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Posted on Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010 |
Each month, The Paragon School of Sporting provides a new Sporting Clays shooting tip to help you be more consistent in the shooting box and on your scoresheet. Dan Schindler teaches shooters, from all skill levels, a shooting process that creates more consistency and proficiency by eliminating mistakes both before and during the shot.

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About The Paragon School of Sporting:
The Paragon School of Sporting, established by Dan Schindler in 1994, is a prominent Sporting Clays and Wing Shooting school specializing in Sporting Clays instruction, Sporting Clays instructor training, and lessons for the Wing Shooter. If you are a recreational target shooter, a seasoned sporting clays competitor, a wing shooting sportsman, or a new shooter looking to improve your shooting abilities, Paragon can provide customized instruction for you.

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