The Magical Story Behind Yellow Wristbands

Posted on Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010 |
From a few years back fashion has played a very important role in our society. Who when is time to go out doesn’t look at himself or herself in the mirror, or asks if her/his outfit looks good, exactly everyone does it. Fashion can be a pair of jeans that everybody is wearing, or a hair style or a pair of shoes that just seems that everybody has to have. However when we are talking fashion from three years and even until today we cant help but talk about the pro-cause wristbands that says “Live strong.”

These wristbands were made in order to get money to donate to the foundation that is trying to find a cure against cancer, it was invented, or it was sponsor by the famous Lance Armstrong. It was a great idea, and it was accepted worldwide, and it not only was a huge success because it sold a lot of wristbands, but it imposed fashion. Everybody wanted to have a wristband. It was amazing, it was like a cycle because if people dint have one they wanted one, and if they already have one, they wanted another one.

This madness with the wristbands shows that fashion can influence a lot when it comes to being accepted, and it shows that if something is popular then everybody wants to have it, and if they cant they create their own, as one can see today there is not only the typical yellow wristband that says livestrong, but there are plenty of wristbands that say all kinds of messages, for example over spring brake I got a pink wristband that said social butterfly, and my friends got other ones that were red, orange, that said messages about a certain beer, or how the beach is the best place on earth.

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