A Summer Of Great British Sport

Posted on Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010 |
Are you a Brit who loves their sport? Are you looking forward to the Fifa World Cup? Are you a tennis fan? Do you love the cricket? If you are fan of sport then this could be a summer to saviour and remember. I personally have been looking forward to this summer for many months and am very excited at all of the sporting events that are forthcoming. I am from England and really believe that my national team have a real chance of winning the World Cup for the first time since 1966.

As well as the World Cup there are many more sporting events taking place that should make this summer one of the best in years.

The World Cup itself is only a week away and I can not wait for the tournament to commence. I am a massive football fan and even if England are knocked out in the group stages, I will still continue to watch and enjoy the matches.

I can not really see this happening as for the first time in many years England have a realistic chance of winning the trophy. There are some real winners in the team, John Terry, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard are three that spring to mind with little thought. I know for a fact that the players believe and that countries such as Brazil do not scare them. They of course have respect for these teams but have an inner confidence that this could be England's year.

If England can lift this trophy, can you imagine the response that will take place in the UK? The ashes heroes and the successful English World Cup rugby team have been treated like gods. Football is one thousand times more important and popular in England than these sports and these players lives will be changed forever. The country will party for months!

As well as football, there is the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the cricket, the Derby in flat racing and many other sports such as athletics to wet the appetite of the British sports fan.

I am quite interested to see how the English tennis supporters treat Andrew Murray at Wimbledon. Murray has stated that he will be supporting every team at the World Cup who play England. He is Scottish of course. I hope he has a lack of support as this is a very childish attitude from a chap who has one very little thus far. I like the way he plays tennis but think he should keep his mouth closed as I now have very little time for him. When the Scottish team play in the World Cup I hope that they win, I surely would rather a team from the UK do well than a team from South America. He is of course very young and no doubt upset that his national team have not reached this years World Cup Finals.

This summer is a time to relax, drink a few beers and to enjoy what will be a great summer of British sport.

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