomenon and popular with backpackers. Regardless, backpackers use the units to make sure they know where they are at all times and not get lost. The Garmin brand is solid and you can expect to pay $120 to as much as you can spend.

3. Hydration Waist Packs – Backpackers consistently face the threat of getting dehydrated while hoofing it around God’s green earth. Hydration packs help prevent this by letting the backpacker carry water comfortably. You’ll have a choice of waist, shoulder and full on backpack systems. The waist packs are the best. You can expect to spend in the $30 to $45 range and Amphipod is a good brand.

4. Nomad Backpacking Journals – A little self-promotion here. Nomad Backpacking Journals are compact writing journals that let backpackers keep notes and diaries of their hikes. They can record whom they hiked with, the route, weather conditions and funny little events occurring during the trip. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see them and expect to pay between $10 and $25 depending on the size.

If you’re looking for gifts for backpackers, consider yourself lucky. The equipment tends to be inexpensive and last a very long time.

FIFA Friendly Match up Ecuador vs. Colombia

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It seems that qualifying for the World Cup in South America has become very difficult. For Colombia in the last two editions far from that magnificent campaign made by the “Cafeteros” in the 94’ edition in USA and the 98’ edition in France, Colombia did not qualify for the for Germany 2006.

They fell to sixth place in the South American region just one point behind Uruguay that had another chance to qualify for the World Cup in a playoff series against Australia but failed.

The Colombian team continues to have friendly matches in order not to loss continuity, since they are not going to the World Cup. This is the only way to expose their players to the international World Cup scenario.

It was very disappointing for the Colombians that their National Team did not qualify for this year edition. All the Colombians are fanatics of this sport. They have a big tradition in football and they are preparing for the next edition. They can’t let another ticket to the World Cup slip away; so expect this team to be very good for the next qualifying round in South America.

Ecuador was one of the South American teams that did qualify for Germany. They have a series of friendly games to prepare for the June. One of those matches will be against the Colombian squad, a team that they know very well because they meet in all the South American qualifying rounds.

The purpose of these friendly games is to test the performance of the team; in both physical shape and strategies to tune up those last minute details that might be failing.

Ecuador has a tough group stage, they’ll meet Germany, Costa Rica and Poland but they may be a surprise with all the talent and discipline they’ve shown so far.

When Ecuador coach Luis Suarez released the names of the 23 players in his squad for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the feeling in the air was one of cautious optimism. "I called up the players I've always called up, which allows us to carry on the work we've been doing over all this time." Indeed the only notable absentee was midfield player Franklin Salas. El Mago (The Magician), as he is known, has been unable to recover from a knee operation in time for this summer's showpiece event.

Most big sports books will have lines for this friendly match, so if you love soccer like many people do, there’s no harm in giving more excitement to the game by betting on a game like this.


The Sports Column

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It’s been a good, bad and ugly kind of week for me.

I hit the trifecta at Pimlico--that’s good.

My Little League kids went 0-3 with Coach Reavy in attendance--that’s bad.

And Wednesday night, upon hearing of the reality demise of my “dawg,” Elliot Yamin, I was both sad to hear the news and disappointed in the realization that I had just watched 12 straight episodes of American Idol, spanning two months--that’s...well, you get the point.

Fortunately for me, however, the sports world is never without its good, bad and ugly moments also.

Here are the high (and low)lights of the week that’s passed.

The Good:

Barry Bonds’ 714th homerun ball--for Tyler Snyder, the guy who caught it. Surely the eBay--er, Bay Area-- faithful are proud of their slugger, and might even open up their checkbooks to make a bid for the historic blast. But, to me, nothing tells the story more beautifully than these four words uttered by Tyler, the soon-to-be rich Athletics fan (thanks to Bonds), after the game: “I hate that guy.”

The NBA playoffs. While the highlight of my basketball season is admittedly the NBA draft, I can’t help but marvel at the fantastic series that have been played up to this point. It really has made me forget that the NHL is on strike. (Editor’s note: Kevin doesn’t receive the OLN channel.)

After dropping five straight, the Phillies finally won.

The Bad:

After dropping five straight, the Phillies finally won.

Cubs catcher, Michael Barrett, punched AJ Pierzynski after a collision at home plate. This is a bad thing only because I think Barrett may have hurt his hand when delivering the blow.

NBC started airing episodes of the “National Heads-Up Poker Championship.” This might be a good thing had ESPN not decided to air roughly 300 episodes of World Series of Poker tournaments on a constant loop on ESPN channels 1thru 6. This would be cool if the World Poker Tour and Celebrity Poker Who Gives a Crap weren’t already force-feeding its addictive felt-and-clay-chip abundant allure down my throat. Instead, it’s overkill. Not because I hate watching poker shows on TV, but because I watch all of them. And I need my life back.

The Ugly:

Just one thing...
Kobe’s attire on "Inside the NBA" last Wednesday. Because nothing says street cred like a powder-blue sweater vest.

That will do it for this week’s edition of The Sports Column. If I can avoid the TiVo-limit hold ‘em barrage this week, I’ll try to keep an eye out for the top stories for next time.
Until then, enjoy the news as it happens.

Top Tips For New Video Poker Players

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Of all the hands dealt only 21% are winning hands. It’s truth of video poker. The rest, which is 79%, are losers. The profitable video poker player knows what he must do with 70% of the hands dealt so that it becomes a winner.

There are some effective video poker tips in this article. Build your video poker strategy accordance to these tips. It increases your chance to get profit playing online or offline video poker.

Find a machine that pays 9 for a full house win and six for a flush win. It’s very important!

Find and play on the video poker machine with the lowest bet amount if you are a new player. Wait until you get better before playing on the higher bet video poker.

Take time to read every hand you get. Remember you’re not playing against another person, it will not intimidate you for playing too slowly.

Players don't recognize that the jack is the most important card in the deck, not the Ace. A Jack gives you a lot more lucrative hands than an ace.

The variety of video poker you can play is almost endless, but all have their own payables that need specific strategies. The best way to start learning is to limit your choices to two.

Improve your game by playing on a local computer or in online casino using play money. If you train this way, you get to test your skills with zero risk.

Here are basic video poker strategy tips:

1. Don’t ever hold a kicker with your pair. This reduces your payoff by 5%
2. Don’t draw four cards, if you can get a royal flush drawing three.
3. Always stay on a winning five-card hand except when drawing a royal flush with one card.
4. Never break a flush to draw a straight flush even with one draw.
5. Always break your flush to draw a royal flush.
6. Don’t break your straight to draw for a straight flush.
7. Don’t draw five, if you’re holding Jacks or better.
8. Never leave a ten on a four card draw.

And the main tip is control you bankroll. Video poker and all other gambling games are entertainment. I know that Lady Luck comes to players who enjoy playing video poker.

Collecting Sports Jerseys

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Collecting sports memorabilia is a source of joy for many game enthusiasts, and sports jerseys are among the most popular memorabilia collected by enthusiasts around the world.

Why is sport jersey collecting so popular? One reason is that the jersey is intimately connected to the player who wore it. We can see and feel the association and get closer to the player and the game.

A sport jersey uniquely identifies a player's team. It usually has the team nickname or city on the front and the player's number or name on the back. The market for old sport jerseys is huge; however it is also plagued by a lot of fakes being sold as originals.

While buying a new jersey closely inspect for use and alterations. Use and wear are different. Use occurs when a player uses it. Wear occurs when a jersey is laundered or handled often. If an original jersey has been used by someone else you could negotiate a lower price. Look for signs of use on the inside such as sweat stains as well as the outside of the jersey. It is sometimes helpful to turn a jersey inside out to see if wear or restorations have been done.

Sometimes fraudsters put team numbers later on to an old jersey to mimic an original worn by a superstar. In this case the jersey would be practically worthless. Check if the numbers and letters on a jersey have been applied with the same material at the same time. They should show consistent wear all over and should have faded evenly. Also touch the fabric to ascertain if all the numbers are from the same material.

A very effective method to determine the authenticity of a jersey is to compare it with other known, authentic samples and photos. Photo matching is possible by finding photos of the player in uniform and making a comparison to the jersey. Go step by step, look at the numbers, estimate the length, look for any other small detail, and look at the fabric. Become a jersey Sherlock Holmes!

It is not easy to find out if a jersey is original or not. The best way to procure old sports jersey is to buy from a reputable source and research as much as possible.

Hiking Gifts – Gift Ideas for Hiking Presents

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Hiking is a healthy, relaxing pursuit for hikers. If you’re buying for a hiking enthusiast this holiday season, here are a few gift ideas for hiking presents.

Hiking Gift Ideas

There is much more to hiking than just boots and an urge to go. For those of you looking for gift ideas for hiking presents, here’s a list of potential hiking gifts.

1. Backpacker Magazine – If you are married to the person you are giving hiking gifts to, you may want to be careful with this one. Backpacker Magazine is full of beautiful hiking locations with detailed information and recommendations. The problem, of course, is your loved one will have plenty of ideas regarding future family vacations. A year subscription will run you $24.00.

2. Roll-A-Table – Yep, even hikers need furniture. There is nothing worse than stopping for lunch, whipping up a meal and then dropping it in the dirt. Hikers want to get back to nature, but rarely does dirt in the food fit the bill. The roll-a-table is cool cloth table that rolls up into a flexible tube. Sling it over your back or tie it onto a backpack and off you go. The Roll-A-Table will set you back roughly $50. Just plug it into a search engine and compare prices.

3. Lightening Strike Alert – Mother Nature is beautiful except when she decides to rain blasts of electricity down upon your head. Lightening can be extremely dangerous for hikers if they get caught out in an open space. The key to avoiding a “shocking hike” is to keep alert to the threat of lightening. A lightening strike alert device is the size of a pager and fits onto a backpack or belt with ease. The alert will start beeping when conditions indicate lightening may be possible and gives you plenty of time to find a safe spot. The Lightening Strike Alert device will set you back about $80.

4. Nomad Hiking Journals – A little self-promotion here. Nomad Hiking Journals are compact writing journals that let hikers keep notes and diaries of their hikes. They can record whom they hiked with, the route, weather conditions and funny little events occurring during the hike. You can click the link at the bottom of this article and expect to pay between $10 and $25 depending on the size.

If you’re looking for gifts for hikers, consider yourself lucky. The equipment tends to be inexpensive and last a very long time.

Gift Ideas for Canoeing Enthusiasts

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Finding good Christmas gifts ideas is easy if you think about a person’s hobbies. If you are buying for person who enjoys canoeing, here are a few ideas for canoeing gifts.

Canoeing Gifts

Canoeing is a sport that appears to require relatively small amounts of equipment. In truth, it is much more than a paddle and a canoe, which provides you with a lot of potential gift ideas.

1. Yokes – This yoke has nothing to do with eggs. A yoke is a device that hooks onto a canoe to make it easy to lug it around. Typically made of wood, the yoke sites perpendicular to the length of the canoe and is padded. Easily connected to the canoe, the boat is typically flipped over to be carried by putting the padded yoke on your shoulders. A godsend for getting to and from the water as well as bypassing low water areas on rivers. A yoke will set you back in the $20 to $60 range. The Voyageur brand is a good place to start.

2. Handmade Wood Canvas Canoe – If you’re looking for a big ticket item, why not consider giving a handmade wood canvas canoe as a gift? Unlike modern canoes, these wood canvas canoes are made with painstaking care and incredible craftsmanship. With beautiful lines and an air of grace, this is the ultimate canoe for traditionalists. Since each one is handmade, you can expect to pay a pretty premium of $2,000 or more. If this sounds like the perfect gift, take a look at Spencer Canoe Company in Canada.

3. Back Supports – Sitting in a canoe for a few hours is not easy on the lower back. Back support are curved devices that create or support existing seating in the canoe. Back supports are a must for weekend warriors who only canoe once every month or so. It is hard to enjoy canoeing if your back is killing you! Look for the Crazy Creek brand and expect to pay between $20 and $30.

4. Nomad Paddle Sports Journals – A bit of self-promotion here. Nomad Paddle Sports Journals are waterproof writing journals that let canoers keep notes during and after their trips. Really great for writing down impressions, routes taken, things seen, people met, alternative routes to be tried in the future and so on. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see the paddle sports journals which cost $8.99.

If you’re buying gifts for a canoeing enthusiast, the above list is a good place to start.

Is Race Horse betting on the Internet Worth it?

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Placing a horse race bet online is one of the most popular ways in which people bet these days. This is because race horse betting on the internet is by far the most convenient way to bet in this day and age. After all, who wants to stand around waiting in line, rushing to get their bet in when they could easily just sit back and place a horse race bet online?

Why Race Horse betting on the Internet is Worthwhile

Race horse betting on the Internet has many advantages. The first is that by placing a horse race bet online you get to see how much you could get back if your bet came in. This is extremely handy because sometimes there is a slight confusion between how much you have won at your local bookmakers because you worked it out higher in your head. At least race horse betting on the Internet lets you see exactly how much you are owed if anything.

Another advantage to placing a horse race bet online is the fact that it is so convenient. When you go to the bookmakers, you have to study the form in papers, write down a list of horses you want to bet on, pay, keep the slip and then hand it in if you win. With race horse betting on the Internet, all you have to do is click a few buttons and if you win you get paid automatically. So many people lose their betting slips and that is what makes race horse betting on the Internet definitely worthwhile.

How Readily Available is Race Horse Betting on the Internet?

Race horse betting on the Internet is definitely readily available. There are so many online bookmakers and whilst some are more popular than others, they all encourage placing a horse race bet online.

There are different deals to be had and some online bookmakers offer you free bets in return for placing a horse race bet online. Race horse betting on the Internet is big business and if online bookmakers can encourage placing a horse race bet online they will.

The only thing that you really have to worry about when look for race horse betting on the Internet, is which sites are clearer than others. You do not want to join a site which does not state things properly. So for that reason it is sometimes better to stick to well known bookmakers when placing a horse race bet online.

Naked Scuba Diving

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Okay, for some people, the feeling of diving in nature with nothing on is relaxing. For that reason, you will actually find a number of naked scuba diving clubs consisting of people who enjoy being free while in the water. Diving in the nude is very exhilarating, allowing the water to caress the body naturally. The number of people who enjoy naked scuba diving would probably surprise you.

In addition to the great feeling that you get while diving nude, there are also the safety considerations. For instance, some subtropical and tropical waters have problems with sea lice that become caught under clothing. The problem is that sea lice sting and it hurts. However, sea lice do not cling to exposed skin, which means people can scuba dive naked and not have to worry about these annoying creatures. Keep in mind that it is recommended body hair be trimmed or shaved.

Additionally, naked scuba diving also helps the diver to become better aware of the underwater environment, which actually teaches better diving skills. For instance, underwater, there are rocks, cliffs, coral, and other items that when brushed up against with a wetsuit can do damage to expensive gear or even create a safety hazard. By feeling the environment on the body, you become more aware of your diving and the environment, which means being more careful.

Just as there are many benefits of naked scuba diving, there are some risks too. In this case, male divers should avoid the process of feeding fish. The reason is that some fish cannot tell food from a male's appendage, thus causing a bite. In addition, men should protect themselves when in large schools of fish. While this might sound funny, it can be a problem and bites do occur. Therefore, just be aware of the environment when diving without a wetsuit or bathing suit so you take the right protective measures.

Interestingly, many divers are now trying naked diving and finding they love it. The following are some sites that accept nude diving should you decide to try it for yourself:

St. Maarten - Orient Beach French

§ Cozumel - San Francisco Beach
§ Yucatan, Mayan Corridor - Playa Del Carman
§ St. Barts

§ Half Moon Bay
§ West End Bay

§ Hawksbill

§ Nassau (Breezes)
§ Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)

§ Sorobon Beach Resort

Dominican Republic
§ Hispaniola (Eden Bay Resort)

§ Key Largo (Jules Undersea Lodge)

§ Runaway Beach (Breezes)
§ Braco (Grand Lido)
§ Nigro (Grand Lido)

Naked Scuba Diving

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Okay, for some people, the feeling of diving in nature with nothing on is relaxing. For that reason, you will actually find a number of naked scuba diving clubs consisting of people who enjoy being free while in the water. Diving in the nude is very exhilarating, allowing the water to caress the body naturally. The number of people who enjoy naked scuba diving would probably surprise you.

In addition to the great feeling that you get while diving nude, there are also the safety considerations. For instance, some subtropical and tropical waters have problems with sea lice that become caught under clothing. The problem is that sea lice sting and it hurts. However, sea lice do not cling to exposed skin, which means people can scuba dive naked and not have to worry about these annoying creatures. Keep in mind that it is recommended body hair be trimmed or shaved.

Additionally, naked scuba diving also helps the diver to become better aware of the underwater environment, which actually teaches better diving skills. For instance, underwater, there are rocks, cliffs, coral, and other items that when brushed up against with a wetsuit can do damage to expensive gear or even create a safety hazard. By feeling the environment on the body, you become more aware of your diving and the environment, which means being more careful.

Just as there are many benefits of naked scuba diving, there are some risks too. In this case, male divers should avoid the process of feeding fish. The reason is that some fish cannot tell food from a male's appendage, thus causing a bite. In addition, men should protect themselves when in large schools of fish. While this might sound funny, it can be a problem and bites do occur. Therefore, just be aware of the environment when diving without a wetsuit or bathing suit so you take the right protective measures.

Interestingly, many divers are now trying naked diving and finding they love it. The following are some sites that accept nude diving should you decide to try it for yourself:

St. Maarten - Orient Beach French

§ Cozumel - San Francisco Beach
§ Yucatan, Mayan Corridor - Playa Del Carman
§ St. Barts

§ Half Moon Bay
§ West End Bay

§ Hawksbill

§ Nassau (Breezes)
§ Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)

§ Sorobon Beach Resort

Dominican Republic
§ Hispaniola (Eden Bay Resort)

§ Key Largo (Jules Undersea Lodge)

§ Runaway Beach (Breezes)
§ Braco (Grand Lido)
§ Nigro (Grand Lido)

Luxembourg vs. Germany

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Freibourg, Germany 05.27.2006

Luxembourg is one of the tiniest countries in Europe, and is also one of the ones with less or none achievement at all in soccer. Luxembourg last made it to a European Soccer Championship in 1963, and to date this is the greatest claim to soccer fame for Luxembourg sandwiched between France, Germany and Belgium.

The Luxembourg Soccer Association's naming of former Danish star Allan Simonsen as head coach in January 2002 indicates a new level of commitment. The European player of the Year in 1977 was asked to nurture young talent and build a strong national team for the future.

Luxembourg has participated in every qualifying stage since 1934 and it has not qualified in any. In this year qualifying stage they ended with no points and no goals in last place of their group.

Among the accomplishments Germany has gained over the years we can quote; three times world cup winner, four times vice world champion, two third places in a World Cup, three times European championship and two times runners up in a European championship. Also they participated in all the World Cups since 1954 and have played in all European championships since 1972.

With a quick look at the history of this country it’s easy to figure out why they’re one of the favorite teams to win this year edition of the World Cup. On top of that, they’re the hosting country, which adds more in their favor; since all the games they play will count with the support of the entire country.

So with that said we can add that Germany like all the other national teams will use these friendly matches to fine-tune those last minutes details that can make a big difference when it comes to important tournaments like this, mostly when a team is so young like this they can’t leave any room for error.

The Germany team needs to give a good performance in this World Cup in order not to let their fans and their country down. In order to do that, they need to make the best of this friendly match to be fully prepared for the tournament.

These matches are fun to watch since there’s are no points at stake the teams play lose and without pressure; that’s why if you like sports betting this is a good chance to bet on your favorite team.

Why Is Billy Packer Considered A Better College Basketball Analyst Than Bill Raftery?

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Every year around this time I ask myself the same question – why is Billy Packer the lead analyst for CBS’s coverage of March Madness? While Packer is working the game for the TV audience, Bill Raftery is calling the game for the much smaller radio audience with more passion, knowledge, and love for the game than Packer.

Raftery and Verne Lundquist are CBS’s second pair to Packer and Jim Nantz, who have been number one for the past 15 years. Packer seems to be hated by more fans than he is loved, mostly for his intense ACC bias (particularly towards his Alma matter Wake Forest), his refusal to accept mid-major conferences as worthy competition for power conferences, and his inability to admit when he is wrong. Raftery, on the other hand, is revered for his enthusiastic and animated commentary that displays his love for the game.

Packer has repeatedly insulted others with his unwarranted criticism. In 1996 Packer described the Georgetown Hoyas star guard Allen Iverson as a "tough monkey". He also questioned Larry Bird’s Indiana State team, Jameer Nelson’s St. Joseph’s team, and this year’s George Mason team for getting too much respect from the selection committee as mid-majors. Each went on to prove Packer wrong in the tournament, yet Packer will not publicly admit to it or apologize for his comments.

In direct contrast, the fun-loving Raftery is best known for catch phrases such as “[team] is going MAN to MAN”, “Send it in, Jerome", "With the kiss”, and my personal favorite, "Onions!" Raftery is also extremely intelligent when it comes to his basketball IQ. From 1970 to 1982, Raftery was the head coach of Seton Hall University where to he led them to four ECAC post-season tournaments and two NIT appearances

What are you waiting for CBS? Pull the plug on Packer and give the fans what they want - a more knowledgeable, more fun, and less bitter analyst!

Disagree? Make your opinion heard! Rate and review sports announcers at Announcers.SportsLizard.com.

Off Road Dirt Bikes

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Dirt Bikes are designed and built to be ridden off public roads, on rough even mountainous terrain. These dirt bikes feature small engines having less power than larger bikes, long suspension travel as well as high ground clearance, simple construction and minimal body work, no street accessories (such as turn signals and horns), and large wheels with heavy-duty tires for traction, clamped by rim-locks.

The types of dirt bikes are in reference to their engines:

Single-Cylinder Two-Strokes
Single-Cylinder Four-Strokes

Common sizes for dirt bike engines are:

Young Riders: 50cc – 150cc
Older or Adult Riders: 250cc, 400cc, and 650cc

Having both air- and water-cooled motor systems, dirt bikes are designed for a variety of purposes, most especially competitive sports (Motorcross, Enduros), time or speed trials, rough terrain traversing, endurance, and fun and recreation.

Trial Bikes

Trial bikes are a particular variation of dirt bike. They are designed for motorcycle trial conditions, and are expected to be pushed to the limit, which is probably one reason they aren’t built heavy or sturdy. Typically, this kind of dirt bike is extremely small (up to 250cc engine size and power), and is built considerably light (no seat, and other non-essentials are taken off for light-weight movement).

Dual-Sport Bikes

Dual-sport bikes, or “on-off road bikes,” are dirt bikes that have legal access to public roads. These dirt bikes have greater suspension travel and include all necessary public-roadway accessories, such as blinkers, horns, state license plates, fenders, and other essentials. Similar to Enduro bikes, these dirt bikes are sometimes constructed for rough terrain and competitive sports.

Dirt bikes are known as the “wild ones” of the motorcycle-class of vehicles. These dirt bikes require riders who are in control and trained well in riding them in various environments. Young and inexperienced riders should be accompanied by an experienced rider when learning to ride a dirt bike. These monsters are fun and exhilarating, but they are just as dangerous!

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