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Posted on Senin, 29 November 2010 |
After a chance meeting between Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone in the late 1800´s the two collaborated on Ford’s first automobile. It was the man that ultimately was the impetus for Bridgestone Tires that helped Mr. Ford resolve his problem of supporting such a large weight and also to give the ride a smoother touch.

From the hand that the Bridgestone Tire creator played in a historic moment in the history of the United States, through countless other innovations, Bridgestone has been there. With something that the average person gives very little attention to unless a problem arises, it’s interesting to consider what aspects must be focused on to make a good, reliable tire. Bridgestone has given considerable attention in the area of wet handling and traction, tire punctures, tire wear, ride comfort, noise reduction, among countless other areas that are indeed essential, if we drivers and riders are to continue to “forget” about the things that our autos rest upon.

A glance over this list offers, perhaps, two thoughts. At first glance, perhaps some sense of the mundane is considered (wet handling and tire punctures don’ exactly elicit the most contentious debates). But, upon some reflection the importance of these contributions to our everyday lives can easily be witnessed. It is from this that much respect can and should be given to the entrepreneurs that have offered so much to out lives, like the individuals at Bridgestone Tires.

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