NFL Training Camps are About to Start

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The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets will be opening training camps on Thursday July 20th. These two teams will be the first ones in doing so this year followed by Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans next Sunday. It is expected that by July 30th all teams will be training in the camps.

Lately many teams are training at their regular season headquarters since it appears to have better results given that things are familiar, surprises are reduced and the players get to go to their homes to see their families. This year 41% of the squads will be training at home which equals 13 of 32; while 10 years ago it was 23% of the clubs that did so. It means 7 of 30 teams, although, the teams that encamped away last year were the ones that got the titles of the most recent season.

The Super Bowl XL was disputed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. Pittsburgh trained at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania for the 40th year and the Seahawks trained at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington.

For fans, NFL season starts warming up with the training camp which are a productive and an exciting time of the year too.

Surveys have shown that fans look forward to NFL training camps in July more than to major summer events in other sports and that they prefer to watch NFL preseason games more than any other sport preseason game. Lately the teams have a tendency to schedule evening practice sessions more often than they used to, that way the fans can join them and watch the games.

The New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans will practice at new training camps this year. Some clubs have changed their training sites in the past but others return to familiar locations where they have spent their summer months for years.

How To Find Collectibles Online

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Buying collectibles online makes it easy to find what you are looking for no matter what that happens to be. There are zillions of different kinds of great items to buy for yourself or for others and only one place to buy them all and that is the internet. This is the only way to save money and get just what you need to make someone’s face light up.

There are many different shops that you can buy collectibles at online. There are the auction sites, which are great for finding truly hard to find items and antiques, and then there are all of the other online retail shops. No matter what kind of choice you make you are sure to get just what you have been looking for over the years.

Is there something that you have always dreamed of owning? A particular antique maybe, a clock or a special spoon or figurine? We all have some kind of collectible that we keep an eye out for and online auctions are truly one of the best places to find these types of things. You will be able to find so many great items on these sties and for a fraction of the price that you would be charged in d=store for them. At auction sites you set the price that you want to pay, you will never have to pay more than you have. If the bidding gets to high then you don’t have to keep raising your price.

Any of the online options are going to be better than the offline ones because of the selection and the convenience. You can compare the prices at hundreds of online stores in the time it would take you to drive to one in person. Shopping for collectibles on the internet is the only way to save tons of cash while still getting only the best collectibles to be had.

What Is A Kitewing?

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You propably know what a Kite is, but have you heard about the Kitewing?

The kitewing is a lightweight hand–held wing shaped as a kite that can be used for sailing on ice, snow and land with a pair of skis, skates or a snowboard. This is done in wintertime. For summer use one can sail with the wing using roller blades, a mountainboard or a skateboard. I haven´t yet made it in summer, but winter usage is really cool. I mainly ride at frosen lakes, but snow-covered open spaces like moun-tains are maybe even better - You just need some more wind to get it going in the mountains. On plain ice you just need a little as 4-5 m/s of wind.

I´m no extreme rider, but some other people have found out that the wing is also capable of doing jumps. Well, several 100 meters is maybe more flying than jumping? The current world record from 2004 is 505 meters (1666 feet) made by a Kitewing team rider and helicopter pilot Andreas Laurent.

If you like speed the wing gives you a good ride. In optimum conditions, you can reach speeds between 60-80 km/h, but the speed record on ice was 107 km/h the last time I heard about it.

I have found out that people interested in Kitewing riding are usually also interested in snowboarding, downhill ski-ing, windsurfing, mountain boarding and other action sports. So if you are into those sports you might get hooked. And if compared with wind surfing, this sport is easier to learn and the Kitewing has much better jumping qualities. The good jumping quality is because the symmetrical wing can be turned quickly into horizontal position - the sail can literally be transformed to a flying wing.

Tips For Choosing A Camping Spot

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Planning on going camping? Great! One of the first things you need to do is choose a spot. Here are several factors you should consider when choosing a camping spot, as well as a few tips for finding a good one.

How are you going to get to your camping spot? Is it a “drive up camping spot” or is access via a foot trail. If access is via a foot trail, I would suggest finding a spot with a half mile or less hike for your first trip.

Views / Attractions
What's at the camping spot? Does it have good views? No sense going and camping in a boring place when there are many beautiful camping spots available.

Does your camping spot have access to clean water? If not, you'll have to pack in all of the water you need, including plenty to put out the fire with.

Is there access to firewood at the camping spot. If you want a campfire, you don't want to have to carry in the wood you'll need! Be sure that you are allowed to harvest firewood for the area you are going. In most areas, you are allowed to pick up dead wood, but not cut down live trees. Live trees do not burn well, anyway.

If you're going into “uncharted areas” or plan on camping where there is no established camping spot, be sure that the terrain is such that you can pitch your tent without rolling down a hillside or sleeping on the rocks all night.

Tips for finding a spot
Here are a few places you can start looking for camping spots:
Local state parks
Local national forests
Your local city/county water supply lake
Ask friends who camp
Search online for “camping your state here” etc.

Be safe...and have fun!

Hometown Heroes Program A Hit With Baseball Fans

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Baseball fans will be taking a big swing at a program that will let them pick the most outstanding player of each Major League Baseball Club. Major League Baseball (MLB) and DHL, the "Official Express Delivery and Logistics Provider" of Major League Baseball and, have announced a new program focusing on the legacy of the game of Baseball by recognizing the most outstanding player ever for each of Major League Baseball's 30 franchises.

Fans will have the opportunity to vote for the most outstanding player in the history of each MLB franchise based on specific criteria to determine who is deserving of being named the hometown hero.

A special ballot for the Hometown Heroes program has been produced featuring five players per franchise. Nominees selected to appear on the ballot were chosen for their contributions to their Club's history using the Hometown Heroes selection criteria of on-field performance, leadership quality and character value. Fans may also write in the name of the player they choose as a Hometown Hero.

Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, legendary shortstop and third baseman Cal Ripken, Jr., famed MLB player and manager Lou Piniella, and Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith have all joined DHL to encourage fans to vote for their Hometown Heroes as part of DHL's multistadium tour during the second half of the 2006 season.

How To Vote For Your Hometown Hero:

From July 18 thru September 17, fans will be able to select one of the five nominated players, or write in a candidate of their own choosing, for each Club as part of the "DHL Presents Major League Baseball's Hometown Heroes" program. There are no voting restrictions based on fans' geographic location. Fans can vote:

• In-stadium at all 30 MLB ballparks in the U.S. and Canada

• By sending a text message with the keyword "DHL" to 55222

• Online at

Buying Your Kayaking Equipment - A Beginners Guide

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Having a new kayak is a fun, exciting adventure. But it is important to know about the right accessories for you new hobby.

If you are going to buy a kayak, you have to think long and hard about your kayak equipment. The equipment is significantly more important than the kayak itself. You should always buy kayaking equipment before you buy the boat. That way, you will buy the best equipment and will not buy cheaply made items because you spent all your money on the boat.

If you don't have the best equipment, you will have a kayaking experience that is far less enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. Here is an equipment list:

Life jackets

Foot wear

Wet suit


Paddle float

Spray skirts

Dry bags


Each of those items are completely essential to buy if you plan to own and use your kayak. Without the right equipment, you will enjoy your kayaking experience less. The most essential piece of equipment is the paddles. Without dependable paddles, you will have trouble paddling, and you will not enjoy your kayaking adventure as much as you would have.

Wet suits may not be necessary for everyone. Wet suits are necessary only if you plan to kayak in cold weather and cold water. This is usually for professional kayakers and extreme-kayaking fans.

It's important to remember life jackets! This is a vital piece of equipment. You could get into rough water or roll in your kayak and find yourself with no way of keeping your head out of the water. Not wearing one is against the law and dangerous to your safety. Make sure that your flotation devices fit you and your passengers properly and that you have extra one in the boat.

When you have taken care of these kayaking requirements, you will be prepared to take your boat on the water!

Hopefully this article will help you on your way to enjoying this great sport.

Watch live soccer games with a single click!

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Nowadays, due to the improvements of technology and the development of the Internet everyone can watch live football from a comfortable seat at home, and all this without paying expensive cable or satellite fees.

Now you can watch premiership games, champions league soccer, cup matches live, al broadcasted on the Internet, sometimes free and sometimes after paying a small fee. You can enjoy many quality football matches easier then ever. And don't think that you have to buy some extra hardware or anything because all you need is an Internet connection, but it has to be a broadband connection if you want the live football stream to have a high quality.

How can you do this? Almost every soccer match that is taking place somewhere in the world is broadcasted through a live football stream that you can access from anywhere and furthermore most of the matches come with an English commentary.

If your Internet connection's speed is high enough then the live transmission of the game will be uniinterupted, but this and the quality depends on how busy the server is.

There are many websites that are broadcasting live soccer streams and most of these provide high-quality streams and
they have more links to choose from because only one would make the line too busy.

You also need a player that supports live streaming if you wish to watch live football games. The most common players are RealPlayer, MediaPlayer and WinAmp.
The websites that provide soccer streams have a list with all the games taking place at the moment and all you need to do is click on the game and the player will open and you can watch it. As simple as that!

So whenever there's a major football event you know that it's certainly broadcasted somewhere on the Internet and you can watch everything and you only pay a few dollars!

Your Football Glory Isn't a Thing of the Past

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A new national organization is providing a fun way for former football players to stay active and in the game.

American Football Alumni unites former high school, college and professional players and coaches so they can reconnect with old teammates and make new friends. But besides its extensive networking opportunities, the organization offers members information and support on how to use their football disciplines to further themselves personally, professionally and financially.

To date, there's been an overwhelming response to the organization because of the exciting tools that American Football Alumni offers. For example, members now have an outlet to share their opinions on timely football topics, such as what is right for college players and new sports rules that are being considered.

Members also can participate in exclusive, national college football polls. This brings together the broadest demographic of players and coaches to create what is believed to be not only the most accurate polls, but ones that truly represent the sport from those who know it best.

One of American Football Alumni's main goals is to recognize players of every skill level. Because society tends to only honor the big-star players, the organization makes sure all players are recognized as individuals who were important to their teams, our society and to football culture as a whole.

Uniting thousands of players from around the country, American Football Alumni will hold Football Fest 2006, which will be held July 6 to 9 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

The event will be an action-packed weekend with opportunities to mingle with former football greats, talk with big-name coaches, play golf, attend speaker luncheons, hear the latest on sports topics at seminars and participate in the awards dinner. Nowhere else will you be able to rub shoulders with so many football lovers under one roof.

Falcons Finally Have a Chance to Get Off to a Good Start in the Opening Month

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There are seven clubs that are candidates for rebound status in 2006 the seven flopped relatively miserably in 2005, averaging only 6.6 victories and three of the clubs finishing in last place in their divisions. They are: Atlanta, Green Bay, Minnesota, the New York Jets, Philadelphia, St. Louis and San Diego. All made the postseason in 2004, and the Eagles played in Super Bowl XXXIX.

The Atlanta Falcons have never won consecutive campaigns in the 40-year history of the franchise. The Falcons are under intense pressure from ownership to win big in 2006 and probably we will find the truth about them two polarized very polarized performances. The consequence of owner Arthur Blank's off-season spending and the all defensive renovations promulgated by general manager Rich McKay and Mora could be, even in what figures to be a fiercely contended NFC South, a rebound return to postseason play.

Team officials have made no pretense about their snooty expectations for 2006. Although, the Falcons seem to be flying undetected, management expects the team to ascend, and much of the off-season actions that the team has taken about their roster and trainings, particularly on the defensive side, were designed to produce immediate results.

Despite the fact, the Falcons face eight 2005 playoff teams, including the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, their schedule ranks as just the 15th most difficult in the league. The NFC South has become a challenging division. So the Falcons will get an early measure of their worthiness. They face all three divisional foes, including a season opener at Carolina, in their first three outings.

TeddyBears - Did you know?

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Teddy bears date back to the early twentieth century, but the origin of the name is uncertain. The most popular story is that then-US President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt refused to kill an injured bear on a bear-hunting trip, choosing to spare its life instead. This story was then picked up by the newspapers, especially cartoonists, leading one enterprising shop that sold toy bears to label them ‘Teddy’s Bears’ in the window.

The original teddy bears are generally considered to come from Germany, where they were made by the Steiff company and exported to the US. Unlike previous attempts at toy bears, they were not fierce looking, with the makers instead going for a more appealing, although unrealistic, cute look. The bears were an immediate huge seller, with a craze that you could easily compare to the ‘90s Beanie Baby fever, and teddies today are still the biggest-selling toy animal by far. As teddies were still being handmade rather than mass-produced, this led to a huge number of people becoming employed in bear-making almost overnight.

During the First World War, teddy bears from Germany were impossible to get, which led other countries to start producing them and building up their own unique teddy styles. The Second World War, however, led to a decline in teddy bear manufacture, as the resources simply couldn’t be spared, and it wasn’t until the ‘50s that they became popular again. When they came back, though, it was with a vengeance, just like bananas and other things that had been unavailable during the war. Today, we are still in this age of teddy mass production.

Teddy bears have since become an enduring children’s toy, as well as a popular theme of children’s stories, such as Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh and the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Because of many adults’ nostalgia for the pre-war hand-crafted bears, a whole industry of ‘bear artists’ making expensive, individual bears has sprung up alongside the cheap toys, and teddy bears remain popular as gifts as well.

Breeders’ Cup World Championship

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The total purses for the Breeders’ Cup World Championship have been raised to $20 million, $6 million more than last year. Seven of the eight Breeders’ Cup races have increased their purses.

The Breeders’ Cup Classic which is powered by Dodge has increased its purse to $5 million that means $1 million more than last year. The horse race will take place on November 4th, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Breeders’ Cup races have doubled their purses since its beginning in 1984, when they started with a $10 million purse. Last time purses increased was before the 2003 Breeders’ Cup when the Breeders’ Cup Mile and the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile were increased to 1.5 million dollars.

This situation is turning the Breeders’ Cup into the richest race of all, giving its property even more value than ever. It is formed by eight races: the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies, the Bessemer Trust Breeders' Cup Juvenile, the Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf, the TVG Breeders' Cup Sprint, the NetJets Breeders' Cup Mile, the Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Distaff, the John Deere Breeders' Cup and the Turf Breeders' Cup Classic - Powered by Dodge.

This race is a determining factor in Horse of the Year honors. The Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships is a series of thoroughbred horse races sponsored by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association. It is a one-day event that takes place every year at a different location. It has always taken place in the United States; the one year that was in another country was in 1996, when the races were at the Woodbine Racetrack in Canada.

The horse racing event was created as a championship for North American thoroughbred racing, but it also attracts top horses from other parts of the world, especially Europe and during recent years, the Middle East.

How important is MIND in sports?

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We all know sports are all about physical fitness and physical endurance. What we also know for fact is sport people do not attach much important on another important aspect - MIND MANAGEMENT.

Athletes may possess 100% physical fitness but if he/she is not mentally fit, the physical fitness is as good as not having it at all. So what is Mental Fitness?

Physical training teaches the body the physical attributes and tunes the body to use the skills of the sport, while mental training teaches the nuances of focus and mind control and the ways to enhance the performance.

It is important to realize the enormous power of thought and its effect on performance. Sport people in particular achieve peak performance when the BODY, MIND and EMOTIONS are synchronized at the same level and on the same goal. But unlike mastering physical aspects – perfectly physical skills and developing physical fitness, the importance of Mind Management is ignored by the athletes and coaching gurus.

Self Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) can play a critical role in shaping, tuning a sports person mind to develop positive attitude for achieve peak performance.

Hypnosis is a tool, which we can utilize to enhance or enable whatever we set our minds to accomplish. We can use this tool to build self-esteem and confidence, add clarity and a sense of control to our lives. NLP is concerned with how our minds work – the pattern we use to organize information, the ways we motivate (or inhibit) ourselves. EFT deals and helps optimization of emotional health of an individual.

Together these three terrific techniques will greatly help the sports people in enhancing, improving their performances in their respective sports arena.

France vs. Denmark

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One of the best teams in the history of soccer is France. They have participated in 11 editions of the World Cup. France's most successful years were the late 1990s, the generation of Zidane and others. This team played in the semifinals of Euro 96, two years later hosted and won the 1998 World Cup and two years later won Euro 2000.

They also won the UEFA European championship in 1984 and finished third in 1958 and 1986 in the FIFA World Cup.

But with no doubt the most impressive achievement France has ever got is the Championship against Brazil in home soil with a sensational 3-0. That had a million euphoric Frenchmen and women sing and danced all night long on the famous Champs Elysees in Paris. The celebrations went on for days.

They’re preparing for the World Cup in Germany. France has one of the best squads since their World Cup title on home soil. They go with everything they have, including veteran star Zinedine Zidane who’s planning to retire after the tournament. Also they have young players like Giuly and Givet, rising stars in the French squad.

One of the friendly matches they will have before the start of the tournament is against Denmark who coincidently was one of their rivals in Korea/Japan. In the group stage, it will be a good match between these two squads.

On the other side Denmark is not going to Germany but they still continue with the friendly matches that give some exposure to the young players and it will help the team to prepare for the EURO 2008 qualifiers after the World Cup.

They finished only one point behind Turkey in the group two in the Europe Zone qualifiers; it is a shame for Denmark and their fans that are accustomed for their team to go to the final stage. Now they can only wait for the EURO 2008 to redeem in Europe’s soccer scene.

If you like sports betting, this is a great chance to track your favorite team, and see how they’re doing before the World Cup starts and make your bets once the tournament starts.

Use Paddles And Pedals For Twice The Speed - The Hobie Cat Kayak

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Every so often, an innovation comes along that changes the essence of a sport. Hobie Cat's pedal system has done exactly that for kayaking.

Hobie Cat has revolutionized today's kayak. The demand for the Hobie Cat kayak is growing rapidly. The company has made dozens of kayak models through the years - some for recreation, some for sporting, and some for fishing, surfing and more. Each of those interests requires a kayak type that has been designed especially for that use.

All of Hobie Cat's classic kayak models have pedals! Yes you heard right, pedals! The kayaks have two flippers that rotate on the bottom. When you pedal, the flippers move, which, of course, makes you move a lot quicker! The feature is not only great for speed but also perfect for when you get tired of rowing. You can pedal instead. Hobie Cat classic kayaks let you work out your legs along with upper body. You get a whole-body workout!

You also get a quality steering mechanism built into the boat. The mechanism sits directly at in front of you while you are pedaling. The steering direct the flippers under the boat.

Hobie Cat is a famous company that makes some of the best kayaks anywhere! If you want to buy a new kayak or upgrade the one you already have, Hobie Cat is the way you want to go. They have kayaks for every skill level and the best styles available on the market! Take advantage of their high standard of quality and buy one of their revolutionary boats.

Hobie Cat kayaks work for everyone! Look at their models and you will make up your mind immediately! It will be love at first sight with Hobie Cat's impressive designs, styles and great pedal innovation!

If you get the chance, give the Hobie Cat a test drive. I'm sure you'll be delighted and soon be joining the ranks of happy Hobie Cat users.

Training for Wrestling

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The wrestling training plays a very important role in shaping a wrestler, the amount of time he/she spends in training and practicing in summation will show up at their performance.

The following steps can be helpful for getting started with wrestling practice:

Work out the posterior chain muscles

The posterior chain is the powerful area of the body that comprises the glutens, and hamstrings, is a key section to concentrate on for overall wrestling performances. There shall be will notice a marked improvement in speed and power in the neutral and bottom positions once strength improves in these areas. Some really good exercises to enhance the posterior chain are good-mornings, stiff-leg dead lifts, dead lifts, barbell squats (bar low on shoulders). For ultimate in working out the posterior chain muscles, reverse hyperextension and the Russian glute-ham-gastroc machine are advised.

Wrestle fast

Wrestlers those that try to move a barbell quickly in their workouts use momentum to help move the weight. To wrestle fast one should minimize the momentum, and maximize the amount of muscle that gets worked by slowing down. It depends on fast or slow one move a weight during the strength training.

Building up the protein

You need to add on proteins rather than carbs, whether you are trying to cut weight or go up a weight class, you need regular feedings of protein. Protein helps to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues. It is vital to keep up protein feedings if you are trying to cut weight unless of course you don’t mind losing muscle and getting weaker. The difference lies in the carbohydrate intake. If you need to lose weight, you should begin slowly dropping carbs, but never completely. You can’t wrestle if you don’t have energy to burn. Carbohydrates are you body’s preferred source of energy.

Inflatable Kayak vs Hardshell - Which Should You Choose?

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There are many choices to make when you are buying a kayak - hardshell versus inflatable is one. But with a trusted brand like Stearns, you don't have to worry.

If you have not yet bought a kayak, you should know there are advantages of an inflatable kayak over a hardshell kayak. Inflatables are easier to store, transport and enjoy. If you are a beginner or a kayak hobbyist, you ought to consider an inflatable kayak?

Stearns makes inflatable kayaks with high quality and that don't cost much. You can choose from several styles. And you will find one suitable to your needs with Stearns inflatable kayaks. Many famous companies make great kayaks, but Stearns is a name that you are able to trust. The company creates kayaks for leisure and recreation, in addition to competition, sport and more. It doesn't matter what kind of kayaking you do, you can find an excellent inflatable kayak from Stearns.

You might not believe it at first, but inflatable kayaks are just as good, if not better than hardshell kayaks, in several ways. After your kayak is inflated, you will discover that its cockpits and compartments are the same size, and it is comfortable. You can easily find one that suits your interests among the several different kinds from which you can choose.

You can find excellent Stearns inflatable kayaks at sporting and wilderness stores. Stores that sell kayaks have Stearns inflatable kayaks. When you view them firsthand, you will immediately see the many similarities of the inflatable to the hardshell. With so many brands of inflatable kayaks available, there is a lot of competition. Do not let the many names confuse you. Pick the one that has proved to be the best. Stearns inflatable kayaks are among the best brands.

I hope you will find this information useful and that you join me very soon in the great sport of kayaking.

Important Accessories For Your New Kayak Paddles

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Buying a new kayak is just the beginning of your new adventures. But before you can hit the water, you will have to buy several other important pieces of kayak equipment.

You will immediately discover when you buy a kayak that the extra equipment required becomes quite important. Kayak paddle accessories are the top factor when starting your adventures.

Paddles make the kayak move more smoothly. The kayak would lose its allure instantly without paddles! As you shop for paddle accessories, you will immediately see that these accessories are a requirement.

Because the paddles are very important, you will want to buy a paddle bag to keep your paddles undamaged and in working condition. If there are cracks or single blemishes in one of the paddles, you will be aware of it immediately. The kayak will move less smoothly, and you will notice a change in your paddling.

Oar locks are another accessory for you to consider. This really depends on personal preference. Oar locks are molded to the side of your boat to help you paddle better and keep your oars locked in place. Oar locks don't cost very much and are perfect for those who think they need them. These are not a necessity for everyone, but they are a common choice.

A paddle leash is important for when you fall out of the kayak or have an accident. The leash lets you grab the paddle when it is attached to the boat. The leash will increase your chance of surviving if you ever have such an accident.

These accessories show you how much work goes into kayaking even before you get to the water. Kayaking requires planning and shopping before you can get your boat out for its very first run.

However, once you get all the components together it will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this fantastic sport.

Get away from it all

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Haven't you ever had time you wanted to get away from it all? In March/April 1978, published a story about a couple who bought McLeod's Island — a 90-acre island off the coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

They have a few animals, spend very little on groceries, and are pretty well sustained by the island itself. Although it does present them with some challenges:

"The sea, you know, is not called "restless" for nothing. A glass-smooth bay (as we've learned so well!) can churn-sometimes seemingly in seconds-into a windswept chaos of currents and combers. We've also seen that same bay (the one in which our island is located) thaw and then completely refreeze in just hours on a single December day.

Winters up here can be especially variable. Continual spring-like thaws throughout 1976's cold season, for instance, kept our bay filled with slushy ice that was too thick to push a boat through ... but too dangerous for even a fox to walk on. We were marooned for three full months, from the first of January until the end of March. Last winter's record cold snap, on the other hand, filled the bay so solidly with pack ice that we could hike back and forth to the mainland for our mail and toboggan loads of supplies any time we wanted."

For some of us, we find the Internet gives us the freedom to be able to work and live almost any place we want to. These people didn't have that luxury. I use the past tense as I can't find any current information about them. Who knows? Maybe the tide swept the out to sea.

Life is full of sacrifices. Some are just more dear than others. Still, I don't think buying an island is in my future.

You can read the whole article here.

Safety Tips for Archery

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Archery like any sport has rules, most of the rules are best practice rules that are used to keep archers and spectators safe. In general it is good practice to observe these rules whether competing or just shooting for fun.

1. Aim
Always shoot arrows at the target. Arrows can be dangerous weapons and should never to be aimed at anything other than the target.

2. Inspect
Arrows must be carefully inspected before each shot to see that they have not been damaged. If the arrow shaft is damage it could cause the arrow to snap and injure the archer. A cracked arrow could also go off course and harm a spectator. The bottom line is damaged arrows are unpredictable and not safe to shoot.

Damaged nocks may result in arrow leaving bow unpredictably or result in a misdirected arrow. So always inspect arrows prior to shooting them.

3. Safety
Only when everyone has finished shooting should the signal be given, to move forward to collect the arrows. One person at a time should withdraw their arrows from the target. When withdrawing arrows from the target, make sure no-one is standing in front of the target or in the way of the withdrawn arrows.

4. Load
Never pull back and release a bow string without an arrow attached. This could damage the bow or injure the archer. Additionally, a bow should not be loaded with an arrow unless standing on the "Shooting Line" and the signal to start shooting has been given.

5. Placement
Targets should be set up to insure that no one can be accidentally hit by a stray arrow. All competitors must wait for the command to shoot and retrieve.

Archery is a fun sport, but one must not forget it can also be a dangerous sport. By following basic guidelines you are more apt to enjoy shooting.

Eagle Sea Finder 320 - Helping You Get What You Want From The Sea

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The Eagle Sea Finder 320DF is a fish finder that combines many of the features that you are looking for. It will help you to bring home a full bucket of fish every time you head out onto the lake. The features of this product speak for themselves so let’s get to them.

We’ll start with the 320 DF’s LCD display. While it is only five inches, it is still one of the best around on this type of fish finder. It also features 16 level grayscale and a backlit screen and keypad. All this spells out that you have a high quality screen that you’ll be able to see details on.

The fact that the blacks and whites are so well pronounced will help you determine the object you are looking at with clarity. This is important for distinguishing between a structure, the bottom, and a fish. The backlit feature will allow you to use your fish finder in any light including that of the early morning or late night. This means you can use it when you want to!

The sonar on board the Sea Finder 320DF is pretty good as well! It has a depth capability of 1500 feet with lots of power. And, it delivers a high performance result, even while traveling at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. It will help you expose fish targets that are hidden under surface clutter. You can separate fish from structures and the bottom. And, you can use Fish ID to show underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols.

There are many more capabilities in this type of sonar, but it all comes down to the simple fact that the 320DF is able to provide you with a clear picture of not only what is below the surface, but what its doing and what type of fish it is. It will even find the fish for you. Imagine. All you need to do is sit back and cast.

The Eagle Sea Finder 320DF is capable of helping you get just what you want from the sea!

Online Web Games – 3D Billiards

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Online web games offer a wide range of choices to players, from simple board games of logic to complex, 3D interactive games that realistically reproduce games like billiards, soccer, baseball, etc. on the monitor. Billiards is a popular game that can be played on a PC, or even a cell phone.

Searching on the internet should give you access to websites where you can download and play a 3D billiards game. The rules and types of games that can be played remain the same - 8 ball, 9-ball or straight pool.

A typical billiards game uses the mouse and keyboard buttons. A sample of controls used is given below.

-To aim hold the "A" key (or left button on the mouse) and move the mouse.
-To zoom in or out hold "Z" keys and moves mouse.
-To shoot hold "S" key and move mouse.
-To adjust English hold "E" key and move the mouse.
-To change overhead camera push "O" key.
-To flip the overhead camera hold "X" key.
-For 3d camera push "C" key.
-For the display of the ball path line push "L" key.
-To turn music on/off push "M" key.

How to play
-Move the ball and adjust the stick using the mouse. For shooting the ball click the mouse button. For more power hold on to the mouse button for a longer time and vice-versa.

8 Ball game
-2 players can also play it. Here the main aim is to pocket your set of balls before your opponent.

9 Ball game
-This game is played using 9 numbered balls, and a cue ball. The first ball that is hit by the cue ball must be of a lower number. The main aim is to pocket the entire set of 9 ball before the opponent.

For more information on free online web games visit: Free online web games

The Baseball Family

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In the pre dawn hours of October 21, 2000, I shook my two sons out of their bunk beds and led them – still stumbling and puffy eyed – into my blue Chevy Cavalier. They didn’t know it yet, but we were starting off on an eight-hour road trip up Route 81 to my father’s house. This was the first game of the Subway Series. And I wanted three generations of Mets fans to root together that day.

Baseball, more than any other sport, is passed from generation to generation. I can still remember leafing through an old photo album not long after my grandfather passed away. A yellow newspaper clipping fluttered down to my lap. I had to smile and shake my head as I unfolded and read a story from the Daily News about the 1986 Mets. Baseball and family.

According to the Baseball Almanac, more than 100 Father-Son teams have made the Bigs; Bobby and Barry Bonds, Felipe and Moises Alou, Tito and Terry Francona, Bob, Aaron, and Brett Boone, and the Griffeys to name a few. But perhaps more significant, and more incalculable to the game has been the impact of unnumbered parents bringing kids to Little League games, trips to the ballpark, and endless discussions of strategies, stats, and standings around the dinner table.

It’s no secret that Major League Baseball is struggling to market the game to youth. But I think they are ignoring the obvious; Baseball is inherited more than sold. If MLB wants young people to adopt the game, they need to bring out the families. That’s a challenge when a family outing at the park can leave a two-hundred dollar hole in your mitt. But it’s a problem the league will need to address if they’re truly concerned about the future of America’s Pastime.

Power Personified – With Massive Arms

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Remember when you were in High School. So many characters and personalities. Big guys, big mouths, funny guys, funny gals and many many more one of a kind kids. Here’s one I think you’ll relate to.

My first impression of Gillie was as 12 year old. He was so immense. I remember thinking that I did not want to be hit by him.
If I had Gillie on my team I knew I had an edge. A powerful advantage.

Gillie was the Paul Bunyon of my neighborhood. He had 20-22 biceps, and a neck almost as round. Weighing 220 pounds, he stood six feet one inch and had no fat on his body. Not an ounce of blubber. I had never seen any one like him in my life. He ambled when he walked. The kind of walk someone has when they know they have nothing to fear. His nickname was Mr Clean. He looked a lot like the cleaning icon. Except Gillie had no earring.

On the baseball diamond, Gillie was awesome. His fungo shots to the outfielders in pre game warm-ups touched parts of the sky usually reserved for small engine planes. He scared the other team. He looked like Mickey Mantle, Harmon Killabrew and Ted Kluzewski all rolled into one.

Smacking a softball was where Gillie excelled. His shots were legendary. He was one of a handful that hit the ball over the right field fence. The fence was 270 – 280 feet away and climbed 40 feet high. He was the only person I ever saw that hit a ball that soared over that fence onto Goldsmith Avenue. His hits seemed to gain height as they cleared the fence.

For me, Gillie always represented strength, dedication and just being a real good guy. He never used his size and strength to put others down. It was his way of building himself up. Whether he batted right handed or lefty you would always see the outfield back up and the infield shift to much deeper positions.

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First People From The Midlands Ever To Cross The Indian Ocean

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Two amateur rower's are gearing up to become the first people from the Midlands ever to cross the Indian Ocean in a seven meter rowing boat.

David Lynes, from Redditch and Steven Redgewell from Evesham, otherwise known as Team DevOcean, look set to cross 3,500 miles of inhospitable sea when they compete in the first ever race across the Indian Ocean.

The race, part of the series of three races organized by Woodvale which saw James Cracknell and Ben Fogle's Atlantic cross in 2005, takes place in April 2009 and will see the pair row from West Coast Australia to Mauritius.

Team DevOcean will have to battle shark invested seas in temperatures of around 30 degrees, rowing one hour on, one hour rest, all day every day – for up to 80 days.

Website consultant David, 27, said it was his friend Steven, a web developer and seasoned amateur rower, who first had the idea of entering the race.

"I became suspicious that Steve was up to something when he kept quizzing me about my fitness. I finally prized it out of him that he wanted me to enter a rowing race and then he dropped it in later that it was across the Indian Ocean. I immediately said yes as I love a challenge and as I haven't actually ever rowed in a race before its certainly going to be a big one!

"This will probably be the biggest thing we ever do in our lives. We don't just plan on taking part in the race, we aim to win it and raise £300,000 for NCH the children's charity and Baraq Ministries, while we do it."

The next year and a half is going to be a campaign of extensive training and fund raising. To kick start their efforts, Team DevOcean are holding a launch party at Brindleyplace in Birmingham where visitors will get to see a life size replica of the boat and learn more about their huge challenge.

My Office - Behind The Pate.

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I loved catching - I had the whole game in front of me. I could see everything. Placing the fielders was my job. Seeing whether long fly balls were fair or foul. What the pitcher had or lacked, I saw, as well. Did the pitcher need a break in the action because he was tired? If he did I would pay a little visit to the mound. The general on the field is what I was. A direct link to the coach. Switching to catcher was the best thing I did as a player. I had so much fun behind the plate.

My office was behind the plate. Having played all the other positions was great, but I felt the best place to be, was catching. I could cash in on all the activity that was in front of me. I had an opportunity to shape the game. I had power in my office that I did not have anywhere else on the field except for maybe pitching. I loved that responsibility.

Seeing a batter leaning one way and then calling the pitch that I thought would get him out was one strategy I successfully used. Striking out a batter was a joint effort between the pitcher and I. I felt it was my job to study the batter and then relay any useful information I got, back to the pitcher.

My stock as a catcher increased when the pitcher pitched well. I felt I had to find the weakness in the batter. That was part of my job. And then calling the game was the essence of being a catcher.

If there was a background check on all the catchers that ever played, I think there is one thing that would be common. They all studied the game.

Johnny Bench, Roy Campanella, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard, and Ivan Rodriguez are a few of my catching heroes. Johnny Bench for his incredible arm and amazing power. Roy Campenella for his amazing arm and incredible power. Hey that sounds familiar. I loved all the Yankees. And Ivan - just an incredible talent.

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Camping - do you have the skills to survive the outdoors?

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As our society becomes more and more technological, cold and urban, ever more people are starting to feel the urge to get away from it all, take a break from modern life and go back to the way things were for our ancestors. Perhaps this explains the rising popularity of camping holidays, the ultimate experience of going back to nature and living in the wild, with only a basic structure for shelter and a fire for cooking.

Of course, lots of people don’t exactly do it that way. Camper vans are popular, as is ‘car camping’, and all sorts of electrical appliances have been adapted for camping – there are even camp microwaves. Most people consider at least modern toilets and showers to be a campsite necessity, regardless of whether it’s really true to the spirit of the activity. Camping doesn’t really have to be an outdoors thing if you don’t want it to be, as many camper vans aren’t that much different to houses on wheels, and many families stay in them for a large part of their holiday. It’s all about doing what you feel comfortable with.

For hardcore campers, though, the truest form of camping is camping which teaches survival skills, such as eating-wild caught food, finding your way around by the position of the sun and making fire. You would have to be very hungry to eat the animals that can be found in the woods of most countries, however, and for this reason camping with facilities and packed food is far more popular.

Most campsites are in woods or open fields, and are often publically-owned – if you want to find one, they should be clearly marked on maps for walkers and on road signs for cars. It’s up to you what you take with you, but most people will prefer to have at least a tent, sleeping bags, torches, and either a tool for making firewood or portable oven where campfires aren’t allowed.

Bowling to the Top

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In a lane, it's just the player, the pins and the bowling ball. With proper practice, technique and the right equipment, that may turn into a strike.

Bowling has been around for centuries. It was first introduced in Egypt in 3200 BC. Through the years it has spread worldwide with various ways of playing, either indoor or outdoor.

The most popular type of bowling (often seen on television) is ten pin bowling. The surface for this game was originally made of wood but has changed to other materials that imitate the old flooring.

The one thing that has not changed is the bowling ball. It is not really shaped as a uniform sphere because there are holes drilled in it that are needed for the player to grip the ball before rolling it down the lane

The material used in making the bowling ball has changed. Originally, this was made out of wood. The most common balls now used in bowling alleys are made of hard rubber. They come in different weights so that players of all ages can play this game.

Customized balls are ones made according to the player's specifications. Custom made balls are for serious bowlers, especially those who are in competitions. They come in different colors and designs. There are also those that are transparent which are painted in a way that makes it appear that there is a figure or an object inside the ball.

A bowling ball can be held in different ways. The first is called the conventional grip where the bowler's middle and ring fingers are placed into the ball holes up to the second joint. The second is called the finger tip grip. Here, the middle and the ring fingers are placed in the holes up to the first joint. More effort is required by the latter, but it gives the player better control when the ball is released. The third is called the Sarge-Easter Grip. Again the middle and the ring fingers are used but unlike the other two, both fingers occupy one hole which works well with players with high "rev" rates.

The style used to hold and release the bowling ball varies among players. It is best to experiment with the different kinds of grips so that you know which one works best for you.

Bowling is an exciting sport that requires hand and eye coordination similar to basketball or football. Getting the right bowling ball will help the player feel comfortable - a step towards excelling in this game.

Bowling Tips and Etiquette

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Bowling is a very interesting sport. It does not require that you be a professional to be able to play this game. However, there are etiquettes that should be considered when playing bowling so that bowlers will learn how to properly play the game and enjoy it at the same time.

Here are a few bowling tips that need to be observed all times:

1. The bowler should aware of who bowls first on the lanes. The general rule is that whoever is up first is the first bowler who should play but the players can negotiate on who well bowl first.

2. The bowler should always be ready to bowl. Be prepared to take your turn - no unnecessary delays - the player will need to throw down the ball to the lanes and hit the pins just as soon as he is comfortable.

3. It is important to show respect to other bowlers whether they are your teammates, opponents or even those who are playing in the lanes on either side of you. They should demonstrate sportsmanship at all times and they need to be considerate of the other players.

4. The bowlers should also learn to observe the rules and guidelines set of the game and the bowling alley. Rules are there to keep bowlers safe and create healthy relationship with other bowlers. It is important that these rules be observed at all times.

5. One guideline that should be observed is choosing and using the same ball throughout the game. This is one way of showing respect to other bowlers. It is not appropriate to pick a ball that is already being used by another bowler.

6. Bowlers should allow a healthy competition among players by learning to compete with other players in a friendly way. They should cooperate with teammates by not wasting time during the game and participating eagerly in the game.

7. Cleanliness and neatness is extremely important. Know where to throw the used drinking bottles or other food waste they accumulate. It is not proper to scatter all the leftovers in the lanes - use the trash receptacle. Towels should always be placed in/on their bags if not in use as a courtesy gesture to other players.

These tips are very helpful in observing etiquette in every bowling alley. Bowling should be a venue for enjoyment and fun and observing these tips will allow every bowler to enjoy every game in every bowling alley.

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