Learn how to spin a pen around your thumb

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Most people know of someone, or have seen someone who can effortlessly spin a pen around their thumb. A great majority of those people have then tried to do this, and failed. This article will help teach you this skill. Learning how to pen spin is a great way to increase your fine motor skills and hand-to-eye co-ordination, and is a brilliant way to pass the time. Also there are hundreds of other tricks to master other than the thumbaround.

Things you will need
1. Ideally a pen or pencil of a decent length and devoid of protruding parts.
2. Some spare time.
3. Patience.

1. Hold the pen between the thumb and the first finger, with the center of the pen to the left of the thumb (if you are right handed).
2. Place your second finger onto the side of the pen (roughly where the center is). Just let the finger make contact with the pen.
3. With your second finger, gently push the pen in a circular motion, and try to get it to rotate around the thumb, and remember to release your grip with the first finger.
4. As the pen travels around the thumb, move your first finger away from the hand, ready to catch the pen.
4. Close your first finger to catch the pen as it completes one counterclockwise revolution (right handed).

1. Use the first finger to hold the pen, and the second to push. Don't try to push with both, or hold the pen with both.
2. This may take a few days to perform competently, and will take patience.
3. Find a longer pen to practise with if you are struggling.
4. Don't push too hard on the pen, only a small amount of force is needed to get it to travel around the thumb.

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