6 Steps To Buying The Right Snowboard Boots

Posted on Kamis, 14 Januari 2010 |
One of the most important pieces of equipment of snowboarding is your snowboard boots. They are your connection to the snowboard, by not spending time in finding the right boots; you can ruin your snowboarding experience. some quick tips for buying boots.

Should I buy Step in or Strap in boots...

The first decision is if you want the traditional strap-in boots or the newer step-in boots. If you decide to go for the step-in boots you will have to buy the bindings and boots together, this is because the strap-in boots will not work with the step-in binding. The trend at the moment seems to be softer boots with strap-in bindings.

the fit of the boots...

No matter how much you have to spend on boots it is very important that you take time finding the best fitting boots. If you buy boots that are comfortable in the shop you will find aching feet on the slope. So find boots that are snug. Remember be patient. Different brands of boots suit different types of feet. So go forth and find your boots.

Trying On Boots...
Here are a few things to remember when trying on your boots. Firstly wear proper socks. Put on a boot and push your heel into the back of the boot to make sure that your foot is secure. Then tie the boots laces tight but not too tight. Then close the outer lining of the boot, repeat the process with the other boot. Attach the bindings and stand up. Notice how secure your feet are, move forwards and backwards making sure there is no rubbing that may cause you discomfort later on.

heel lift...
Heel Lift is when you lean forward in your boots and your heel lifts and not your snowboard. But this will be minimized if you find the best boots for your feet.

Inner Boots...
There are many advantages of having inner boots or lining, usually the inner boots can be laced like the outer boots, and they provide a little extra stability on the slope. You can take the inner boot out to dry after a long day snowboarding.

Some Boots have additional features...
As you search for the perfect pair of boots you will notice that as the price for boots goes higher with the features. For example air-pumps. All you must remember is that these features are useless if the boots don?t fit you in the first place.

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