Caring For Your Pool Cue

Posted on Kamis, 29 Desember 2011 |

We all know that regular cleaning and maintenance is needed in order to keep your pool table in playable condition. Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about your game is properly caring for your pool cue. Here are some simple ways to ensure that you get the most out of the life of your pool cue.

Pool cues are made out of many different materials. Each of these materials expand and contract differently due to temperature leaps from hot to cold. To keep this down to a minimum, make sure you don't keep your cue in a damp basement or a hot attic. Even leaving your cue out in the car for a short period of time can severely warp the components in the stick. Keeping your cue away from humidity and moisture is another way to lengthen its life. Most of the materials used in a pool stick will absorb water, which will cause swelling. This in turn makes the joints loosen and become brittle. The ideal temperature for a pool cue is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit with moderate humidity.

Some people take their cues for granted. They will toss it on a table, throw it on the floor, or prop it against the wall. These actions can permanently damage the cue by warping the butt and shaft. A cue rack is an easy way to keep your cue from warping. The cue rack holds them upright without applying pressure to any part of the shaft, decreasing the risk of warping and bending. Cases are also a way of keeping your cue in shape. If you travel to play and take your cue with you, it is highly recommended to purchase a case. Not only does it keep your cue from warping, but it protects it from scratches, breaks, and sunlight.

Since the pool cue is constantly in your hands and your hands capture grit such as oils from foods, cigarette smoke, perspiration, chalk, and soda, you need to wash your cue to slow down damage. You will want to use a soft cloth doused in soapy water. Never use a kitchen pad or anything harsh. This will further damage the cue. After wetting the cue, you will need to immediately wipe the cue down with a different clean, dry cloth. After the "bath", it is recommended to rub the cue down with a wax or furniture polish. This will help protect your cue until the next game.

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