How To Build A Snowboard Jump

Posted on Kamis, 04 November 2010 |
Find a hill with tons of snow and follow these simple instructions on how to build your own snowboard jump.

Here's What You Need To Do:

1. Find a location. Preferable somewhere that starts with a nice easy slope and then gets steeper, be sure there is enough run off room for your landing.

2. Break out the snow shovels, there is light weight ones available. Pile up the snow.

3. Snowboards can act as good scaffolding at the front of the jump.

4. Pack down the snow, your board will do best, just hang on to the bindings and start smoothing out with the base. If the hill is steep enough you shouldn’t need much of a lip.

5. Don’t forget the run in...Make sure you have a clean approach. There’s nothing like having to back out because the approach is too rough.

6. The test run. Usually the sucker friend (spends half the year in casts). Fine tune it until you are flying high!
1. Try to hit from different spots and figure out the smoothest landing zone.

2. The best way to learn new tricks is by practice. Just keep hitting them and hitting them. Before you know it you’ll be pulling monster tricks.

3. These instructions are not recommended to use while in resorts as they usually have on hill jumps already built and regulated. Try to find a place away from those sorts of places.

What You Will Need:
• Shovel
• Hill
• Snow
• The Need To Ride

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