Buying concert tickets with a broker will bring you to the music

Posted on Minggu, 11 Desember 2011 |

Concerts are fun to go to and if you are a music fan of any genre, you may be wondering what the best way is to get quality tickets at an affordable rate. Buying concert tickets with a broker will bring you straight to the heart of music and when you can enjoy your favorite artists in concert, you will love your broker for it. Buying concert tickets with a broker is easier then you think, quicker then you think and probably, a bit cheaper then you would first expect. Let’s look at a few of the myths people have about buying concert tickets with a broker:

Myth number one: Buying concert tickets with a broker is tough. This myth stops a lot of people from buying tickets from a broker because they figure it is more complicated than it actually is. All it really consists of is finding your favorite concert or musician (which you probably know!) and then picking up the phone or clicking purchase on the broker’s website. A broker’s website works much in the same way a ticket office does where you can pay with your credit or debit card on a secure site and have your tickets mailed to you next day air. It is easier then you think.

Myth number two: Buying concert tickets with a broker takes a long time. This is not true and in fact, it often works much in the opposite effect. Buying concert tickets through a broker is often quicker then buying them through a ticket office. Why? Brokers only have a certain amount of tickets to concerts but they want to make sure they sell them because any unsold tickets mean no profit. A lot of time you can even pre pay a broker for certain tickets at a concert you know will be sold out and you just don’t feel like waiting in line. While you may pay a slightly higher price for these tickets, you will still get them hassle free and very quickly.

Myth number three: Buying concert tickets with a broker is expensive. Many people think that if they are going to buy a concert ticket with a broker then they are going to spend a bucket load of money, not true. While you may pay a little more then retail value, you are also getting incredibly good seats (even to sold out concerts), with the least amount of hassle and you can even get them at the very last minute. The price can sometimes be cheaper too, something you don’t often hear about when discussing ticket brokers. When a concert comes up and all the broker’s tickets are not sold yet, they may decide to sell under value tickets just to get rid of them. Keep your eyes open for good last minute deals.

Buying concert tickets with a broker is a smart way to shop and if you dispel the three myths listed above, it doesn’t look so bad, huh?

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