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Since Dirt Bike riders spend most of their time doing stunts, racing, riding on steep hills, uneven ground and rough terrain, the Helmet becomes the most important component of a Dirt bike safety gear. Choosing the right Dirt Bike Helmet should not be based only on the style or graphic design but on the degree of protection, safety and comfort it can provide.

The Full Face Helmet, with its wrap around design, is the head-gear which offers the most protection for Dirt Bike riders because it guards the whole head. This type of helmet also shields the wearer from rain, wind, insects, dirt and cold. However, it can muffle external noises, and happens to be the most expensive type of Helmets.

The Half Helmet offers good protection for the top and the temple area of the head, including the ears. This type of Helmet is preferred by many Dirt Bikers because of its convenience in putting on and taking off, unlike the Full Face type. The Half Helmet is also designed to provide adequate peripheral views. However, it does not offer enough protection for the frontal part of the head.

An Open-Face Helmet offers good protection for the head, neck, ears, and eyes. It also has a face shield that opens up which can be very convenient. Though this type shields the wearer from rain, wind, insects, dirt, cold, etc, it a very good safeguard for injuries to the face, chin, teeth, and nose area.

Even if the chin strap is fastened, a loose Helmet can be uncomfortable and unsafe. Before buying any Helmet for your Dirt Bike, make sure you choose one that fits your head comfortably, which will not flop around while riding or making sharp turns. Lastly, always remember to check if your Dirt Bike Helmet is a SNELL or DOT certified or not.

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