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Posted on Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011 |
Isn't it strange how there are some things from childhood that you don't miss and that you'll probably never do again and then how there are things that you loved so much you would still do them everyday as an adult if you could? Well, I've been missing the strangest things from childhood lately, I'll admit it. For example, I've been missing some of the games that my siblings and I used to entertain ourselves with as young children. We used to play darts for hours on end, and lately I've been playing darts nearly every day.

I'm not sure when I remembered my love for darts, but I can tell you with honesty that from the moment I heard mention of darts a few months ago I have been like a mad man. I immediately went out and bought the nicest set of darts and a dart board that I could find and I have played at least a game or two of darts most every day since then. It is a sort of strange obsession, I know, and many people in my family and friends are making fun of me for it, but I just cannot help it. I love throwing the darts and trying to perfect my throws just so.

I guess I love darts so much because of the memories I have from childhood. I loved being with my siblings and enjoying afternoons filled with game after game. Darts was a game that wasn't introduced to us until later in our childhood, so we learned it late but picked it up fast and were hooked. We would rush home from school, drop our bags and rush into the gameroom where the darts was. We would play for as many hours as we could before being called to dinner or to homework. Now that my siblings are far apart we cannot play darts anymore, but I have taught my children and my close friends how to play.

If you are looking for an easy and fun hobby to pick up, then try getting a dart board and some darts. I love it because it is cheaper than many games and because it lasts for a longtime. No game of darts is quite the same so it can provide endless hours of entertainment and laughter. It really becomes a challenge to do things better and better the more darts you play. So get to a local store and buy yourself a set of darts today. You'll have guarenteed fun for months and years on end.

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