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Posted on Senin, 14 Februari 2011 |
The wrestling training plays a very important role in shaping a wrestler, the amount of time he/she spends in training and practicing in summation will show up at their performance.

The following steps can be helpful for getting started with wrestling practice:

Work out the posterior chain muscles

The posterior chain is the powerful area of the body that comprises the glutens, and hamstrings, is a key section to concentrate on for overall wrestling performances. There shall be will notice a marked improvement in speed and power in the neutral and bottom positions once strength improves in these areas. Some really good exercises to enhance the posterior chain are good-mornings, stiff-leg dead lifts, dead lifts, barbell squats (bar low on shoulders). For ultimate in working out the posterior chain muscles, reverse hyperextension and the Russian glute-ham-gastroc machine are advised.

Wrestle fast

Wrestlers those that try to move a barbell quickly in their workouts use momentum to help move the weight. To wrestle fast one should minimize the momentum, and maximize the amount of muscle that gets worked by slowing down. It depends on fast or slow one move a weight during the strength training.

Building up the protein

You need to add on proteins rather than carbs, whether you are trying to cut weight or go up a weight class, you need regular feedings of protein. Protein helps to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues. It is vital to keep up protein feedings if you are trying to cut weight unless of course you don’t mind losing muscle and getting weaker. The difference lies in the carbohydrate intake. If you need to lose weight, you should begin slowly dropping carbs, but never completely. You can’t wrestle if you don’t have energy to burn. Carbohydrates are you body’s preferred source of energy.

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