Jason Witten is growing in the NFL

Posted on Rabu, 10 November 2010 |
Jason Witten is known as one of the youngest players in the tight end position who is considered a league’s elite. Witten is a two-time Pro Bowl and plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Witten has signed a millionaire contract of six years more with the team which originally picked him in the third round choice in the 2003 draft. Despite the new agreement the player has been eligible also for a free agency next year.

The contract is from $28 to $29 million and it includes $12 million of guarantees as the initial signing bonus of $6 million and an optional bonus of $6 million for next spring. Definitely, the numbers are showing how vital is the player in the league and the development of his game as a tight end player.

24 years-old Witten’s game skills are getting better by the season and up to this point he has participated in three regular ones. In 2004 the player had 87 receptions for 980 yards and six touchdowns becoming one of the top 12 seasons in professional football history for a tight end.

Furthermore, the 2005 season was not such a good one for Witten, but he is in the process of establishing himself as one of the NFL’s premier middle-range receivers. Witten has appeared in 47 games, with 38 starts, 188 receptions for 2,084 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Additionally, the Cowboys are planning to set a firm end as their base formation in 2006 with Anthony Fasano projected as a starter.

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