Use Paddles And Pedals For Twice The Speed - The Hobie Cat Kayak

Posted on Selasa, 15 Februari 2011 |
Every so often, an innovation comes along that changes the essence of a sport. Hobie Cat's pedal system has done exactly that for kayaking.

Hobie Cat has revolutionized today's kayak. The demand for the Hobie Cat kayak is growing rapidly. The company has made dozens of kayak models through the years - some for recreation, some for sporting, and some for fishing, surfing and more. Each of those interests requires a kayak type that has been designed especially for that use.

All of Hobie Cat's classic kayak models have pedals! Yes you heard right, pedals! The kayaks have two flippers that rotate on the bottom. When you pedal, the flippers move, which, of course, makes you move a lot quicker! The feature is not only great for speed but also perfect for when you get tired of rowing. You can pedal instead. Hobie Cat classic kayaks let you work out your legs along with upper body. You get a whole-body workout!

You also get a quality steering mechanism built into the boat. The mechanism sits directly at in front of you while you are pedaling. The steering direct the flippers under the boat.

Hobie Cat is a famous company that makes some of the best kayaks anywhere! If you want to buy a new kayak or upgrade the one you already have, Hobie Cat is the way you want to go. They have kayaks for every skill level and the best styles available on the market! Take advantage of their high standard of quality and buy one of their revolutionary boats.

Hobie Cat kayaks work for everyone! Look at their models and you will make up your mind immediately! It will be love at first sight with Hobie Cat's impressive designs, styles and great pedal innovation!

If you get the chance, give the Hobie Cat a test drive. I'm sure you'll be delighted and soon be joining the ranks of happy Hobie Cat users.

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