The house of the opening match for the 2006 World Cup, the Allianz Arena Stadium

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The responsibles for the construction of the stadium that will host the opening match between Costa Rica and Germany are the architects Herzog and DeMeuron; they opted for a similar construction as the old Munich Olympic stadium which was categorized as one of the most spectacular pieces of post-war architecture in Germany.

Its particular cover is made of acrylic tiles held by high steel masts. The circumference is 800 meters and it has a capacity of 66.000 seats.

The new stadium will look like an enormous Zeppelin with a length of 259 meters, 227 meters width and 50 meters height.

The structure is covered by a skin of more than 2784 pillows all puffed up with air and stuffed with up to eight light bulbs. The special skin floats above the 7 floors that compose the monumental stadium. The skin is made of a special material which will withstand heavy weather, snow, rain and also fireproof. Those pillows can be illuminated of different colors and all the seats are sheltered from the rain. With the largest parking area in Europe which has a capacity of 11.000 cars, the visitors will be guided by the colors of their teams.

Its name came up because of the Allianz insurance company which donated 110 hundred million Euros in order to have their logo and name associated with the considered the most attractive soccer stadium in the world for many people.

The total cost for this amazing soccer arena was 340 million Euros with another 300 million invested on the preparation for the World Cup inauguration of the first match of the tournament.

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