A Well Paid Tribute to the Seven Time Champion

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to honor his father’s birthday at the Talladega Superspeedway by driving a replica of his black No. 3 Chevrolet with white lettering and silver and red stripes. Hoping he will achieve to evoke the feeling that used to go around the track when any driver saw the car on their rearview mirror. Only this time the car will be showing No.8 since his father’s No.3 has not been displayed on the tracks since his death in 2001.

The act is a tribute part of a larger act of greeting at Dale Earnhardt Inc., which is celebrating 3 events Earnhardt's thursday night induction into the Motorsports Hall of Fame, his overall accomplishments at Talladega and his 55th birthday, which would have been Sunday.

Birthdays bring happier memories, which is why, it is correct to assume, the change of attitude in Earnhart Jr. He was not comfortable last February in the celebration of the anniversary of hthe champion’s death.

What brings drama to the event is that after all, it is Talladega and Daytona where he is more like his father, the two fastest and more dangerous tracks. Dale Earnhardt was the leading man at restrictor-plate racing, especially at Talladega. Junior inherited the skill required to work the draft, he has five victories at Talladega and two at Daytona.

A Training Guide to Baseball

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Handling the beater or putting wood at the ball, is the key with the success or the failure of the club of ball and the individual.

There is no great mystery about what makes to a boy a good bruiser. He must have:

1. A certain quantity of normal capacities
2. A control of the fundamental principles
3. Confidence in its capacity to strike

Normal covers of capacities of expression much. They mean the arms, the wrists and the hands forts; fast reflexes, good coordination, perfect sight and speed under development.

Independently how much of normal capacities a boy has, however, of him will not strike like him if if it does not control the fundamental principles and does not believe in its capacity to strike the ball while it comes by the zone from strike. The confidence of art of the self-portrait, naturally, comes from success. Moreover, success in the wadding in sheet comes from the practice. The following text describes the mechanisms to strike while they apply to the bowlers in general. While following the implied principles, the well coordinated boy could easily become the wadding in sheet hold the first role of his team; the average boy could certainly become a bruiser better than average.

While getting information about handling the beater there are some key points which you will have to know. Those include sectors of

The Position The Step Positions of arm and hand The Oscillation

The position required depends on the side which they support. If a boy is a droitier, it should turn its left side in the jug; the good so left-handed side.

The body should rather right and be slackened with the weight distributed even on the two feet. The hips and the shoulders should be level. The feet should be width of shoulder with share with the toe of the foot before even with the instep of the back foot. When the ball is delivered, beats heels should be to the top slightly, its slightly bent knees. Covers of step how the call should be struck. While the ball is delivered to the dish, the smooth paste should raise its foot before Juste above the ground and slip it ahead (towards the jug) approximately six inches. This stage, a part criticizes to strike, starts what generally names synchronization. All other movements which are a part of flow handling the beater of it.

Practical with this formula:


Stage and torsion. Again with the starting position. Still, stage and torsion. Back. Stage and torsion. Back

Co-ordinate of positions of arm and hand with the position and the step. Droitier beats: place your left palm against before your right shoulder, little finger to the bottom, inch upwards. Advance the left hand approximately six inches and made a fist.

Left-handed person beats: place your right palm against before your left shoulder, little finger to the bottom, inch upwards. Advance the right hand approximately six inches and made a fist.

The elbow of the arm which is now prolonged through the body should not have almost any curve in him and there should not be any constraint on the arm. In fact the arm and the hand guide the beater by the oscillation. The opposite arm and the hand provide the power.

Make a fist with the power give it and place on the hand of guidance.

Thus raise the elbow of the arm of power it is of level with the top of the shoulder. There will be a certain constraint there. Drop this elbow slowly until there is no constraint. The elbow of the arm of power should come to a stop approximately two inches below the top the shoulder.

Maintain the elbows and the hands left the body!

A Torrid Summer For British Sport

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This summer promised so much for lovers of British Sport but as usual all of the hype led to some very below par performances and results. The football team in the World Cup were very boring to watch, played in a very negative way and never looked liked winning the tournament. In this article, I will be writing about this sporting event as well as looking at the Wimbledon tennis championships and the recent international cricket one-day series with Sri Lanka.

I was very excited about this summers sporting activities involving our British sporting stars. I really believed that England could have won the World Cup and still think that they should have. Our team has so much more talent in it than the eventual winners Italy, but had an inept coach who must have been laughing all the way to the bank, earning the crazy amounts that he did. Yes Wayne Rooney was stupid but how frustrated must he have been after being left to play up front on his own, this is a position which is not natural to him and is a huge waste of his talents.

Other players in the team such as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard looked shadows of their former selves and must have been completely bemused at the tactics employed. I am not really that enthused at the future prospects under Sven's understudy Steve McLaren. I think we need someone who is going to make some big decisions such as playing the youth when required and dropping players like Ferdinand when they are not performing.

At the Wimbledon tennis championships the British challenge died out before it seemed to have got started. I have to admit that I did not really hold out any hope for any of our players but it was the way in which they lost that upset me the most. Where has the British bull dog spirit gone? These players may as well have held up a white a flag in the first set for the effort they seemed to put in after this point.

In the latest one-day cricket international series against Sri Lanka, England lost all five matches. Perhaps they are saving themselves for the ashes tour of Australia, if they win over there I will let them off I suppose. The team has also had quite a few of their big time players out injured but again just like at Wimbledon it was the way in which the team lost that was the most annoying thing.

It really has been a summer which promised so much but one which I will now happily forget. Lets think positive, things can only get better!

A Swing Set Is A Kid's Best Friend

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The needs and desires of children are often overlooked as a family transitions into a new home. There is no shortage of important things to consider when moving. Parents think about location, prices, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and perhaps the jobs or schools that are near the new home. The attention to these kinds of details cannot and should not be avoided, but there are a couple of simple ways to keep your children happy when you move. Can you think of anything simple that would be relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble, and provide your children with hours of fun to help ease the ache of moving? Ever thought about buying a swing set?

A swing set is a great thing to add to your yard when you arrive at a new home. While you and your spouse are busy unpacking and settling in, your children can be out of the way and enjoying time on the swing set without making trouble.

Buying a swing set for your children will also help them cope with one of the hardest parts about moving: lonliness. No child likes to leave friends behind for a new city or even just a new neighborhood. Having a swing set can be one way for your children to play with each other and maybe even to meet new friends. There is nothing more inviting to a neighborhood kid than to see kids outside playing on a swing set. It is a safe and easy way to help your kids attract other kids to play and build friendship. If for no other reason, you should consider the addition of a swing set to your new home to help your kids settle in and make new friends.

In the past few years studies continue to show that kids are becoming less and less active. Parents are allowing kids to spend hours on end watching television, playing video games or surfing the internet. Fewer children are getting outside, burning off energy and getting healthy exercise anymore. A swing set is a great way to encourage your children to be outside and active. They can swing, push each other, and have fun making up games playing with the swing set. When kids have fun ways to spend time outside they will be much more likely to choose play time over television time. What parent doesn't want healthy, active kids?

Whether you are preparing for a move, have recently moved, or have been in the same house for years, look outside your kitchen window and find a place to set up a swing set for your kids today.

A Summer Of Great British Sport

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Are you a Brit who loves their sport? Are you looking forward to the Fifa World Cup? Are you a tennis fan? Do you love the cricket? If you are fan of sport then this could be a summer to saviour and remember. I personally have been looking forward to this summer for many months and am very excited at all of the sporting events that are forthcoming. I am from England and really believe that my national team have a real chance of winning the World Cup for the first time since 1966.

As well as the World Cup there are many more sporting events taking place that should make this summer one of the best in years.

The World Cup itself is only a week away and I can not wait for the tournament to commence. I am a massive football fan and even if England are knocked out in the group stages, I will still continue to watch and enjoy the matches.

I can not really see this happening as for the first time in many years England have a realistic chance of winning the trophy. There are some real winners in the team, John Terry, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard are three that spring to mind with little thought. I know for a fact that the players believe and that countries such as Brazil do not scare them. They of course have respect for these teams but have an inner confidence that this could be England's year.

If England can lift this trophy, can you imagine the response that will take place in the UK? The ashes heroes and the successful English World Cup rugby team have been treated like gods. Football is one thousand times more important and popular in England than these sports and these players lives will be changed forever. The country will party for months!

As well as football, there is the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the cricket, the Derby in flat racing and many other sports such as athletics to wet the appetite of the British sports fan.

I am quite interested to see how the English tennis supporters treat Andrew Murray at Wimbledon. Murray has stated that he will be supporting every team at the World Cup who play England. He is Scottish of course. I hope he has a lack of support as this is a very childish attitude from a chap who has one very little thus far. I like the way he plays tennis but think he should keep his mouth closed as I now have very little time for him. When the Scottish team play in the World Cup I hope that they win, I surely would rather a team from the UK do well than a team from South America. He is of course very young and no doubt upset that his national team have not reached this years World Cup Finals.

This summer is a time to relax, drink a few beers and to enjoy what will be a great summer of British sport.

A Short and Snappy History of Bowling

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As the most popular sport during the reign of King Henry VIII of England, bowling is still one of the most popular sports in the world. Over 100 million bowlers from nearly 90 countries participate in the sport. The popularity of bowling has been traced back many years and the game has contributed benefits to many people world wide.

The memoirs of bowling start in 5200 B.C. when some archeologists unearthed ancient forms of bowling pins and balls in the crypt of a child with Egyptian lineage. This discovery proves that Egyptians were the earliest bowlers in the world.

From that time on, bowling has taken many forms, using different pins and balls and played for different purposes. For instance, during 200 A.D., it has been recorded that Germans were fond of festivities and "village dances" and that among their ancient rituals was a game that resembles bowling today.

In this particular German game, Germans rolled or threw rocks or stones at nine clubs that were made of wood. These clubs are known as "kegles", and that is why Germans who played this type of bowling were known as "keglers" and not bowlers.

After so many years of struggle for recognition, bowling was finally recognized in England as a form of sport during the 1100s.

From that time on, the popularity of bowling created an epidemic-like influence, infecting millions of people. King Edward III even prohibited the game so that his knights would focus their attention on the "archery practices" instead of rolling the balls.

By the 17th century, when the United States was still a colony, bowling was introduced in the area. The "Dutch" colonists brought this remarkable game to the Americans. They introduced a game of nine pins that are placed in a triangular formation, hence, the name "Dutch pins".

As the nine pins or the "Dutch" pins strived to claim fame, the state of Connecticut banned the playing of "nine-pin" bowling because some unscrupulous people used the game as a means for their gambling activities.

Connecticut then added an additional pin to the game, creating 10-pin bowling. This was the start of a new form of recreation as bowling continued to proliferate in the society. With this additional pin, this new form of bowling had definitely hit "the mark" and now many people all over the world continue to patronize the game.

With almost 50 million Americans playing the game, bowling is considered one of the most popular and pleasurable sports in the U.S.

A Primer For The Best Snowboarding Boots

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The snowboarding boots are the most important equipment in the sport. The boots serve as your connection to the snowboard itself; without a secured and comfortable link to your board, you can be exposed to all sorts of accidents and the chance of enjoying snowboarding is jeopardized. Therefore, choosing the right snowboarding boots for you is of utmost importance if you ever want that peak performance in this extreme sport.

In buying your snowboarding boots, you might deal with making a choice between a step-in and a strap-on snowboarding boot. Step-in boots have convenient mechanisms that lock your footing onto the snowboard. Strap-on boots, on the other hand, bind your footing onto the snowboard by using straps and are the classic and standard ones.

But no matter which type of snowboarding boots you plan to buy and irrespective of the amount of money you are willing to spend for your boots, the most important factor in choosing your snowboarding boots is the manner in which your feet fits inside them. Your snowboarding boots, unlike ordinary shoes, should last for a long time and therefore you have to choose what you think is the best and most comfortable pair for you.

Choosing the best pair of boots for you can be a challenge in itself. But the improved performance and the unparalleled experience of a perfect slide down snowy slopes is well worth your efforts to find the most comfortable snowboard boots that will meet your snowboarding needs. Read on for the inside story of finding the perfect pair of snowboarding boots.

Listen To Yourself And Yourself Alone

So what if your friend has an expensive pair of professional grade snowboarding boots? When you are buying boots avoid being influenced by other snowboarders' choices. Most snowboarding boots look great on the outside but can be heavy and downright painful to wear; so never sacrifice comfort by going with what your friends like and tell you to buy. Your feet are unique and you alone can decide the kind of snowboarding boots that will work for you best.

Do Not Rush

Looking for the perfect snowboarding boots for you can take a chunk of your precious time. Avoid committing the folly of rushing thru your shopping for boots. Unlike ordinary footwear that can embody the form of your feet over time, snowboarding boots do not easily and conveniently mold into the unique shape of your feet. So you need to set aside ample time in choosing your boots before making the purchase.

Try out every pair for sizes. It is also a good practice to try the boots wearing the socks that you will use in snowboarding. If you found a pair that you think fits, try walking around in it.  If they still feel comfortable after leaving the boots on for a few minutes, then you may have found your snowboarding boots.

Resist The Urge To Buy Bigger Boots

The problem with snowboarding boots is that they are harder and they seem inflexible unlike ordinary leather shoes. So some people tend to buy snowboarding boots that are a little oversized to give more room for the feet. Oversized boots can cause injuries like sprains and even bone fractures. If your snowboarding boots are oversized, try wearing thick socks to compensate for too much space inside your boots.

In buying snowboarding boots, always put in mind that comfort, while foremost on your list, should not eliminate your control and stability on the snowboard. These factors should be balanced in order for you to have safe and unforgettable snowboarding.

A preview of May's UK Horse Racing

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May ushers in the first Classics of the current turf Flat season, beginning with the 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket on May 6. All eyes will be upon the short-priced favourite George Washington as he bids to bring trainer Aidan O’Brien back-to-back victories in the colts’ Classic following Footstepsinthesands smart success twelve months ago.

In recent years the 2,000 Guineas has been the personal preserve of the Flat’s big battalions with Sir Michael Stoute, Saeed Bin Suroor and Aidan O’Brien dominating the race year after year with a succession of expensive blue-bloods.

This time around it’s the tight-lipped O’Brien who seems to hold all the aces courtesy of the aforementioned George Washington, a brilliant, if at times temperamental, colt who swept all before him as a juvenile and sets out this season to prove he’s not just a two-year-old wonder but can mix it with the best and come out on top as a three-year-old.

Only Barry Hills and Dermot Weld have broken the big boys’ monopoly of the 2,000 and this year it’s Marcus Tregoning who has been cast in the role of party-pooper as he bids interrupt the top guns by training Sir Percy to land the opening Classic. Regarded as the best horse that he’s ever trained by his astute handler, last season’s Dewhurst winner is sure to go close in a race that will be run to suit his talents.

On the same day Newmarket stages the Palace House Stakes, a Group 3 for up-and-coming sprinters and the fast-improving Reverence well be an interesting runner while over at Haydock, the jumps stages a last hurrah with the valuable William Hill Swinton Handicap Hurdle, and Philip Hobbs could hold a strong hand here courtesy of Wellbeing and Motorway, two progressive and late-blossoming timber-toppers.

On Sunday May 7, it’s the fillies’ turn to strut their stuff in the 1,000 Guineas where Gololphin’s Silca’s Sister, Ballydoyle’s Rumplestiltskin and Race For the Stars will do battle with John Gosden’s Nanina for the fillies’ Blue Riband. On the same day Breeders’ Cup hero Shirocco is likely to come up against Sir Michael Stoute’s late-developer Hard Top and the evergreen John Porter winner, Mubtaker, in the Jockey Club Stakes at Newmarket. Spring gallop s reports have singled out the Stoute horse for top honours.

Chester’s prestigious three-day meeting follows hot on the heels of Newmarket and the Derby hopefuls will be on show in the MBNA Europe Bank Chester Vase (May 11), with the fillies taking centre stage in the Weatherbys Bank Cheshire Oaks  on May 10. Barry Hills has a superb record on this turning track and any horse he runs in the previous two races will be worth close inspection.

On Wednesday May 10 the totesport Chester Cup is the meeting’s big betting race and recent Newmarket winner Mikao set down an early marker for this big staying prize. Four-year-olds often run well here and trainer Barry Hills boasts an excellent record. Friday, May 12, closes the Chester meeting and the feature race for the older horses is the Blue Square Ormonde Stakes landed last year by Day Flight.

The run of Classic trials continues at Lingfield on May 13 with the Letheby and Christopher Derby Trial and the totesport.com Oaks Trials respectively for the real things at Epsom the following month. It isn’t just the Classic colts and fillies that are in the firing-line at Lingfield because the Surrey course also stages the totesport Victoria Cup, a closely fought and always influential 7f handicap that frequently throws up a Royal Ascot winner or two.

Over in France the following day, May 14, the European Flat season raises the volume with the Poule de’Essai des Poulains (French 2,000 Guineas) and the Poulai d’Essai des Pouliches (French 1,000 Guineas) on the same card at Longchamp.
Ballydoyle and Godolphin have begun to target these two important races in recent seasons and their runners should be respected, but Criquette Head-Maarek’s Quiet Royale will be fancied for the ‘Pouliches’ after a satisfactory spin in second at Longchmap the other day.

Flat racing’s domestic caravan rolls on to York for their three-day Dante meeting and the potential Oaks fillies will run in the Musidora Stakes on May 17, the meeting’s opening salvo which is now a Wednesday on account of the fixture moving forward by a  single day.

On May 18 the Derby hopefuls will run in the Dante Stakes and it’s worth recalling that in recent times, North Light and Motivator, the last two winners of this race, have gone on to glory at Epsom in just over three weeks’ time, while looking a little further back in the race’s illustrious history, it’s worth noting that Shahrastani, Reference point, Erhaab and Benny The Dip all went on from the Dante to Derby success.

 This mile and a quarter Group 2 contest has clearly become a key Classic trial in recent seasons and mustn’t be missed. There’s sure to be a host of top-class performers in contention on the Knavesmire and Sir Michael Stoute has the best contemporary Dante record with two winners and three placed horses.

On the same day as the Dante keep a close eye upon the outcome of the Hambleton Stakes, a valuable mile handicap that has a habit of throwing up the winner of the Royal Hunt Cup at Royal Ascot the following month especially if the Hambleton winner is trained by Sir Michael Stoute.

The final day of the Dante meeting sees the stayers take centre stage in the Yorkshire Cup, a useful pointer to the rest of the campaign’s leading staying races. Alan Swinbank’s stable star Collier Hill, a winner of the Irish St Leger last season, is a likely runner and may well be capable of surprising more fancied horses.

On May 20 it’s the turn of the season’s crack milers to unleash their firepower in the Lockinge Stakes at Newbury and this has been a good race for Saeed Bin Suroor and the boys in blue in recent seasons, and it would be no surprise to see them land this Group1 event with Proclamation, who is surely heading for the top after joining Godolphin on the back of a brilliant three-year-old season.

In France the following day Longchamp’s Prix d’Ispahan always draws the top mile and mile and a quarter horses and this a race that mustn’t be missed as a key pointer to some of the season’s top races over this classic ten furlongs.

The month of May rounds off with the Irish 2,000 Guineas on May 27 followed by the Irish 1,000 Guineas on the following day. Both these valuable races tend to go to horses that have raced in the equivalent events at Newmarket and inevitably British trainers hold an excellent record in both races.

Finally, Sandown’s two-day fixture at the very end of the month is always informative with the Henry 11 Stakes for top-notch staying horses on May 29 followed on May 30 by the Temple Stakes for sprinters over the minimum trip and the Group 3 Brigadier Gerard Stakes in which trainer Sir Michael Stoute boats a useful record. Any runner from his yard should be noted carefully.

A preview of July's UK Horse Racing

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The quirks of the racing calendar have nudged Newcastle’s Northumberland Plate into the first day of July and there cannot be a better way to begin the month’s racing. Few staying handicaps are as fiercely contested as the ‘Pitmen’s Derby’ and this year’s race is no exception to that familiar rule.

Anyone thinking of having a bet in this grueling two-mile contest needs to pay strict attention to the draw. Year after year horses drawn high race wide at Gosforth Park struggling to secure a prominent early pitch with the result that they are forced to sit and wait at the back of the field while the race unfolds up front. More often than not, the die has been cast by the time a high drawn horse is able to make its belated challenge.

Older horses too tend to rule the roost these days and the times when progressive three-year-olds were able to annex this valuable prize have long gone. The doughty Archduke Ferdinand was the last of the younger generation to win the Plate in 2001 and remarkably, there are no representatives from this age-group in this year’s renewal.

Good recent form is an obvious plus in a race of this nature and Richard Fahey’s Greenwich Meantime and Amanda Perrett’s Bulwark are two talented sorts that rise swiftly to the surface when studying the entries for this year’s race. The former is on quite a hot roll at present for his canny trainer and might well be the one they all to beat in 2006.

Over at The Curragh on July 2 there’s the weighty matter of the Irish Derby to consider though this year’s renewal is already suffering from a bad case of the absentee blues with Epsom Derby winner Sir Percy and unlucky-in-running third Hala Bek both forced to miss the race through injury and the 2006 renewal already looks a below-par affair.

Both Dylan Thomas and Dragon Dancer, the fourth and second respectively at Epsom, are set to fly the flag for the Derby form and this useful pair should come toe-to-toe with Darsi, a surprise winner of a typically open French Derby at Chantilly last month.

The performances of the French three-year-olds’ at pattern level in Britain has left a lot to be desired this season, and it would be no surprise to see them failing once again. Classic form is essential on any potential winner’s c.v and perhaps this year’s Irish Derby winner can be found within the ranks of the Epsom Classic.

The Coral Eclipse Stakes at Sandown on July 8 is famous for its traditional clash between the older and younger generations. The latter age group receives a chunky 10lb weight-for-age allowance and in sixteen runnings of this Group 1 race since1990, the three-year-olds have managed six victories while five four-year-olds have triumphed alongside five five-year-olds. Honours, then, are even across the age groups.

The loss of Sir Percy through injury has probably sunk the three-year-old challenge below the water and it would raise few eyebrows to see an older horse come out on top. The Godolphin stable continues to stutter at the top level and for David Junior, a bitter Royal Ascot disappointment behind Ouija Board, this is a chance to atone for his recent defeat though if the latter lines-up again after her Ascot heroics he may have to settle for a supporting role once more.

On the same day as the Coral Eclipse, Haydock hosts the Lancashire Oaks which is often won by a late developing filly, a category into which Luca Cumani’s talented Princess Nada fits very snugly. She is one to watch out for when the entries are published. Punters should pay close attention to the running of the Old Newton Cup at Haydock, another race in which Cumani holds a terrific record having landed the last two renewals courtesy of Alkaased and Zeitgeist. Scan the entries for his hat-trick seeking runner who may well be the rejuvenated Soulacroix.

Newmarket’s three-day July meeting dominates the middle of the month and the opening day should see a back-to-form Soviet Song land her third Falmouth Stakes on July 12. She is sure to be a cut above the opposition while on the same card the juvenile fillies do battle in the Cherry Hinton Stakes and the Queen Mary Stakes winner Gilded may be hard to beat.

On the second day of the July meeting Hoh Mike, who was poorly ridden by Jamie Spencer when runner-up at Royal Ascot, bids to go one better in the July Stakes while the Willie Muir-trained Enforcer seeks to improve upon his Hardwicke Stakes third in the Princess of Wales’s Stakes. Watch out here for any runner from Sir Michael Stoute’s stable.

On July 14 the final day of the eponymously-titled meeting, there’s the small matter of the Bunbury Cup, a highly competitive seven furlongs handicap. James Fanshawe is poised to bid for compensation with Polar Magic, a runner-up last year to the evergreen and mercurial Mine while Ian Semple is seeking to improve upon his Royal Ascot second in similarly competitive handicap with the plucky and consistent Appalachian Trail.
Ed Dunlop’s Britannia runner-up Easy Air would be an intriguing contender too hailing from stable that has suffered a hatful of near-misses in the race in recent seasons.

The six-furlong Group 1 July Cup is the meeting’s highlight on July 14 and recent results have shown just how volatile a medium the top sprinters can be for backers with winners at 25-1, 12-1, 14-1 and 50-1. A 33-1 winner of the Golden Jubilee rubbed further salt into punters’ wounds at Royal Ascot and in my view betting on so-called top drawer sprinters is something of a mug’s game.

Inevitably a good run in the Golden Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot as well as a bold showing in the King’s Stand Stakes from that same meeting is often a pointer to July Cup success but fathoming just which horses are likely to run well from those races is a difficult business. Perhaps Moss Vale can shine providing he’s a sharper starter than his slow-coach self at Royal Ascot.

York’s John Smith’s Cup On July 15 is one of the best ten-furlong handicaps of the whole season and remains ultra-competitive. Once again the three-year-old generation has found it difficult to scrape a place in the line-up and older horses are preferred. Trainer John Gosden’s three placed efforts from as many runners in recent seasons bodes well for the chances of his stable’s Wild Savannah, a good second at Royal Ascot on his latest start.

Newbury stages the Weatherbys Super Sprint on July 22 and the unmistakable message for punters is to pay close attention to any horse saddled by Richard Hannon, who has won this two-year-old contest on no less than six occasions with three of his winners coming in the last four seasons.

July’s racing comes to a close with the fabulous King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes, Britain’s premier all-aged middle-distance event. This year’s renewal had looked like a shoo-in for Hurricane Run but his defeat in France last time opens the race up and Japanese challenger, the late-developing, Heart’s Cry, Sir Michael Stoute’s progressive Mountain High and Godolphin hotpot Electrocutionist, seem sure to have a big say in the race’s outcome. As for the three-year-olds, well, they are a dying breed in this race with only four horses from that age group bothering to contest the prize in the past four seasons.

A preview of February's UK Horse Racing

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Sandown opens the month on February 4 with an excellent card and another set of possible Cheltenham clues. In recent seasons the Agfa Diamond Chase has suffered through small and uncompetitive fields but that worrying trend has started to change of late and this year’s renewal is sure to be a competitive one.

Alan King’s tough stayer Fork Lightning may well be among the entries for the ‘Agfa’, and given his preference for racing right-handed and his fine run behind Joaaci in a strong heat last time, he is likely to be among the more fancied runners.

Some of the season’s smarter novice chasers will be in action in Sandown’s Grade 1 Scilly Isles Chase, a contest that was won last year by Henrietta Knight’s El Vaquero and it’ll be interesting to see whether Ms Knight decides to let her rising chase star Racing Demon take his place in the select field.

Over at Wetherby on the same day the staying novices strut their stuff in the Grade 2 Totty Construction Towton Novices’ Chase where the accent is firmly upon stamina in what is always a gruelling contest. Northern trainer Sue Smith won this race a couple of years ago with smart stayer Royal Emperor and may have another similar candidate in Rebel Rhythm, who has already won a novices’ event around the West Yorkshire track.

A week later sees Newbury stage the totesport Trophy Handicap Hurdle</b>, Europe’s richest handicap over timber, on February 11. On a day of cracking action the pulsating two-mile contest takes pride of place and is always won by a good horse.

Finding the winner is never easy but the bookmakers seems to think that Martin Pipe’s talented novice Acambo is the one to beat and he heads the ante-post market with most firms. Pipe has won the race a couple of times in recent years courtesy of Copeland (2002) and Make A Stand (1997) and Acambo is sure to figure highly in Pipe’s plans for Newbury.

Local handler, Nicky Henderson, has also been a trainer to watch out for in this valuable event, saddling no less than four of the last ten winners and the stable’s main hope in 2006 looks to be Grand Jete, a one-time Champion Hurdle hope who looked like winning at Aintree last April until he went lame approaching the last.

Twelve months ago Ireland’s Essex justified favouritism to give the Emerald Isle its second winner in three seasons. One year later there’s a strong Irish challenge once again with the Jessica Harrington-trained Studmaster bidding to follow Essex’s footsteps by winning at Newbury after landing Ireland’s prestigious Pierse Hurdle one month earlier. Significantly, Mrs Harrington landed this valuable pot with Spirit Leader in 2003.

Top weights boast a good record too and Irish trainer John Queally believes his stable star Al Eile will go close to winning the totesport Trophy off 11st 12lb. Queally’s gelding didn’t hurt his Newbury chances by winning at Haydock the other day because he incurs no penalty for that success and has to be on any one’s short-list.

The same is true of the Venetia Williams-trained Chief Yeoman, who looks terrific value at 14-1 with most bookmakers. Connections have been pleased with his two runs so far and he has been aimed at this race since returning to action behind Acambo at Windsor before Christmas. Expect hi to step up on what he’s done so far this season.

The main attraction on Newbury’s supporting card is the Game Spirit Chase, a two mile and a furlong conditions chase that is often used as a final preparatory race by trainers for the Queen Mother Champion Chase at the Cheltenham Festival.

This year’s race is likely to be won by the current Queen Mother favourite Kauto Star, who will be using the Newbury event as a stepping-stone to Festival glory. Over at Warwick course specialist Voy Por Ustedes will be treading a similar path as he bids to earn a place in the Arkle Trophy line-up at the Festival by running well in the coralpoker.com Kingmaker Chase at Warwick on the same day.

On the following weekend – February 18 – all eyes will be on Champion Hurdle aspirants in the Axminster Kingwell Hurdle at Wincanton. Trainer Alan King may well let Penzance, his Triumph Hurdle hero of 2005, take his place in the line-up at the West Country venue after a series of disappointing efforts so far this season.

Who knows, maybe even the elusive Lingo will return to action for Jonjo O’Neill. He won easier than most horses do at Cheltenham in November and following good support for the Champion Hurdle in March would be a fascinating runner.

Up at Haydock on the same day Grand National hopefuls will go on trial in the Red Square Vodka Gold Cup, a punishing test of stamina over Haydock’s big drop fences in a contest that has sometimes exerted a strong influence upon the outcome of the world’s most famous race at Aintree in April.

Trainer Ginger McCain, a four-time winner of the Grand National courtesy of Red Rum and Amberleigh House, looks to have another leading Grand National candidate in the guise of Ebony Light, a surprise winner of January’s Peter Marsh Chase from the joint Gold Cup favourite, Kingscliff. McCain plans to run Ebony Light in the Red Square Vodka Gold Cup before going to Aintree for a crack at the Grand National.

The best of February’s action closes on the weekend of February 25 with Racing Post Handicap Chase day at Sandown Park. The betting is often a strong guide to the outcome of this classiest of chases and well-fancied runners boast a good record.

Take note too of the winner and placed horses because this influential contest has frequently yielded a winner or two at next month’s Cheltenham Festival. Among the more potent contenders this season are likely to be the well treated Ladalko, who has been talked about as a possible for this prize by his trainer, Paul Nicholls, and Lacdoudal from the Philip Hobbs stable that has sent out three winners of this race in recent years.

On the same day at Newcastle there’s the four mile and a furlong Tote Northern National, a marathon chase in which shock winners are a rarity. Stamina is of the essence here and the locally-trained Ossmoses, who relishes racing over long-distances and has long looked a natural for this race and will be a name to note among the entries later in the month.

A Practical Beginners Guide To Choosing A Bowling Ball

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When you first start bowling, more often than not, you are never given any instructions on how to choose a bowling ball. It's not like playing a board game where all of the rules are nicely spelled out for you. When you first start bowling, knowing how to choose the right bowling ball can mean the difference between having a great experience and having a relatively frustrating experience.

If you have chosen a good bowling ball, you will concentrate less on how the ball feels in your hand and more on proper bowling technique. Technique, for a beginner, is more important, to a certain extent, than the ball you are using.

If you are new to bowling then you most likely do not have your own bowling ball. so, when you do bowl you will be stuck choosing your ball from those that are available at the bowling alley. Bowling balls provided by bowling alleys, known as house balls, do not have a reputation of being of the best quality.

Looking for a house ball that perfectly suits you is similar to looking for the perfect pool que at the local pub. The perfect house ball simply does not exist. You are more likely to get close to perfection if you know what to look for in a good house ball. There are three things you should concentrate on when choosing a house ball; the balls weight, the balls grip, and the balls coverstock.

Bowling balls range in weight from six pounds to sixteen pounds. The weight of the bowling ball that you choose for yourself should depend heavily on two factors; your strength and how well you can control the ball. Many beginners when choosing a bowling ball just pick it up and decide whether or not it is too heavy for them.

To help determine the proper weight ball you should take a few practice shots with the ball. During the practice shots if you are straining to pull the ball back in your arm swing then the ball is too heavy. If you strain to pull the ball back in a controlled manner you will lower your shoulder, your elbow will pop out to the side, and your back will arch to the side of your bowling arm. This is natural body mechanics. But, straining in this way will throw off your bowling technique and ruin your game.

By the same token, during your practice shots, if the ball feels if it has no weight to it then it is obviously too light. You would think that using a ball that is too light would not be a bad thing.  But, using a ball that is too light becomes a control issue. Unless you are skilled and have a lot of physical control you will power through a bowling ball that is too light and overshoot the shot.

A balls weight is important. But, it is not the most important aspect to choosing a good house ball. In my opinion, the grip of a house bowling ball is the most important aspect of choosing a bowling ball. If the holes of the bowling ball are too loose or too tight they will affect how you release the ball. How you release the ball is single most important factor in how well you can throw a bowling ball. Releasing a bowling ball is the last facet of control you have over the ball itself. After the ball is released, when it meets the lane, you no longer have any control over it.

You will never find a perfectly drilled bowling ball. That is unless it was drilled specifically for you. Here are a few rules of thumb for determining a good grip. You should not have to grip the ball tightly through your bowling swing. When you start your swing the ball should rest easily on your thumb. As you work through the swing inertia should distribute the weight of the ball easily between your fingers and thumb. If on the down swing you have to grip the ball to hold on to it, then the holes are too big. If the holes pull at all on release then they are too small. The weight of the ball should stay evenly distributed, between the finger and thumb, through the entire swing.

A final aspect you should keep in mind when choosing a bowling ball. Avoid balls with divots and nicks. Even if the are very small they will still affect the roll of the ball. Just like the bend of the pool que at the local pub. It can still be used but the outcome of the shot is unpredictable.

I hope this little practical guide has shed some light on the different things you should consider when choosing a bowling ball the next time you are at the bowling alley.

A Nice Billiard Light can really dress up your pool room.

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Are you looking for a billiard light?

A nice light can put a nice touch of class in your pool - billiards room. The light in my pool room is custom made. My buddy made this light about 20 years back.

The light is made out of wood and on one side it is carved out to say “2 Bad 4 U” and the other side reads “2 Hot 4 U”. I did not think of this. My friend put these phrases on my light and delivered it to me just like that.

If you have a partying kind of pool room, you may want to go with one of those plastic fixtures like Budweiser or Coors makes. You can also find some cool plastic fixtures with billiards graphics on them.

If your table is i a large and spacious room with nice furniture all through the house, you might consider brass or some kind of fancy fixture.

Which ever way you go, remember to get the right size of light for your table and hang it low enough to make the table bright. I have a 4 foot florescent fixture in my custom made shade. These 2 4 foot bulbs light up my 7 foot Valley table nicely.

I have seen some lights that even have the sliders on them for scoring your match. I would suggest doing some shopping on line before buying the first light that you see.

There are many lights to choose from and chances are you will have your new light for a very long time. Taking a little extra time in picking out your billiard light can certainly be worth while.

When looking for your new light, take note on how the light is turned off and on. I like the ones that turn on with one switch. I have seen lights with 3 or 4 individual bulbs and they all need to be turned on separately. (Kind of a pain in the neck)

I hope this article helps you out a little while selecting A new light for your pool room or billiards parlor.

Post your comments, questions and stories below. Get involved.

To your run out success,


A new Premier League Season

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In the intervening period more than £350m has been spent as clubs desperate for success search for the winning formula.

But for all the money that the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham have lavished on new faces, it is United and Chelsea who start the season once again as most people's favourites for the title.

With Uefa Cup places also up for grabs and new boys Birmingham, Derby and Sunderland desperate to preserve their top-flight status it promises to be a fascinating season.

And you can keep up to date with all the action on BBC Sport, including:

Highlights on Match of the Day on Saturday evenings (repeated on Sunday mornings) and MOTD2 on Sunday evenings - this season broadcast simultaneously on the BBC Sport website (UK only).

Features, news and updates on Football Focus and Score on BBC One every Saturday.

Live match text commentary on the website and for mobiles plus all the scores and stats, news, previews, reports and reaction, as well as features, comment, photos and interaction online - including player rater.

Live commentary on Radio Five Live, with reports from the ground at every Premier League game - plus a daily podcast every Sunday-Thursday.

Live scores for every matchday on Ceefax and BBCi via your television.

Our 606 website for your views, plus Tim Lovejoy, Alan Green and Spoony on the 606 phone-ins on Radio Five Live every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson celebrated his team's success last season by buying Nani, Anderson and Owen Hargreaves.

And with the drawn-out Carlos Tevez saga finally coming to a close, Ferguson has certainly bolstered his squad as he goes in search of more silverware this season.

Chelsea, in contrast, have had a relatively thrifty summer, with Lyon's Florent Malouda the only big-money arrival.

But the arrival of Tal Ben Haim, Claudio Pizarro and Steve Sidwell on free transfers could be just as siginificant for a squad that struggled with injuries last season.

Those problems have returned, with the likes of John Terry, Didier Drogba, Andrei Shevchenko, Michael Ballack and Wayne Bridge sidelined and several others doubtful for Chelsea's opener against Birmingham.

Expectation will be high at Anfield after Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez spent the summer assembling a squad he believes is capable of challenging for the title.

The likes of Andrey Voronin, Fernando Torres, Yossi Benayoun, Ryan Babel and Lucas Leiva have all arrived over the summer ahead of their opening game at Aston Villa on Saturday.

Tottenham have again spent big and their fans will hope that it allows them to make the leap into the top four at the expense of an Arsenal team coming to terms with the departure of Thierry Henry.

Fulham's Lawrie Sanchez, Bolton's Sammy Lee, Sunderland's Roy Keane, Derby's Billy Davies and Manchester City's Sven-Goran Eriksson start a season as Premier League managers for the first time.

Eriksson's City remain an intriguing and unknown quantity with the former England coach having recently undertaken a spending spree in the region of £40m.

City begin the campaign at West Ham, who have also been active in the transfer market, with Scott Parker, Freddie Ljungberg, Julien Flaubert and Craig Bellamy coming in, and Nigel Reo-Coker and Marlon Harewood going out.

A new era starts at Newcastle under Sam Allardyce, while Aston Villa will expect greater consistency in Martin O'Neill's second season.

Blackburn, Everton, Portsmouth and Reading all enjoyed successful seasons last time and face the difficult task of following those up with high expectations from their fans.

Middlesbrough and Wigan will have aspirations of improving on last season.

It all starts on Saturday, with Sunderland entertaining Tottenham in a 1245 BST kick-off.

A Moving Experience

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I’ve found a cool apartment! Okay, okay…so it’s not perfect. Just a few bugs. I mean literally! First expense? An exterminator! Is it worth the cash? Well, I can’t afford a more expensive place, so a one-time (please!) cash outlay should be okay. Maybe just a can of “Raid?”

I need a way to move my stuff. Daddy, can I borrow your truck? You don’t have one? Why not? Do you want one? I’ll help you pick it out! Well, it was just a suggestion. No need to get all bent out of shape! I guess I’d better call the truck rental places. What do you mean…$200…PLUS mileage? AND Gas? Good grief!

While I’m on the phone I’ll call the utility and phone companies. Yes, I know I haven’t used your services before. No, I don’t have a credit card; this is my first place. You want what? A $100 deposit? For EACH? Holy cow…do you people have a license to steal?

Daddy, I need $500 for moving expenses! I used all my money for the first and last months rent AND the damage deposit. Well, how was I to know this was going to be so expensive? Sell something? Daaaaad…I NEED my TV!

Boy, this place is pretty empty. Maybe I should buy a couch and a chair. Nah…I have my bed. That’ll be good enough. I don’t need a table; I’ll just use this box.

Renters Insurance? I don’t think so! What do I have to insure?

Just got my first phone call! I’d love to come to your party! Daddy, I need a car. Because it’s too far to walk to work, that’s why. Umm, Daddy…there’s car insurance too! Thanks, Dad…you’re the best! And gas? I didn’t think so…

Time for dinner. Let’s look in these boxes. Oh, No! No dishes or pans. No FOOD!

Uhhh, Mom?

A Look at the Early History of the National Basketball Association

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For one to appreciate what he sees now, he must have a glimpse from the past. Here, we have gathered some data regarding the history of the National Basketball Association which became the symbol of Basketball.

From the combined efforts of the National Basketball League and Basketball Association of America, NBA was given birth in 1949. While the American public was quite skeptic on the game, history proves that this later became the most well-loved game in history that its story is marked by hundred of events that led us here now.

After World War II, American businesses boomed, more particularly the sports businesses. By this time, the only large-scale basketball league was the National Basketball League (NBL) in the mid-west.

The various owners of the indoor sports businesses then congregated to form the Basketball Association of America. There were just 13 cities that were given franchises however, two backed-out from the national league, the Indianapolis and the Buffalo. The 11 left were the following:

•    Boston Celtics
•    New York Knickenbockers
•    Philadelphia Warriors
•    Providence Steamrollers
•    Toronto Huskies
•    Washington Gardens
•    Chicago Stags
•    Cleveland Rebels
•    Detroit Falcons
•    Pittsburgh Ironmen, and
•    St Louis Bombers

While the new league was acknowledged in the cities, the take-off was still mediocre. Nevertheless, this debut league led to more popularity on the part of the National Basketball league as it was played in the larger cities. But everything was yet to unfold.

The first and second season of the BBA met dramatic changes which led them towards the acquisition of 4 teams from the NBL. With a decrease of 48 from 60 games from the first season and the dropping out of four teams, the BBA was forced to import Baltimore Bullets from the American Basketball League, a regional basketball circuit to meet the balance between the 7 remaining teams.

Apart from the loss of the four teams and the star George Mikan, NBL suffered a loss of public interest due to their failure to play in the cities that led them to their downfall in the 1948-1949 season. They packed up at the end of the season and dissolved.

During this time, the National Basketball Association was formed. The six remaining teams from the NBL joined the BBA. Indianapolis Olympians joined the league and both Indianapolis Jets and Providence Steamrollers backed-out. This set of seventeen teams went on to commence the NBA as we know it today.

A Look At Roller Hockey

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As it’s name implies, Roller Hockey is a combination sport that links hockey and skating together into one single activity. There are two types of Roller Hockey, including Hardball and Inline Hockey. While the two games involve different equipment, rules and types of skating, they are similar in that the action is fast paced and exciting.

An Inline Hockey competition, which is one form of Roller Hockey, is held in a rectangular rink, which measures twice as long as it is wide and must be as close to 200ft. x 100ft. as possible with the minimum size being 165ft. x 65ft. The rink’s surface can be constructed of wood, asphalt, plastic or cement. The setup is similar in style to that of ice hockey and features two goals and a center red line. The puck, however, is made of plastic. Each game of Inline Hockey features two teams, which can consist of up to 12 players. However, only five players from each team are allowed on the rink at any given time, including the goalie. As for referees, there must be two on the rink during play. A goal is scored after one of the players sends the puck into the opposing team’s net and it crosses the goal line. Each game consists of four quarters, each of which lasts for 12 minutes. At the conclusion of the game, a winning team is announced.

Hardball Hockey, the other form of Roller Hockey, is played with a ball rather than a puck. In addition, the stick used in Hardball Hockey is different in it’s design as opposed to Inline Hockey. Quite often referred to as a cane, it’s shape is reminiscent of the same. During a Hardball Hockey competition, two teams of five players attempt to get the ball into their opposing team’s goal. Each team is permitted to have up to 10 players, with a minimum of 6, but only five can be on the rink while a game is in play. Competitors are permitted to stop the ball with any part of their body except the hand, but it can only resume motion with the use of the playing stick. Hardball Hockey is played in two 25 minute intervals and upon expiration, a winning team is announced based on the one that has the highest number of goals.

Of both Roller Hockey variations, Inline is the most popular form in the United States. In fact, many have never even seen a game of Hardball Hockey. Regardless, both types continue to make Roller Hockey the worldwide popular sport that it is today.

A Look At Lacrosse

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Everyone has watched it, been amazed by it and thought it looked like fun.  Lacrosse is a team sport that requires a fast pace and quick judgment.  Each team consists of 10-12 players (10 men or 12 women) whom use netted sticks in order to control a rubber ball.  The object of Lacrosse is to score by guiding the rubber ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Lacrosse is extremely popular in North America where it is the oldest known sport and still remains one of the fastest growing.  Everyone from children to high school, college and professional Lacrosse athletes are at continuous play.  Lacrosse is widely adored throughout the United States and it’s Northeastern region, but is perhaps most highly honored as Canada’s national summer sport.  Fans in the Western United States need not worry, however, as the sport is steadily moving toward increased popularity in Colorado, California and Oregon.  Even the sunshine state in the Southeastern United States is catching on, along with other southern states such as Tennessee and Texas.

Lacrosse is played on a competition field made of grass or artificial turf.  Both men’s and women’s Lacrosse competitions are much the same with the main difference being the required protective gear.  Women competitors are only required to wear protective eye gear whereas gentlemen athletes are required to wear protective headgear, shoulder equipment and protective hand wear. 

The sport of Lacrosse was originally invented by North Americans.  Originally designed as a very intense, physical sport, players used their netted sticks to make contact with their opponents and then clearing the way for them to score a goal.  In their earliest days, Lacrosse games often lasted for several days.  Because the sport was so physical and encouraged contact between players, some competitors were seriously injured during the early years.  However, contact is no longer permitted in Lacrosse as we know it today.  The object of the game is to direct and guide the rubber ball to victory without harming, or inflicting pain upon, any players on the opposing team.

Individuals who would like to learn more about Lacrosse, are interested in participating or simply wants to stay abreast of the latest news, happenings and live events may visit lacrosse.org.  In addition, website visitors may be able to read additional historic facts, player profiles and information on contacting the organization.  Color photos, news releases and other related stories are posted regularly.

A Look at Ivory Chess Sets

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Ivory chess sets have a long and distinguished history, going back nearly to the advent of the game itself.  Ivory has been used for many centuries in the construction of chess sets.  Some of the earliest chess pieces still in existence are made of ivory. 

The British Museum displays a few ivory chess pieces from the 7th and

8th centuries found in modern day Uzbekistan.  These ancient chess pieces are in a different form than modern day chess pieces because they come from a time when chess was primarily an Islamic game.  The pieces had a much different appearance because they reflected a different society.  In the 19th century, Nathaniel Cook and John Jaques created the first set of Staunton chess pieces out of ivory.  The Staunton style of chess pieces became the standard that is still in use today. 

Ivory is not nearly as common today as it was hundreds of years ago when historical ivory chess sets were made.  Now, ivory chess sets are usually only for collectors.  Vintage ivory chess sets can sell for many thousands of dollars, while new ivory chess sets rarely sell for under $900.  New Ivory chess sets are extremely rare because ivory is much harder to come by.  Though ivory was once commonly used in the construction of many objects, it is now rarely used due to animal rights issues and the advent of plastic. 

One main reason why ivory is rare now is because many people object to animals such as elephants and mammoths being killed in order to cultivate the ivory from their teeth and tusks.  Imitation ivory is a good modern alternative because it is much less expensive and does not use any animal parts.   

Ivory chess sets are valuable collector's items.  People often pay thousands of dollars for these rare and historic chess sets.

A Look At How Boat Lifts Work And The Different Types

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Boat lifts are used to lift the boat and store the boat above the water surface. Boat lifts are generally of two types. They are i) Hydro hoist model and ii) the Air-Dock model. Boat lifts are manufactured keeping in mind the different sizes of the boats.

Boat lifts work on the principle of lifts and hoists. In Hydro hoist type model there are float tanks that have a drain fitting at the bottom which is always open to the water. The boats are lifted with the help of hoists that are driven by heavy motors. The Hydro-Hoist boat lifts are of several types such as Boat Floater, Econo Lift and others. In the case of Air Dock the pressure of air is required to uplift the boat to a certain height above the water surface. With Air Dock type boat lifts there is a water tank which is filled and evacuated with the air pressure. Here the air is pumped in from the atmosphere to force the water out of the water tanks thus lifting the hoist. To lower down the hoists, one should vent the air pressure to allow water to fill the again tank.

Generally a motor with a blower is attached which is about the size of a vacuum cleaner motor. These motors blow the air out of the float tanks. Each tank has a hole at opposite ends, where the hose is attached. These holes are about 4 inches in diameter. An electric switch is used to turn on the blower and a valve. To raise the boat lift the valve is opened and the blower motor turned on. It can be left on until air bubbles are out of the 4 inch holes, this is the maximum lift that can be obtained. Once the boat is lifted to the desired height the valve is manually closed and all the air is retained in the tanks. When the boat is to be launched the valve is opened and the captured air from the tank escapes past the blower and the lift settles into the lake.

Different new technologies are adopted regularly to enhance the working principles of boat lifts. These new technologies are a floating drive-on dry lifting system which makes existing technology obsolete. Fully portable, changeable and modular boat lifts will work in shallow water or deep water, fresh, tides or salt water, currents and even waves. These boat lifts have the power to lift boats of different sizes, from small boats to large watercrafts. Drive-on floating docks even replace those traditional lifts, boat hoists, davits & trailers and provide a convenient dry-dock for stern drives, outboard boats, inboard ski boats and jet boats of all sizes and shapes.

A Look At Authentic Jerseys

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During the sport season, sports jersey manufacturers have been having a hard time keeping up with the high demand of the sport fans. Your favorite team jersey may be hard to find or you may have to wait for a few months while it is on back order. It is best to try an order early before the season starts. Authentic sport jerseys can be found in many sports stores and online. There are many different sports like basketball, football, and soccer that have different jerseys, all worn by many different types of people. In the more recent years though throwback jerseys, jerseys that are replicas of past teams and players have also become quite popular.

Basketball jerseys have always been very popular especially among the college students. Basketball fans wear NBA jerseys to support their state or favorite teams. Often seen being worn by stars on television and in music videos, basketball jerseys are viewed as a fashion trend. Many people are wearing them and not just the basketball fans. Football Jerseys have also always been popular, even with their recent change in appearance. Football sports gear and football jerseys have become more fashionable in recent years. The jerseys have become more vibrant and colorful, short sleeved, and many display interesting patterns. This is why manufacturers have had a hard time keeping up with the demand for basketball and football jerseys. If you are planning to buy a jersey of this type expect to wait at least two months after placing your order.

Soccer team jerseys have become more popular in the recent years and are seen being worn by many soccer fans who want to support their favorite team. Thanks to The World Cup 1994 soccer championship, the sale of soccer sports apparel has rose to an all time high. Soccer jerseys are short sleeved, t-shirt like and are usually vibrant colors. Throwback jerseys have become very popular with the younger generations. They are jersey replicas of past sports players or teams. Many school age and college students have been wearing them to show there support for past great sport players.

Sports fans are often very dedicated to their favorite sport teams and often wear their jerseys proudly in support. Even people who don’t like sports have been seen wearing the jerseys due to the recent fashion trends. The Sports apparel business has become a multi-million dollar business due to the wide range of people who wear the clothing. Jerseys have long since been a trend worn by people of all ages and incomes, and recently the trend of wearing authentic jerseys seems to have become very popular among high school and college students. Whatever the person and at whatever age authentic jersey sales have become big business.

A Kayak, A Kayak, My Kingdom for a Kayak

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Explosive growth in kayak sales has meant that the number of kayak manufacturers has soared in recent decades. With a predominant move to whitewater kayaking as the sport du jour, manufacturers are putting more effort and resources into whitewater design to further increase sales and try to keep an edge in this highly competitive market.

Competition between kayak manufacturers is fierce and with the sport maturing to reveal lucrative niche markets, kayak manufacturers have to act fast to keep up. Play boating or rodeo kayaking has largely been responsible for this growth in the market. Rather than getting down the river kayakers are heading straight to the rapids to play and with new advances in technology and technique evolving all the time, kayaks are changing fast.

As one manufacturer develops and produces a new hull shape or design, the next goes on to modify and perfect it under their own brand name. Consequently it’s difficult to recommend one manufacturer over another as the market is simply too changeable to predict.

However, manufacturers do have speciality areas and a company well known for their sea kayaks may not be so well regarded for their white water kayaks. Other kayak manufacturers focus purely on recreational markets and only produce sit on top kayaks.

For example, in the white water market the current leaders are Perception, Dagger, Pyranha, Prijon, Wavesport, Necky and LiquidLogic, but they jostle each other as new releases and trends change their popularity levels. In areas such as wood strip kayaks, a traditional choice of kayak, the market is a lot less volatile. 

Choosing the ideal kayak

But really the best kayak on the market is the one that suits you and your paddling plans the best. Always try and buy the best kayak you can afford but don’t base your judgements on price alone. Get advice from experienced kayakers, join a club to try out different models, read reviews and narrow down your search that way. Go to a retailer with a short list and make sure you get to test out the kayaks before you buy. Not all kayak manufacturers sell directly to public but all link to a list of dealers from their own websites.

A Guide to Infant Wet Suits

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In this category, the bulk of available choices in infant wet suits is all about buoyancy in the water. Since the occurrence of infant scuba divers or infant competitive swimmers is extremely rare, almost all designs center around the single most important factor for infant swimmers -- keeping them afloat in the water. In the rare instance where you happen to have an infant who is also a scuba diver or a competitive swimmer you’ll probably have to purchase the smallest wet suit you can possibly find in the marketplace and then have it custom-tailored to fit your special infant.  

There are individuals around, although they are few and far between, who have the tools and the skills necessary to custom design a wet suit without altering its heat-loss properties or its buoyancy which can result in a beautiful, colorful and still effective infant wet suit should someone need it. But no company is going to manufacture them, with the same input and features as an adult wet suit, for such a tiny market.

There are, however, a vast array of choices for infant wet suits depending on the cartoon character your child likes or the color patterns he might look best in. In addition, there are infant wet suits with varying degrees of buoyancy built in, depending on the swimming ability of your child.

Obviously, the Barbie Princess wet suits are for that sweet little girl in your life and those Superman ones are for the little guy who thinks he’s a superhero. The most important feature to look for when purchasing an infant wet suit is maximum swimming help. Many have built-in flotation devices while some are made out of the same materials as triathlon swim suits, only more so. Since competition is not a factor, the suits can be a bit thick and clumsy, but as long as they’re keeping that little one safely afloat, that’s all they have to do.

A Guide To Gas Powered RC Cars

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Gas Powered RC cars offer many realistic features and come in a variety of types and styles. To help you choose what's right for you, this article covers the main considerations you'll face.

If you’re a fan of radio-controlled vehicles, but find standard RC to be lacking in power and running time, you might want to consider looking into gas powered RC cars. These cars, which run on a nitromethane-based fuel that is often referred to as “glow fuel” or “nitro”, offer a level of realism and performance that you just won’t find on battery powered cars. Gas powered RC cars are also often highly customizable, allowing hobbyists to utilize a variety of engines and design types… there are even different types of transmitters available depending upon how you would prefer your car to work. Below are some of the options available for gas powered RC cars, giving you an idea of the level of customization that you can achieve.

Obviously, one of the more important aspects of gas powered RC cars is the engine. A variety of different engine models are available for you to choose from, but in general most cars of this type will have what are commonly referred to as “glow” engines. A “glow” engine is a 2-cycle internal combustion engine, creating the power that gas powered RC cars are known for and adding a bit of realism to the car with the exhaust that is produced. Instead of the spark plugs that a full-size automotive engine would have, these engines use a “glow plug” that is heated by what is known as a “glow starter” This heat is then held by the plug and is used to fire the engine strokes for the remainder of the running time.

As mentioned above, the “gas” used by gas powered RC cars isn’t actually gasoline… it’s a special fuel that is nitromethane-based and formulated for the cars’ engines. Special lubricants are added to the fuel mixture to protect the engine from excessive heat and wear; the lubricants work in much the same way as gas-oil mixtures in some chainsaws and other small-engine equipment. Other fuel accessories may be needed to go with your car. A pump or special bottle may be used to get the fuel into the RC car’s fuel tank, and filters in the fuel line may need to be replaced from time to time.

The radio that you use to control your gas powered RC cars can be the same type that is used to control an electric model of RC car. A 2-channel radio system. It’s important to keep in mind that just because the car’s engine runs on a liquid fuel doesn’t mean that you have no need of batteries. In addition to the battery that powers the radio controller, you might find yourself in need of batteries to supply power to the radio receiver in the car itself. Of course, with some receivers it may be possible to have the power supplied by the motor of the car itself. The type of receiver that you use and the power supply that it needs are one consideration to keep in mind when comparing different parts or different cars.

Sport vs. Competition
A variety of different options and body styles exist for gas powered RC cars. You can choose from trucks, sedans, buggies, popular car models, and even stock cars. Once you’ve decided upon the body style and layout that’s right for you, however, you may find yourself facing one additional choice. Many of the car models available commercially come in two distinct types; a sport version, and a competition version. Sport cars tend to cost less, and offer basic options that are popular with beginners and casual hobbyists. For those who want to race their cars against other dedicated hobbyists, though, there are the competition cars which tend to have more power and higher speeds and offer advanced options such as oil shocks and ball bearings. Competition models may not be a complete car, however, since they are designed to allow for more customization… many of these kits require you to get the engine that you want to go with it separately, as well as the car body in many cases (since the kit only provides the main chassis.)

Kits vs. RTR
If you’ve decided that you want to buy gas powered RC cars, you often have to make a choice between buying a kit, so that you can build the car yourself, or buying a ready-to-race car (also known as RTR) that is ready to be fueled and go right out of the box. RTR cars are good for beginners or casual hobbyists, but aren’t highly customized. Kits, on the other hand, may require additional work but allow the builder to decide exactly how they want their car put together. Should you use a kit, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to make sure that you have the engine that you want, paint and basic tools on hand for assembly and decoration, and additional tools and parts depending upon the kit that you purchase.

Regardless of the type of car that you buy, though, you’re certain to find yourself amazed at the power and performance of these cars loved by hobbyists and racers around the world.

A Guide to Dolls

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Doll guides are large books for doll collectors, used to help them tell one doll from another. They generally have large colour photos of each doll, together with price information. Thanks to the popularity of doll collecting, doll guides sell surprisingly well, even though they are often large, thick, expensive books. They are generally used mainly by professional collectors as tools for identification and valuation.

Because it would be pretty much impossible to fit every doll ever made into one book or even a series of books, each book tends to concentrate on a particular decade, or manufacturer, or even one doll (Barbie, for example).

Doll guides can be quite hard to find in shops (unless you live near a specialist doll shop), but they’re easy to find on the web, particularly on Amazon.com and eBay. If you get one used, it might not even be all that expensive, although you should expect to have to pay a lot for postage. Make sure you read reviews of any given book before you buy it, because they vary hugely in quality, and not all of them do what they say on the cover very well at all.

It is ironic that doll guides are easiest to buy on the web, however, because it is also the web that is making them slowly obsolete. Even the best doll guides can’t hope to even touch the sheer diversity of pictures and information that exists on the web in the doll collecting enthusiast community. There are websites out there that are at least as reliable as any of the books, and websites are usually more up-to-date in terms of price guidance.

The web works particularly well if you know which doll you have and just want to know which type it is. Even if you know nothing about the doll, however, and you can’t find it in a database, it’s not hard to find doll collectors’ forums (search for ‘doll forum’). Once you’re on a forum, you can post pictures and other enthusiasts will help you out – someone is bound to know the answer.

A Guide to Discount Pool Tables

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Discount pool tables are commonly available. Check your local classified listings for liquidation closeout sales, auctions for seized items from bankrupted businesses, and so on. There you might be able to nab a brand new pool table for a fraction of its book value.

Discount pool tables are discounted for a number of reasons. Sometimes a model will no longer be manufactured; sometimes a table will be overstocked because it is an unpopular style, or a dealer may bee trying to make money faster by slashing prices. You can buy these discounted tables from manufacturers or from third-party detailers.

Another great place to buy discount pool tables is www.overstock.com. Go to that website and enter “pool tables” into the search field. Browse through the options. The “new” prices will appear crossed out, and below that, the offering price will appear. Sometimes this lower price will be half as much as the higher price. Shipping prices can be as little as a few dollars. For example, you can buy a solid ash 8-footer by BCA, featuring a mahogany finish, 3-piece slate bed, and ability to be taken apart and stored. The new price on this model is about five grand. The overstock price is about two grand: a $3000 savings, or 60% off the regular price. Shipping is a ridiculously low $2.95.

No matter where you buy your cheap pool table, first decide what you are looking for. What size do you need: 7, 8, or 9 feet? It depends on how much space you have. Do you want the table to come in one solid piece (sturdier), or in multiple pieces (easier storage)? What kind of look are you going for: wood, vinyl, metal?

One last thing word of advice: always ask what the warranty entails. Just because it is less expensive than full price, that doesn’t mean you should go throwing away hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cheap table.

A Football Player's Perspective - How to Make It to the Next Level of Play

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It was August 2003 and my team at the time, the Pittsburgh Steelers, was holding the first live scrimmage for training camp. As a rookie in the NFL I had practiced a number of times with the team, but this was the first time I was going to suit it up for a “full contact and tackle goal line scrimmage”. The set up was easy. The first and second team offenses would go against the first and second team defenses. The offense had four downs to score a touchdown. If they scored, they won; if they failed to score the defense won.
The first team offense and defense took the field first. The offense included Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress, and Tommy Maddox who went against a defense consisting of Joey Porter, James Farrior, and Kendrell Bell. The opposing sides lined up against each other, the referee blew his whistle to start the play clock, Tommy Maddox called out the cadence, then the ball was snapped … ... from that instant, the phrase “The Next Level” was defined for me.

“The Next Level” is a phrase commonly thrown around by athletes referring to the ability to play in a professional arena such as the NFL, NBA or MLB. To me “The Next Level” is not a title you gain, e.g. Professional Football Player; it is more a state of mind, an attitude and way of thinking when competing. Therefore, I have come up with three characteristics that I believe all athletes must posses in order to achieve “The Next Level”.

1. <b>Play, Practice and Think with 100% Effort.</b> It is as simple as that. You should have one speed and one speed only - FAST! There is no such thing as “half speed” or “walk thru”. Regardless of what people say, that is how we practiced and prepared in the NFL. Mike Holmgren said it best one day while practicing in the middle of December while preparing for the playoffs, “We run plays at full speed during the week so when the game comes it will be second nature and all you have to do is react.”

2. <b>Be Able to “Flip the Switch” Once the Whistle Blows.</b> This is probably the most mental of the three characteristics. Just picture in your mind a Cheetah stalking a gazelle and how meticulous, careful and alert it is as it sets up its approach. Once that Gazelle notices it is being hunted and starts running, the Cheetah “flips the switch” and accelerates to incredible speeds. Within seconds it has the Gazelle in its grasp and the hunt is over. This is the same way you should approach every play. An average football play lasts an average of 10 seconds or less, but when that ball is snapped a literal switch should be flipped in your mind and every ounce of energy should be released at that moment.

3. <b>Dominate.</b> This one word sums up every quality of those who achieve “The Next Level”. To dominate simply means competing to be the BEST. Does it mean you have to be the best? NO! It just means you are working, preparing, practicing and believing YOU CAN be the BEST. You may never achieve it and if you do there will always be someone that will be better. But if you compete and approach everything with 100% effort, dedication, commitment, and hold yourself accountable, you will dominate. While I was playing with the Philadelphia Eagles during our run up to the Super Bowl in 2004, starting tight end and 3-time Pro Bowl selection Chad Lewis would always tell the team, “Time to DOMINATE!” That is literally how you should approach every conditioning drill, lift, practice, meeting and play as an athlete. You approach it no other way!!

When I witnessed the explosive power, speed and attitude that my teammates displayed that late summer day in Pittsburgh, I came to the conclusion that “The Next Level” is not a title you gain when you make it to the NFL, it is truly a state of mind and way of life for those that achieve greatness in athletics.

A Few Handy Tips on Anchoring

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No matter how good the equipment you use, you can’t have a secure anchor for your boat unless you know how to use the gear properly. Often boaters will refer to anchoring as an art that you learn and improve upon through experience. The first step in anchoring your boat properly is to select an anchorage.

When it comes to selecting an anchorage you want to take into account prevailing winds, the bottom depth, the bottom composition and the existence of any other craft in the area. It is important to find shelter from the wind since calmer water will place less strain on your anchor and therefore your nerves as well. Always remember to anticipate any changes in wind direction and velocity as well.

The type of anchor you will use depends on the composition of the bottom. You should ideally anchor in a place where the water is deep enough that you don’t have to worry about sitting on the bottom during low tide. Although you don’t want water that is too deep since your rope or chain will be long, and you will have a greater swinging circle as a result. It is best to anchor in water that is two or three times the depth of your boat at its lowest if you can.

When approaching the anchorage you will want to make sure you have adequate swinging room. Be sure to mentally calculate the swinging circles for any other boats that are in your area. Circles will be small for boats attached to moorings and larger if they are on anchors.

Also take into account how the other boats are lying in relation to any wind and current. Reduce the speed of your boat and enter into the anchorage on the same heading as the boat already anchored there and then slow as your approach your anchorage point.

When it comes to placing and retrieving an anchor it is best to have two people in order to make the process easier. Position one person at the rode and the other in the cockpit. After you have chosen your spot to anchor the operator in the cockpit will slowly turn the vessel into the wind. Then pay out the anchor until you feel it hit bottom after you have made sure it is firmly attached to the rode.

Then the boat operator should slowly back up at the second person pay’s out the scope that is required for the chosen anchorage. At the desired scope tell the operator to stop, secure the rode to the vest and then tell the operator to back on the rode slowly. This helps to take up slack and drive the anchor sharply into the bottom. The vessel can be shut down once you are sure the anchor is set.

Anchoring will take experience to perfect that art. It is a functioning of heavy gear, applied force, friction and proper angles. Invest in an anchor winch for retrieval and always lean towards heavy ground tackle. Be sure to have at least one anchor system on board just for deployment during an emergency. You can help keep the anchor stock down on the bottom by attaching a heavy weight near the junction of the chain and line of the rode.

A Chess Set Will Give You Many Years Of Enjoyment

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When you're ready to buy a chess set, make sure you get one you will be happy with. A chess set is a special kind of purchase. You should never go cheap. Having a chess set that you can be proud of and that you feel good about will add to your enjoyment as you play. It really makes you feel connected with all the grand traditions of the game of chess.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a chess set.

**Looks are important

Chess sets are available in a wide range of styles and quality levels. You can buy anything from a very cheap plastic set to a stunningly beautiful set carved from pewter, rosewood, onyx, camel bone, and many other materials. Whether you are looking for a future family heirloom, a personal set for yourself, a set to start the kids playing or a gift for that chess enthusiast in your life, look for something you are impressed with, something you will be honored to use or give as a gift.

When looking for the quality of the carving, look closely at the Knight. The Knight is the piece that allows craftsmen to best show their skill. After you compare Knights from a few different sets you'll realize that the better sets have Knights that show detailed eyes, nostrils, teeth and manes.

**Weighting is important too

A well made chess piece is properly balanced so it acts and feels right when you move it, or as it is sitting on the board. Chess pieces should move with elegance, and they should not be easily knocked over. Accidental spills happen. But proper weighting can avoid ruining a game over a simple nudge of the board. Double and even triple weighted pieces are available.

**Get the right size board

Choosing the right size board takes a bit more thought than you might realize. First, it must fit the space where you most often intend to use it. Second, it has to work with the size of your chess set. Third the colors and materials of the board should complement your chess set. And fourth, it should be large enough to allow some room for putting down your captured pieces.

Start by measuring the diameter of the base of your King. Make sure the squares on your board are a bit larger than this diameter. Say, for instance, the base of your King is 1 7/8". Then make sure your board squares are at least 2" square.

Since the board has 8 squares across, that means your board will have to be 8 x 2"= 16". Then add about 2" all around to give you some space for placing captured pieces. That means to accommodate your pieces you would need a board that is at least 20" square.

Put a bit of thought into your chess set purchase and it will give you many years of enjoyment.

A Camp Bed Changed My Life

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I like Camping, no doubt about it; and I like it all year. Most people only go camping when the weather is warm and sunny, but not me. I like the atmosphere between people out there, where you are far from home and all the daily stuff is out of your mind for a few days. I simply love it.

Back in time when I was a rookie in this lifestyle, a buddy of mine, Steven and his wife, invited me and my wife on a camping trip to the coast. I said sure, why not try it out. After a day, which I thought was great because of all these nice people around, the night was still to come. After sleeping on a hard surface, which by the way was fairly cold as well, I woke up with a painful and very sore back. I was groggy because I did not get enough rest during the worst night thinkable.

After that I did not think that this camping business was anything special, on the contrary I thought it was only for people who ‘liked’ to torture themselves, and it was definitely not my idea of fun and relaxation. I was sure that camping was only going to be a part of my life this one time only.

I it was not for my good buddy and friend Steven, I probably would not be going camping today. Steven that was a veteran when it came to camping, told me that if the sore back thing was my only dislike about the hole deal, then he knew exactly what I needed – a Camp Bed. Since I was already in on this deal for three more nights anyway, I agreed on giving it a go. I admit my mind was already determined that camping was not for me, so this camp bed had better pull up some magic trick or something like that to convince me otherwise.

We got our hands on a camp bed and I slept in a full night, without waking up one single time during the night. They had to wake me up the next morning. I had a wonderful sleep and my back felt better – they made me admit it, much against my proud will.

And here I am many years later, still going camping. I can truly say that a camp bed changed my life that day, and made a huge impact on how I chose to live a more outdoor life in the future.

So if you are bit in doubt whether you should get a camp bed or not – don’t be.

Thank you for your time.

A Beginners Guide to Boxing Gloves

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For boxers the single most significant piece of equipment is the boxing gloves. In the initial stages of boxing, athletes where not required to wear gloves. In ancient Greece and Rome the fighters never wore gloves and fights some times ended in death. With the passage of time however, and as boxing became more civilized, the need for the boxing glove was imminent, in order to minimize fatalities and injuries. 
Conventional boxing gloves cover the fighter’s entire hand, and extend about five inches up the arm. The gloves are made from leather; a solid piece that covers the four fingers of the boxer’s hand, there is a second part that covers and protects the thumb. Some gloves, used in the United States, are made without a special separate protector for the thumb. In these gloves the hand fits in one pouch in order to prevent eye injuries. Aside from the leather cover, the gloves are made to contain padding material to absorb shock, protect the knuckles, as well as the faces of the boxers. Boxing gloves range in weight from 6 to 12 oz. In general, heavier gloves are harder to be kept upright during a fight, when the boxers get tired.  During the original inception of the use of boxing gloves, their primary use is to protect the knuckles of the fighters. However, in recent years boxing gloves safety and padding was increased for added safety. The first modern boxing gloves made, weighed about eight ounces. Recently, for added safety boxing gloves used in most boxing leagues weigh ten ounces. Boxers still wear boxing gloves for the same reasons they did initially. To protect the knuckles as well as the opponent from an easy knock out. The extra padding will force the boxers to use strategy instead of pure brute force.
Boxing gloves are an important element in boxing, because they alter the game and bring strategy into play. In conventional boxing, the primary goal is to use ones hands to knock out the opponent. The primary technique of boxing is to use your hands to strike your opponent with as much force as you possibly can. Because hands contain hard bones that could really do damage on the soft tissue of the face the use of the boxing glove is essential to prevent injury. Boxing gloves allow boxers to throw punches with more force than normal during training with minimal risk of injury. The reason for the introduction of the boxing glove was to prevent frequent knockouts. Due to the introduction of the glove, boxing matches became longer and strategy cam into play. The introduction of the boxing glove as well as the strategy factor in the game, leagues started to form as well as governing bodies that enforce rules. Over, the boxing glove has been very important in the evolution of the sport of boxing as we know it today. The boxing glove is an integral factor in the sport of boxing, and the sport itself has evolved around boxing gloves.

A Beginner’s Guide To Hang Gliding

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The sport of hang gliding looks and feels a bit dangerous, but it is actually a very safe sport that even the most confirmed couch potato can enjoy. You don’t need to be an accomplished athlete in order to be able to enjoy the unique sensation of swooping through the air that only hang gliding can bring. As long as you are competent enough to be able to make safe decisions while you are in the air and to respond to any surprises with grace and poise, you can enjoy this kind of gravity defying adventure.

On a first trip off of the ground, a new glider will probably not be able to sail for more than a hundred feet or so, but an experienced glider can stay in the air for several hours at a stretch. In order to keep their energy up for these long journeys so that they can respond effectively to wind and speed changes, very accomplished hang gliders usually follow a regimen of strength training and light aerobics to get in shape before a flight. However, a person of average fitness can learn to hang glide quite easily. A common rule of thumb is that if you can jog, and if you can balance a fifty pound weight on your shoulders, you are probably ready to take to the skies. Although it is physically possible for any person of any size to master the sport of hang gliding, learning the ropes can be difficult for very small or very large people due to the availability of gear.

The majority of hang gliding schools rent out equipment to beginners, but a person who is less than five feet tall or weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds may have trouble finding a rental harness that fits them correctly. Sometimes, a person of very large girth or of much smaller than average height will have to invest in their own set of equipment before they have even been able to leave the ground. This fact deters some people from hang gliding, especially as a full set of gliding gear can cost quite a bit. Hang gliding in general is not the least expensive of sports. A newcomer to hang gliding will need to budget for approximately ten lessons before they can achieve the rank of Novice. This is the lowest level that a flyer should be at before attempting unsupervised solo flights. The price of this many lessons is usually roughly a thousand dollars. Most gliders continue their training in order to improve their technique so that they can achieve higher altitudes, complete more graceful landings, and take longer flights. The cost of taking enough courses to become a competent glider together with buying even a fairly well used set of secondhand gliding equipment usually adds up to at least two thousand dollars. However, many hang gliding enthusiasts feel that it is impossible to put a price on the feeling that soaring through the skies brings.

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