Tent Size Considerations

Posted on Senin, 11 April 2011 |
The size of the tent you choose is a very important consideration.

In prior articles we discussed how to pick a tent based on what weather conditions you are planning to camp in. Now we will discuss how to choose the correct size.

The first rule of thumb is never to buy a tent that you can't get into, walk around in, lie down in and stand up in. In other words find a camping store where the tents are set up.

Now consider how many adults and children will be sleeping in the tent. Will you be using sleeping bags and/or air mattresses? How much gear are you planning to take and stow in the tent? When you visit the store take your sleeping bag with you, or borrow one from the store. Lay it out on the floor in the tent. Now, consider three or four more, depending on the size of your group. How much room is left?

Most seasoned campers will tell you to take the manufacturers recommended number of people a tent will accommodate and divide it by two. If a manufacturer says a tent will accommodate 4 people, it's really 2. Most two men pup tents are not comfortable for two large adults and are definitely not comfortable for two adults and their gear. Also remember if it rains all your gear will need to go into the tent along with you.

A small tent where there is no head room, such as a pup tent may be fine for some campers, but definitely not those that camp with children.

If you are going to have children camping with you another consideration is that in case of inclement weather you may have your children in your tent longer than you expected. This can definitely lead to some over crowding and short fuses. When you go out to look at tents remember this rule - at least 30 square feet per person is what you want to look for, perhaps even more if you have children. That way they can have a quiet corner to entertain themselves with board games in case of inclement weather.

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