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A billiards table is a table on which you play billiards or simply pool. Regulation billiard tables or Pool are exact rectangles and has the playing surface that measures at least ten by five feet. You may see other tables that are smaller or bigger, but the standard table is ten feet long and five feet wide. When you play pool you will play games like eight ball, nine ball, one pocket, and so on. The name will usually imply the rules of the game. Like with eight ball, you don’t want to sink the ball until all of your colors have been hit in a pocket. If you sink the eight ball before your ready, you automatically lose the game.

When it comes to the pockets of the table, you will notice that there are six pockets. You have four corner pockets and two side pockets (one on each side). You may find that pool tables aren’t prefect rectangles, but come in many shapes. They are not the standard table and are custom made.

You will also notice that the table as rails or cushions. It might be rubber, but the purpose is to rebound balls without losing the energy of the ball. The surface itself is covered in felt. Under the felt is usually slate. The top of the pool table is one solid piece of slate that can weigh hundreds of pounds. The slate is usually an import from Italy, Brazil, or China. If you have a cheap table the surface will be made of Slatron which is basically wood. If you don’t go for the slate, you will most likely find your table wearing out easily.

People play pool for money and a billiard table is well worth your time, money and energy. If you notice, many professionals will practice daily in their home. A good pool table needs to be level though, when you are training for a tournament, people practice for all different types of levels so that they can be prepared for anything. People who aren’t professionals play for money too. Pool is the most often game that is played for money next to cards. People will lay their money on the pool table and then they will rack and play to the end.

Experienced players will be able to even call the pocket in which they are aiming for. If you call and miss, you look like a fool. Many people do not call their hits so that they can avoid the potential embarrassment as well as not lose any money over it.

Pool is a game that everyone can play and uses glass balls and wooden sticks. The object of eight ball is to place all of your balls in the pockets without getting any of your opponent’s balls in or sinking the eight or black ball. Once you have all your balls in and all you got is the eight ball you must sink the ball without scratching, if you scratch you will lose the game.

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