NFL Releases the 48 Underclassmen Eligible for the April Draft

Posted on Rabu, 22 Desember 2010 |
The NFL released this week its official list of the 48 underclassmen granted eligibility for the April 29-30 draft, this list includes cornerback Youboty, Santonio Holmes, safety Whitner, Reggie Bush and Vince.

Holmes’s was not a surprise. Every day there are more and more lists that have Holmes rated as the top receiver in the draft. But there were more questions about the draft status of Whitner and Youboty. Youboty rates fourth-best defensive back. Youboty is 6 feet 1, 188 pounds and he is a solid tackler this brings him good possibilities since this is what the NFL likes. The recent history of OSU cornerbacks in the NFL might help, as well.

Donte Whitner said his decision to forgo his senior season at Ohio State in favor of entering the NFL draft was not an easy call.

There was speculation that he could be a late second- or third round pick, but he said he has gotten enough feedback from confidants to believe he could be a late first- to second-round pick.

Whitner believes he could run 40 yards in 4.3 seconds, which would impress NFL scouts and now that he is no longer in school he can concentrate on his workouts. He also said he turned down a couple of paid autograph offerings before agreeing to do some for Ohio Signatures Unlimited four days ago, which effectively ended his college eligibility. Other notables who declared for the draft were North Carolina State DE Mario Williams; running backs Maurice Drew of UCLA, Brian Calhoun of Wisconsin and Laurence Maroney of Minnesota; wide receiver Devin Hester of Miami; and defensive back Ko Simpson of South Carolina.

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